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The Sad Saga Of The F35 Flying POS "Fighter" Continues: More Proof That "Stealth" Is A Lie - Antiquated Syrian S200 Anti Aircraft System Scores Hit On Israeli F35 Over Lebanon!

I figure it was time to turn away from the Las Vegas mass shooting False Flag operation and put up some other interesting material at this blog.... And of course what I found this morning is astounding and shows once again that I have been absolutely right about the atrocious and ridiculous F35 Lighting II "fighter" and the key fact that "stealth" is and always has been a massive fraud.....

Just today I came across the following report from the Southfront website, at www.southfront.org, where supposedly the Israelis sent several of the US built so called "stealth" F35 fighter aircraft ILLEGALLY into Lebanese airspace only to have an antiquated S200 surface to air missile hit one of these "invisible" aircraft....   Here is the Southfront report right here for everyone to see for themselves:


Israel Is Hiding That Its State-Of-Art F-35 Warplane Was Hit By Syrian S-200 Missile - Reports
Illustrative image: Israeli Air Force F-35 warplanes
It looks that the Israeli “demonstration of power” during the recent visit of Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has turned into a total failure.
On October 16, Shoigu arrived Israel for meetings with Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The sides were reportedly set to discuss the situation in the region, including Syria, the fight against terrorism as well as military and technical cooperation.
At the same day, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claimed that its warplanes targeted an anti-aircraft battery of the Syrian Air Defense Forces that had launched a missile at Israeli aircraft flying over Lebanon.
Earlier today,an anti-aircraft missile was launched from Syria towards IDF aircraft during a routine flight over Lebanon. No hits confirmed
In response, IDF aircraft targeted the anti-aircraft battery in Syria.
The IDF added that the Syrian missile didn’t hit any Israeli aircraft.
Earlier today,an anti-aircraft missile was launched from Syria towards IDF aircraft during a routine flight over Lebanon. No hits confirmed
“The army targeted the battery with four bombs and, according to the IDF, the battery was damaged to the extent it was no longer operational. The army said the battery targeted was the same that fired at Israeli jets last March, prompting Israel make use of its Arrow anti-missile system for the first time,” the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reportedon the issue.
The Syrian military confirmed the Israeli strikes and said that they caused “material damage.”
It’s interesting to note that, according to the Syrian Defense Ministry statement, Israeli warplanes violated Syria’s airspace on the border with Lebanon in Baalbek area. The incident took place at 8:51 am local time.
Could the Israeli Air Force intentionally provoke the reaction from the Syrian military in order to justify the strike on the Syrian air defense battery?
Furthermore, some pro-Israeli experts and media activists clearly linked the incident with the visit of the Russian defense minister to Tel Aviv saying that it was a nice demonstration of power to the Russian-Iranian-Syrian alliance.
However, something went wrong.
According to the available information, the Syrian Defense Forces used a S-200 missile against the Israeli warplane. This Soviet-made missile is the most advanced long range anti-aircraft system opearated by the Syrian military. Even in this case, it’s old-fashioned in terms of the modern warfare.
Despite this, the Syrian Defense Ministry said in its statement that government forces responded to the violation of the airspace and “directly hit one of the jets, forcing [Israeli aircraft] to retreat.” This statement contradicts to the Israeli claim that “no hit” was confirmed.
Few hours after the missile incident with Syria, the Israeli media reported that the Israeli Air Force’s F-35 stealth multirole fighter went unserviceable as a result of an alleged bird collision during a training flight. 
The incident allegedly took place “two weeks ago” but was publicly reported only on October 16. However, Israeli sources were not able to show a photo of the F-35 warplane after the “bird collision”.
Furthermore, it is not clear if the F-35 can become operational again because its stealth coating was damaged. Thus, according to the Israeli version, the warplane reportedly became no longer operational after the bird collision despite the fact that the F-35 earlier passed the bird strike certification with great results (official info here). The F-35 is the world’s most expensive warplane. The price of developing the F-35 is now about $406.5 billion.
Israel is actively buying the world’s self-proclaimed most advanced fighter paying about $100 million for each plane.
So what did really hit the F-35

Here is another take on this incident from Jim Stone over at www.jimstone.is that also asks the key question as to what exactly hit that supposedly "invisible" F35 aircraft?  Here is Jim's article:

Highly probable but not proven: Syria scored a hit on an Israeli F-35 with an S-200

FACT: Later the same day, Israel permanently de-commissioned a brand new F-35 due to a "bird strike".

The following is an old story, but it was so buried I just became aware of it now. Israel actually permanently retired an F-35 after this.

WARNING ON THIS TOPIC: A virus tried to hit this computer when I was digging up links, so this topic is a mine field. This appears to be a safe link, BE CAREFUL.
It is already well known that Israel got a hack into Russia's S-300 and S-400 missile systems, which contacts the missiles and tells them not to hit the plane. This was probably put in place by Jews in Russia's DOD. But Israel probably has no such hack on the S-200, which is old but still capable.
So the question is, did Syria bag an F-35? Here are the story lines:  Israel once again violated Syria's airspace, and scored a hit on a Syrian missile battery, which before the bombs arrived managed to fire off an S-200 which registered a hit on the Israeli F-35. Probably due to advanced stability controls, the F-35 made it back to Israel and landed.
A few hours later, the Israeli media released a report that stated a brand new F-35 was going to be decomissioned due to a bird strike that happened during training.  PROBLEM: The F-35 is well designed to handle bird strikes, and actually scores very high in this area. And when has Israel done anything but lie? The report was careful to say the strike happened weeks before and the f-35 was decomissioned after careful consideration.  But if Syria really did hit it, there is no way, even on the other side of HELL that Israel would ever admit it and by doing so allow the Syrians to know they have a chance, I'd say it is highly probable that the S-200 is not hacked, and actually scored a hit.
Here's my best bet: A missile strike blew a large chunk of the plane off, and only computerized stability controls allowed it to get back to Israel and land. It would not be the first time this happened, an Israeli F-15 landed with one wing due to the automated stability controls keeping it from tumbling, there's no reason to think the F-35 would not be able to make it back, in pieces. Anyone who says it would not be possible for an advanced plane to make it home after a very bad missile hit does not know enough history.

Well, I am sick of the beating around the bush approach to this matter and I will lay it out clearly...These F35's were not "invisible" at all, and were indeed sitting ducks for the Lebanese S200 defensive systems that easily saw them coming.... And one of the missiles did indeed score a direct hit on these supposedly  "invisible" aircraft in the process!

And what this proves once again is this fact... STEALTH DOES NOT WORK AND IS A LIE!  I have already tackled the issue at this blog over the last few years concerning this bullshit F35 flying hunk of junk lemon and I clearly have shown that 'STEALTH" is nothing more than a sham to sucker so many nations into buying this outrageously overpriced and useless "fighter" aircraft....  There can be no doubt about this after witnessing what an ancient old S200 missile can do to this flying POS....

This is to me great news, for it shows not only the vulnerability of the F35, but the fact that the Lebanese and the Syrians are indeed starting to fire back at the Israeli intruders into their air space.... I am hoping to see more of these so called "fighters" get blown out of the sky.....

And of course it vindicates what I have been saying for years.. That the F35 is a 1.5 TRILLION dollar boondoggle and a sheer waste of any nation's money..... The entire program should be scrapped and money put elsewhere....

More to come


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If the aircraft had external stores like the ones in the photo you included, there wouldn't be much stealthiness to it at all. Nothing surprising.