Monday, November 6, 2017

Sutherland Springs Texas Mass Shooting Event: Some Interesting Information (So Far) About This Event

I spent the day yesterday after I released my usual weekend rant getting caught up on some much needed rest and relaxation... However, and as usual, just as I was winding down after a hectic week, comes new reports of yet another mass shooting in the United States... This time out of Sutherland Springs, Texas, which is a very small community near San Antonio Texas.....

The latest reports show some 26 people dead after a "lone gunman" entered the town's Baptist Church during the Sunday morning mass and used an AR15 assault rifle to fire randomly into the people sitting in the pews... It was indeed a blood bath, and luckily after this gunman, Dean Kelley, left the church after doing his slaughter, he was gunned down shortly after by a well armed citizen who prevented any further deaths in that small community.....

I have had so many people come forward already and ask if this was indeed yet another "false flag" operation... This one actually does seem legitimate, due to the fact that NO phoney "terrorist" group has come forward claiming responsibility for this attack and none of those frauds are stating that they "radicalized" this Dean Kelley.....  However, there are of course some very hard questions about this "lone gunman" that everyone should be asking themselves, and I will present some interesting reports that I came across concerning this event here....

First, I want to turn to Jim Stone, over at "Jim Stone Freelance" at, who put out his own assessment of this mass shooting in Texas, and is calling this a possible action by that criminal "ANTIFA" group in the United States that has already declared that they would create havoc across the entire nation, starting on November 4th... Here is Jim's initial report here:


The biggest question on the Texas shooting:

How did this guy get his guns, when he is blocked from getting them? At least Drudge had a link today saying this guy was clearly atheist, why did the MSM hop on this right away saying he was a bible study teacher?

Trump has been better than the other presidents, because he did not blame the gun, and instead said it was great Americans had guns because it allowed the nearby citizens to shut this shooting down.
None of the media reports are saying the guy who got into someone elses pickup to shut this guy down was an off duty cop, but I suspect he was.
This is the first time the story line actually matched what might happen with an outcome of "patsy dead". But with all the other stories ending so irrationally, the shooter is still probably a CIA controlled patsy. If not, how did he get his guns? The FBI is proven to provide those, as will the CIA. So regardless of how the news covers this, it is very suspicious - he had a dishonorable discharge and a year in the brig before this, which means he can't ever buy guns. Who gifted them to him then?

I was out all day and got back home to find this. Another Vegas.

Gee, I feel a little stupid for telling people Antifa flopped, and not to worry, because if the few that did show up are going to go out and kill it won't take many for a worst case scenario.
After spending a couple hours on the topic, here's the probable scoop:
No matter what the MSM says, the shooter was Antifa/CIA. There was an idiotic Facebook profile posted by him on October 29, he bragged about his gun, identified himself as being Antifa backhandedly by announcing he was communist and part of the same group that founded Antifa, without actually saying Antifa. That profile died post haste but people did get captures of it, I'll round one up tomorrow.
He did not teach any bible courses, unless doing it one time once and never again qualifies you for being a bible instructor. He was in fact an aetheist. But the MSM hates Christians and will peg anything possible on them, so if it makes Christians look like terrorists, they will make sure the public believes this guy was top prophet.
He was shot by a gun owner who managed to escape the church and return with a gun. He managed to get into his vehicle injured and drive away, and was then chased by what might have been a plain clothes police officer (maybe not but likely an off duty cop ) until he got delerious enough to crash his vehicle on a curve. Same story as Vegas - Shooter shoots up conservatives, and can't talk about it because he is dead. Dead shooter is becoming a very old line now.
He was dishonorably discharged, violent, and weak minded. He was a prime candidate for being a CIA patsy. We all know that game by now, I have little doubt he was brainwashed (probably very easily) into doing this. He spent a year in jail after being dishonorably discharged and you can't buy a gun if you are dishonorably discharged. So it was highly probably provided by the CIA or FBI.

He was definitely, without a doubt Antifa. The media has yet to admit it, but his now vaporized Facebook profile that had all the characteristics of a CIA shell profile proved it. So I am going to re-post my safety tips, (summarized).

The few Antifa protesters that did show up are committed and are going to be out killing. Keep food in the fridge, the car topped up, and the guns loaded. Now Take a nice convenient gun with you everywhere you go, because it is going to take mass preparedness to kill these bastards, there are only a few so it will take a lot of vigilance to nail them. Just like "the camera that stays at home misses the great shot", the gun that stays at home will be the one that is useless. That's fine if you have several and bring your favorite. Maybe a small hand gun that is easy to conceal that is with you always to provide escape cover and maybe get lucky with, and a backup rifle or shotgun in the car if you need to get serious.

There is little doubt the CIA is behind this. They probably heavily infiltrated Antifa and have prepped lots of weak minds. Probably lots of self hating whites. Those are a dime a dozen now with the college mind wipe and they will work great for psy ops. Fertile pickings for a naasty agency.

That's all for now, I will get going on this tomorrow.

OK, I personally am not sold on this being an "ANTIFA" action, especially when we must consider that their criminal actions that they claim would start as of last Saturday have already fizzled out.... I suspect that there is so much more here than what we are being told....

I do however agree with Jim about one major aspect of this shooting... HOW did this Dean Kelley get a hold of the weapons he used for this shooting when he was blocked by law officials from ever possessing firearms?   Did someone equip this guy with those weapons knowing that he was very mentally unbalanced and they knew that he would be the prime candidate to carry out this assault?

Now, I want to turn to the following link from Anagirfan, who of course writes his blog over at Aanirfan is of course looking at this latest shooting from the aspect that this could be yet another "false flag" attack.... Here is the link to Aangirfan's (ever changing) report on this latest shooting here:

Well, from my perspective it is much too early yet to call this a "false flag" operation, for as I said before, no phoney "terrorist" group has yet claimed responsibility for this assault... However, there is indeed a very strong chance that Dean Kelley was on massive SSRI depressants and/or could have easily been manipulated or even mind controlled to carry out this assault...

I also came across the following report from the "Heavy" online website, at, that asks 5 hard questions about this "shooter" that should be asked before we speculate as to the real reasons for his actions.... Here is the link to that report here:

Well, the facts are that I too have so many questions about this latest shooting before I call it a government psy-op or even a false flag operation.... Are we actually dealing here with a real mass shooting instead of all of those false flag operations that we have seen across the United States over the last few years?

Rest assured though.. This mass shooting in Texas could not have come at a more convenient time for the gun grabbing idiot Liberals in the United States that wants to see all American citizens disarmed..... I can guarantee that the Jew spew media will indeed use this latest event to their utmost for their criminal pushing for the repeal of the 2nd US Amendment to the US Constitution and the full disarmament of all Americans....

I will be adding to this report when more information surfaces.... So stay tuned..

More to come



Greg Bacon said...

Wonder if the people getting medical aid in the Texas church shooting first have to sign a contract stating they have not now nor will in the future, boycott Israel, like the Hurricane Harvey victims did?

BuelahMan said...

I'm 90% confidant that this is real. I do not think the guy who shot the killer was acting. If a false flag, he would HAVE to be acting. He isn't.

Northerntruthseeker said...

As I said.. I want evidence that shows this to be a "false flag" before I call it such... And everything that I see so far shows this one to be the real thing with the person involved being psychologically unstable...