Thursday, November 16, 2017

Immigration Disaster In Europe: Female Doctor Working In Germany Warns The World About "Immigration"

It has been a while since I last filed any reports here at this blog concerning the illegal migrant flooding into Europe as part of the sinister Jewish plan to not only have Europe destroyed, but to destroy the Caucasian racial foundations of Europe itself... We have all seen over the last 5 years as most European natoins have been stupid enough to bow to their Jewish masters and allow these MIGRANT workers, who are absolutely NOT so called "immigrants" as the Jew spew media continues to falsely claim, to come into their nations and wreck their entire social structures... It has been an unmitigated disaster and sadly the FLOOD of these illegals continues to this day...

I have especially been watching the disaster unfold in Germany, where that diabolically evil "Chancellor" Angela Merkel continue to destroy her own nation by allowing millions of these illegals come in and wreck total havoc on the proud German nation.... It has especially been maddening to watch all of the reports about how these illegals have been raping German women and pillaging the entire nation...And the real sad part is how the German people have been "ordered" by their own government and law officials to basically "ignore" the problem all together!  What the hell has happened to the once proud German nation???

Now comes a most alarming report courtesy of the "Birth Of A New Earth" website, at, where a female German doctor has come forward to warn everyone about exactly what has been happening in Germany right now with these "immigrants" running wild across the entire nation.... I want to present the link to that report right here for everyone to see for themselves the bitter truth about this "immigrant" situation in Germany, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Yes, the word "Disgusting" is absolutely putting this mildly....

Again, where is the outcry from the German people about this?  This is absolutely a planned demolition of Germany unfolding right before our eyes and these people have been so subdued now by the criminality of their own government and the LIES about about their history that they will stand idly by watching their own nation's destruction..

Lets get the facts straight here... The sinister Jewish criminals have always targeted Europe and especially Germany for destruction... They want to see their one major obstacle to world domination, the Caucasian race, destroyed and therefore they have targeted Caucasian Europe for that destruction by using these non-Caucasian illegal migrants as their primary weapon....

It has been so sad for me to watch Europe being destroyed.. .Nations such as Sweden and even France are now illegal migrant sewers and have all but lost their national identities.. And now we can definitely add Germany to that list as well.....  

Someone asked me about a solution to this problem, and I will lay it out as simple as I can... STOP the flood of these illegals immediately, shut the borders, and send every single one of those who have entered their nations packing and shipped back to the hell holes they came from.... Europe has already enough social and economic problems and does NOT need these criminals and illegals to add further burden to them!

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Can't wait said...

This is an utter disaster for Western Europe. Yet with all the obvious and unavoidable proof of the damage these low-IQ, high-violence invaders provide to the citizens of Europe the policy continues and promoted. Frau Merkel plans to bring in another 300,000 "refugees" to Germany shortly as part of her family reunification program. Germans spent 20 billion Euros on these invaders last year alone!
The only conclusion one can draw is that this is orchestrated and nefarious. There is no good to come from this and that is the intention. The question we must ask the "normies","boomers" and "church-cucks" to consider is WHY. Once the WHY is investigated, the (((WHO))) will automatically follow.
I think it is too late for Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, England, and The Netherlands, but the rest of us White's better wake up our folk.