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The Syrian War To Free Itself From The EVIL US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Updates On Present Situation, And Yes The US Is Definitely Attempting To Escalate The Situation

It seems like an eternity since I last reported anything about the real situation in Syria... I have spent so much time over the last week being so focused in on that FALSE FLAG operation that just took place in Las Vegas Nevada, that there has been a lot going on elsewhere in the world, and especially in Syria...

Well, first I want to thank Penny over at Penny For Your Thoughts at, for keeping up on the REAL news coming out of Syria over the last week... And right here I want to present her latest article from her website that covers a lot of facts about the situation in Syria including the ominous signs that the US is so desperate now to change the outcome of their DEFEAT that they are indeed attempting to escalate the conflict further into a full regional war against the Russian Federation!   Here  is Penny's article:

Syria: Walkin' the Razor's Edge? US Shells SAA/Casualties

Razor's Edge: in a very uncertain and dangerous situation
 Yesterday, I’d posted news that SAA had made advances in Mayadeen-SAA Fights Way Into "ISIS Stronghold" Blow to US backed PKK/YPG/SDF   Any action that is a blow to ISIS is also blow to the US remake the region agenda. 

Bearing that in mind, I’ll share some of the latest news on this situation

The linked article presents the assistance offered to SAA, by Russia, to enable the take back of Mayadeen, as an escalation against the US. 
 "Moscow strongly escalated on Friday its campaign against the US-led al-Tanf military base in eastern Syria and near the Iraqi border at a time when Russian warplanes supported regime forces that infiltrated in the city of Mayadeen, one of the ISIS strongholds in the east of Deir Ezzor.
That is quite possibly how the US sees this recent advance. As reported, quoting from yesterday's post  :
 "Last week the US-led military coalition said its Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) allies would attempt to seize Mayadeen before the army."
However, Mayadeen is in Syria. It's a Syrian location. And has Syrian's resident there. 
Certainly the Syrians have the right to take back the area, their territory, from terrorists... 
Despite whatever vile moves the US had planned. As of yesterday's news it looks as if SAA has made definite advancements!
This frame grab provided on Thursday, October 5, 2017, by the Russian defense ministry press service, shows what they say is a long-range Kalibr cruise missile launched by the a Russian submarine in the Mediterranean

From Thursday- Breaking: Russian Kalibrs Fired From Mediterranean- Supporting Syrian Army

"Spokesperson of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov said in a statement on Friday: “In reality, al-Tanf has turned into a 100-kilometer ‘black hole’ on the Syrian-Jordanian state border. And, instead of the Free Syrian Army, it is spewing ISIS mobile groups who make inroads to launch subversive terrorist operations against Syrian troops and civilians.”
How many times has Russia stated the US is fully supporting ISIS? 
I've lost count. Though it's certain to have not been said as often by them as by myself.
Mr Fisk didn't have the courage to say it straight out-  Fisk on the US sanctioned Killing of Russian Lieutenant Asparov So kudos to the Russia Major General for his straightforwardness! 
"The spokesperson said that every time the Syrian regime forces, supported by Russian warplanes, advance towards the east of the ISIS stronghold in Deir Ezzor, the US presence in the background lines at al-Tanf base becomes a bigger problem.

In a surprising development that could further escalate tensions between US and Russian forces in Syria, coalition jets shelled on Friday a convoy of the Syrian regime and its allied foreign militias in the al-Tanf area"
 Did read this news yesterday evening:
“Sources in the Syrian opposition told the news agency that a coalition aircraft fired warning shots when a regime convoy attempted to advance from the west of Al-Tanf, which is controlled by the Free Syrian Army. When the convoy ignored the warning, it was targeted directly. A number of Syrian soldiers and other fighters travelling in the convoy were killed or wounded"

This could escalate. Dangerously. 

NTS Notes: I must agree with Penny's statements, especially her last one in this article.. This situation could escalate and VERY dangerously!

I for one am sickened by what I am witnessing the US attempting to do in Syria... And to understand the reason why the US is wanting to push this into a major war with Russia, we only need to see how just last week we have the criminal Israelis calling for the US to get "more involved" in the Syrian conflict because their leadership has had to finally admit that Assad is winning the war to free his nation, and Syria's destruction is no longer in the cards.. This also means that the Jewish sick and twisted dream of their "Greater Israel" has reached a roadblock and could be defeated as well....

Here is the link to an article from Russia Today that covers this important news about Israel wanting to have their American slaves get more involved in Syria:

Yes, once again we have the United States showing itself to be the puppet of the Israelis and the god damn Jews who want to see them now go "all in" in Syria to try to change the outcome and risk the war in Syria now spreading into a global conflict!

The reality to the situation in Syria as it sits right now is this... This last week, the US-ISIS mercenary army attempted one last "offensive" to somehow try to stem the tide of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and their allies advance south from Deir Ez-Zor to take the key city of Mayadin... Once that key city is secured there will be no stopping the SAA and their Russian and Arabic allies from racing south to the key border crossing of Al Qaim at the Iraqi border, cutting off the entire fraud ISIS contingency still operating west of that key crossing... And of course from Mayadin, the SAA can also move easterly again across the Euphrates River to seize the sizeable oil fields before the US/SDF criminal group can grab them....

Victory for the Syrian people is at hand, and now the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal is once again trying out of sheer desperation to have the entire conflict turned into a global conflict... It is to me sheer madness.....

With the fraud Las Vegas false flag now fully exposed, I will indeed be back to keeping up with what has been happening in the Middle East and especially in Syria.....  So stay tuned...

More to come


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