Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Did The US Allow ISIS To Escape To Keep The Fighting Going (Honestly, Is This A Trick Question?)

I have long known that this "terrorist group" that is of course known as "ISIS" is a complete fraud and a sham.... It is so laughable at times to watch the Jew spew media even up here in Canada try to continue with their "fear porn" by subjecting gullible people to the constant propaganda that "ISIS is going to get you"..... I honestly have to shake my head every time I see and hear people out there constantly say that "we have to stop the terrorists" without even realizing that the entire "war on terror" is also a big fraud.....

Just earlier today I put out an article concerning the fact that the US is indeed wanting to illegally stay in Syria for the long haul and defy every motion by the Syrians and even the Russians to get the hell out and stay out.... The US has of course constantly been lying to the entire world by using their sad and laughable excuse that they are in Syria to "stop ISIS" and we see every indication that the criminal US government may be increasing their presence illegally in that sovereign nation in spite of the risk of a major war against the Russian Federation itself.....

But back to the fraud "ISIS"..... I found an article today that was originally published by Phillip Gerardi over at the UNZ online news service, at, and is presented here courtesy of the Blacklisted News website at This article asks the simple question: "Did The US Allow ISIS To Escape To Keep The Fighting Going?" and is a must read by everyone here... I have the link to that important article right here for everyone to view for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Honestly, is the question asked in that article a "trick question"?   The answer should be obvious to everyone by now and is a resounding "YES"!!!!!

But of course the US helped ISIS escape the clutches of the SAA/Russian fighters as they were being bottled up along the south and north banks of the Euphrates River..... The US-Kurdish "alliance" most definitely let the US operatives called "ISIS" escape clearly from the city of al-Raqqa back in April as I have said countless times at this blog.. .And as the SAA advanced, the US-Kurds allowed their operatives to slip over the Euphrates to be "spirited away" by the US-Kurds as well... And as the Kurds started to seize the vital Deir Ez-Zor oil fields, ISIS basically handed them over to them without a fight and again filtered through the front lines of the Kurdish advancing forces to be moved by the US forces elsewhere.....

The fact that the ONLY force that "ISIS" actually did resist in the battle for Deir Ez-Zor province were of course the SAA/Russian forces should have also been the dead giveaway that "ISIS" is and always has never been what it seems.... It showed again that "ISIS" is and always has been controlled and operated by the US itself....

Now of course we see the results of the "redeployment" of 'ISIS' as they have been ordered now to "fight" the so called "moderate rebel" fraud US controlled forces in Idlib and Hama Provinces... It is indeed a massive shell game being conducted by the US to continue the fight against the Syrians!

Therefore the answer to the question is obvious, and it is about time that even the most gullible people living around the world truly understand the absolute fact that "ISIS" is and always has been a scam concocted by the US for their nice little Middle Eastern wars for regime change..... There can no longer be any shadow of any doubt any more about this scam!

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I find great encouragement regarding Syria/Lebanon/Iran reading the following string on War Clouds Over Israel... which I got from someone posting it as a comment on your blog a little while back.

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