Friday, November 17, 2017

Important Health News: FINALLY! Over 100 Cannabis Cancer Studies Prove That Marijuana Is Medicine AND Annihilates Cancer!

Once in a while a report does finally come around that shows that I and others in the "real truth movement" have indeed be absolutely right when it comes to the articles that we post at our blogs....For example, one of my original reports at this blog, that I posted some 8 years ago, was concerning the medical usage of Hemp Oil derived from Marijuana for fighting and CURING Cancer.... Just for posterity and to once again give readers a heads up, here is the link to that report from 2009:

OK, Back then I really had to ask the hard question as to what the heck was the so called "Medical Industry" waiting for?  They have always known that Hemp Oil absolutely destroys Cancer cells and have been preventing the usage of Hemp oil for decades....   Obviously the reality is that if people that are actually suffering from Cancer knew that a safe alternative to "Chemotherapy" or "Radiation treatment" was readily available, they would jump at the chance to actually cure them of their Cancer...

Now, we can fast forward to this week, and I found the following report that was just released from the Daily Health Post website, at, where supposedly some 100 Cannabis Cancer studies conducted by the Medical Industry proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that Cannabis does indeed cure patients of Cancer..... Here is the link to that report here:

And I found the following report from USA News online, at, that states that "Cannabis Compounds Can Kill Cancer Cells".... Here is the link to THAT report here:

OK, FINALLY the criminals behind Big Pharma and the so called Cancer industry have all had to admit that Cannabis, and of course Hemp Oil, does indeed fight and cure people of their Cancer... But the question becomes.. What the heck took them so long?

The reality is of course that "Fighting Cancer" is a multi-billion dollar industry that promotes very dangerous "treatments" that absolutely do NOT cure anyone of their Cancer.. The point of this fraud industry is simple.. There is NO money to be made from actually curing any patients at all and therefore readily available real cures for Cancer are not only suppressed but in the case of Cannabis criminalized...

Yes, finally after 8 long years of promoting the usage of Cannabis and Hemp Oil at this blog as a safe means of combatting Cancer, I and others have been proven right.....  I sure do hope that this message does get out to those who are presently suffering from Cancer and to make sure that they are aware of the safe alternatives to the brutal "treatments" their own doctors will of course try to prescribe to them!

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