Monday, November 20, 2017

Canadian Knucklehead Prime Minister Justin Trudeau At His Best: Calls ISIS Fighters Returning To Canada "Returning Islamic Travellers" (!)

As a Canadian, I am truly disgusted by the antics and stupidity of the sitting Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau... It has been bad enough that this knucklehead and moron is trying to ram through his phoney and fraudulent "Carbon Tax" that will fleece BILLIONS of dollars from the pockets of Canadian Taxpayers, but he has again and again made himself out to be an absolute moron when it comes to foreign affairs ....

Well, apparently Justin Trudeau has once again made himself out to be a complete idiot and moron... For according to the following report from Your News Wire website, at, apparently Justin is now wanting to see the fraud "ISIS" fighters. that were sent as US mercenaries and operatives to fight against both Syria and Iraq and are supposed to be "terrorists", be relabeled as "Returning Islamic Travellers" if and when they have the nerve to return to Canada!   Here is the link to that report for everyone to see for themselves, and I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Honestly, when I read this report this morning, I said "You have got to be fucking kidding me".... I did not know whether to laugh at the ignorance and stupidity of Justin, or to laugh and shake my head at the ignorance and stupidity of the Canadian public overall that actually voted for this idiot!

Yes, this "Prime Minister" is actually wanting to see these so called "terrorists" be "reintegrated" into Canadian society!  I do recall that these "ISIS fighters" are supposed to be a big bad "terrorist" group that is supposed to be sought out, captured, and/or killed, in the supposed 'War on terror" that Canada is involved in... So what the hell is going on now with Justin thinking that "all is forgiven" with these supposed "terrorists" and allowing them back into Canada?  "Rebranding" them to allow their return????  How stupid does Justin really think we all are?

Yes, it should be obvious to everyone by now that this big bad "war on terror" and the entire "ISIS terrorist" organization that we are supposed to be fighting is nothing but a sham....  It should be obvious that Justin is involved in the sham and is trying to play the Canadian public as morons......

But what the heck!  Lets have all of these big bad and most "evil" "terrorists" come over to live free in Canada... I do not see the problem with this, right?

And people actually voted for this clown to be our Prime Minister????

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Unknown said...

I hope you don't quit. I depend on your posts and website
for info I cannot get anywhere else. Hang in there, Pal.
Canadian goings-on are important for those of us south of
the Northern border. The Zundel trials in Toronto in the
80's set a precedent in exposing the holocaust fraud. Thanks
to Zundel, I deny the holocaust at every opportunity. I am
sure I am a thorn in the side of the Human Rights Commission.
I have even had Toronto Jews try to sic the FBI on me,
but unfortunately for them, the First Amendment lives here.

Adrian Chetwynd said...

I also hope that you do not quit NTS, but if you think that you are wasting too much of your time, then why not simply post less frequently, but still keep your website alive?
Anyway, contrary to what you think, there is a great big awakening which can be witnessed by the massive growth in: "anti-Semitic" comments on Jootube, oops Youtube, over the past 5 years since I got to know of the (((cause))) of our problems.

And may I also suggest, that you link to a few more popular; "anti-Semitic" websites than just the lesser known ones those that you are currently linking to. (But only link to a few more websites, as too much information is likely to make the "confused goys" even more confused than they already are)

Unknown said...

Adrian Chetwynd said...

Many thanks NTS

Northerntruthseeker said...

Adrian... NO I do not use any type of "speech recognition" software anywhere in my blog and especially not in my rants..

I have long been a writer and used to write a lot of editorials for newspapers and other publications... I also have a long history of writing material for science and other literary journals..... However, my writings to newspapers became more and more censored and I could no longer tolerate the censorship as I knew WHO controlled the fraud newspapers....

What you see here is 100% me and no artificial colours, or flavouring!