Saturday, November 18, 2017

Psychopaths Rule Our World

I have been deeply troubled by what I am seeing happening with the world around us these days... I and others in the real truth movement have been trying our damn best to alert everyone to the bitter reality that we live in, and about the insane group of "chosen ones" that are hell bent on controlling our planet and wanting to see the rest of us either their slaves for all eternity or DEAD.....

Personally, I am at a loss as to why the messages that I try to promote are reaching so few people... I have been writing this blog for ten years now with absolutely NO want to personal glory or gain.. My purpose here has always been to convey as much truth to everyone that reads my articles, and hopefully to take that information and spread it around to everyone that they know and/or to take the information and put it into their own articles... I have absolutely no qualms at all if anyone desires to cut and paste my articles and even to take them and call them their own... I want to see everyone awakened to the madness that we see in our world today before it is too late for all humanity......

OK, after saying all that, I want to move on to another important article that I saw and read just the other day, that comes from Lasha Darkmoon's most excellent blog "Darkmoon" at This one is entitled "Psychopaths Rule The World" and is absolutely a must read by everyone....  I have the link to that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I also want to make sure that everyone takes a close look at Paul Craig Roberts' article from his website at, that is contained within Lasha's fabulous article... Here is the link to Paul's article, entitled: "Will America Survive Washington?" right here:

OK, I have constantly received a lot of hateful comments concerning my putting up Paul Craig Robert's articles, especially the fact that Paul absolutely did support Donald Drumpf's run for the Presidency... I will state it clearly that as far as I am concerned, Paul was right in supporting Drumpf at the time, for the alternative of having that psychotic witch Killary Clinton sitting in the White House would have been too much for everyone to bare....  We all were fooled by Drumpf at the time and now everyone knows the reality that he is just another Jew dick sucker like every President before him.... Mr. Roberts is no different and definitely now sees Drumpf in a completely different light!

Honestly, I am very worried about what I see happening right now across the planet with these lunatics rushing towards a global nuclear war and catastrophe.... The issue I have of course is trying to deal with the complete ignorance and lack of wanting to do anything from the dumb ass sheep out there.... I for one do not want to see the planet destroyed, and I am still hoping there are enough sane people left on this sick world that feel the same way...

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