Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Las Vegas Mass Shooting FALSE FLAG Operation: Blockbuster Report Shows Multiple Shooters Were Able To Escape Via Nearby Airport!

Honestly, I have wanted to close my reports on the Las Vegas Shooting... And the reason is simple: MOST Americans are simply too stupid to live!  And many have absolutely swallowed the "kool-aid" and the fraudulent "official story" thrown out there by the liars in the Jew spew media and their own crooked government without using any critical thinking at all.. I am sick and tired of trying to reach out to the dumb ass sheep out there what are now beyond hope, and I am standing behind my assertions that the US as it stands right now has to die... We can always hope that once the present rotten system collapses and dies that a new republic run by those who are truly honorable, not owned by Jewish interests, and have true critical thinking skills will take the place of the former rotten system... But I seriously doubt if that will ever happen!

However, for those who have seen through the lies and falsehoods behind the Las Vegas false flag operation, I found one most interesting piece of information that I want to share with them here... For according to this blockbuster report from Jim Stone, over at www.jimstone.is, apparently a nearby airport did indeed witness the departure of the "multiple shooters" via an airplane ready on the airport tarmac!  Here is Jim's report here, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Air traffic control at the nearby airport in Vegas reported multiple shooters on airport property to incoming planes, blocked all civilian landings, and allowed a military plane loaded with troops to land, to help get the shooters.

They clearly said on the audio recordings of their communications with the planes that they had multiple shooters on the runway at the air port and that they had to go out and round them up.
Obviously what the airport saw was the shooters making a bee line to a plane somewhere there. They probably did not get a chance to bust anyone, most likely the shooters simply vanished into a private jet and hid. That is what I said all along - the airport was the getaway point and now we have confirmation that the control tower saw the bastards.

I have saved this video already (obviously) and will serve it from here if it vanishes. The video is not a hoax, the actual recordings of the tower conversations are there, and they clearly tell planes not to land because they have active shooters on the runway.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4evxlJYd-MY

The patsy was killed, the eye witnesses have died, The security guard was replaced by a fat clone who has nothing to do with the case, the government doesn't want to talk about it and people are playing blind. Pictures taken on high class SLR cameras clearly show the Mandalay had intact windows in Paddock's room well after the shooting was done. The only emergency response happened at Hooters casino a half mile away, with no emergency response at the concert itself, where people were left to die. We were told it was a lone nut when there were obvious multiple shooters, and now this from the airport, where they reported they had shooters ON THE RUNWAY. FOLKS, THEY DID NOT SCREW THAT UP, THE AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS HAVE A PERFECT VIEW OF THE RUNWAY FROM END TO END.

The media lied about all of it. So now that we had another huge shooting at a church in Texas, I beg to question: Did anyone really get the story on this? ANYONE AT ALL?

NTS Notes:  This makes absolute sense.. For the real gunmen involved in that mass shooting did indeed need an escape plan, and I can guarantee the US Government, the FBI/CIA, and of course the Israeli Mossad had a private jet ready on the nearest airport tarmac to facilitate their escape...

I did listen to the audio on that recording, and you can clearly hear the airport traffic controller state clearly that he saw the gunmen on the tarmac making a beeline to a plane waiting for their quick escape.... This is indeed a blockbuster and once again blows the "official story" to hell....

So there we have it... Multiple gunmen involved in the shooting, a patsy in the Mandalay Bay Resort to take the fall for the entire operation, the gunmen getting away via a private jet at the nearest airport, and eyewitnesses murdered to silence them and others from coming forward to blow the official story to hell... Yes, the perfect false flag operation indeed...

And again, I have put out a multitude of reports over the last month exposing the truth about this false flag, and yet I find myself fighting an uphill battle in trying to wake the brain dead American people up to the truth that they have severely been lied to.....  And in spite of the evidence that most American sheep out there are now beyond hope and reasoning, many still question me as to why I state "America must die"?

More to come


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