Monday, November 27, 2017

Remember The Sandy Hook Fraud Shooting? Apparently The Lenny Pozner Lawsuit Against Wolfgang Halbig Has Fallen Apart, And Other Key New Issues That Will Blow The Fraud Apart Finally!

I truly cannot believe that it has almost been a full 5 years since the fraud "school shooting" at the non-existent "Sandy Hook Elementary school" on December 14th, 2012...... It is so shocking to me, and shows the limited attention spans of most Americans, that now some 5 years since that fraud took place that most people have simply "moved on" and have all but forgotten about this fraud.... Apparently the majority of the American people have indeed "swallowed the kool-aid" and have accepted the LIE that some 26 "children and school teachers" were indeed "killed" at that fraud event....  I for one have kept my vigilance and will continue to bring forward any new information here concerning the exposure of that fraud...

Well, with the American public's limited attention spans being so focused elsewhere, there was some key news that came out last week concerning the fraudulent Sandy Hook event that everyone should be made aware of.... For according to the following report from the Before It Is News website, at, Wolfgang Halbig is still out there fighting for real justice in terms of the Sandy Hook fraud, and apparently he just had a major victory against one of the biggest FRAUDS coming out of Sandy Hook, namely "Lenny Pozner", that everyone should be aware of... Here is the link to that report from Before It Is News for everyone to read for themselves... I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Here is an amazing video that contains an interview with Wolfgang Halbig from last week, November 20th, that covers what happened with that "lawsuit" falling to pieces that everyone should listen to here:

OK, I have to hand it to Wolfgang Halbig for "outlasting" the fraud known as "Lenny Pozner" in that civil court hearing... Obviously this fraud "Lenny Pozner" had to drop the lawsuit for it would have opened up the entire fraud for the world to see... And with that failure, it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the entire "Sandy Hook shooting" is absolutely NOT as it seems and that the real truth is being hidden... Everyone should be still asking the hard questions as to WHY?

Lets face the reality here... The criminal US government and the criminals in Connecticut that tried to pull off this sham are absolutely hoping that the American people are too stupid for their own good and will no longer care about the Sandy Hook fraud... They are still banking on trying to sell this fraud as "real" to still push their gun control legislation to disarm the American people to allow the criminal government to get away with anything they want.... But the dominoes have indeed begun to fall and hopefully people with real critical thinking skills are still out there in America and will continue to push for real justice...

AND... This latest win for Wolfgang Halbig is a win for the real truth seekers out there, and a defeat for the FRAUD "truth seekers" such as that LIAR out of Idaho that continues to promote his fraud "TUT" website.. With the hopeful collapse of the entire Sandy Hook fraud, that midgetman and others that called all of us, including yours truly, a bunch of liars has been exposed as the liar he truly is and everyone should NOT be ever reading his "website" at all... Liars do not deserve that respect...

I will continue of course with my reports periodically on what is happening with the Sandy Hook fraud as well as all of the other fraud "shootings" that have filled the American public with so much fear propaganda... The truths must be told..

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Roger Richard said...

Yup, it is much harder to show people how they have been fooled than it was to fool them in the first place.
I've seen plenty of red warning screens and redirects while researching this case and it is obvious that some of these sites are being manipulated and misdirected. Too many " video unavailable" not to ask more questions about this "event".