Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Las Vegas Mass Shooting Operation: Even More Updates.. Everything We Have Been Told About This Shooting Makes NO Sense At All!

I am continuing to concentrate on the Las Vegas shooting operation... It is indeed the "story of the day" and the one that has so much of the world's attention focused in on... There is indeed so much happening elsewhere across the world, and especially the continuing war in Syria that I will indeed turn back to shortly...But in the meantime, I have some very interesting observations about what happened in Las Vegas including some important updates...

I again want to turn to Jim Stone over at, for some interesting aspects of this "shooting" including some important pictures that should have everyone going 'Hmmmmmm....'.  Right now, I want to present Jim's latest update here for everyone to see for themselves, and do especially pay attention to the photos... I have a lot more to follow:

I gotta say it, this is a SUPREMELY WEIRD PHOTO

This is being marketed as "Police secure area after Mandalay Bay shooting". It appears legit. If so, there is no official story, it is DOA. Ok, to get things started. First of all, this photo is huge, and clear. save it (with a double click, not a right click) to desktop and then view it as large as needed to confirm the following:

1. The windows that should be broken by this time on Mandalay Bay are not broken. They must have been kicked out later in the night.

2. There is no ongoing medical cleanup, and the stage is turned off. You can't see the ground, but it is obviously a no action moment. Additionally, there is no investigation happening at Mandalay Bay in the appropriate room because the lights are off. The appropriate room is 9 floors down from the top of where the vertical lights start, or 6 floors down from where the exterior (wider) concrete starts.

3. This photo is obviously staged, and was taken on Giles street. It is obvious the street is shut down at the time of this photo, thus confirming the time frame it was purportedly from. Traffic in Vegas never stops, you can't have this type of photo going on at any time unless the street is shut down. Also, the street is covered in litter, which Vegas does not tolerate. This would strongly indicate that it was indeed taken after a horde of concert goers split.

WHAT IF the sound of gunfire was piped through the speakers, and it never happened at all? The speakers would surely be good enough to fake it. I am not going to expound on this, but I gotta say, this never made one second of news in Mexico which is very odd. Was this purely an American psy op? It is still clearly night time here, why are there no police or ambulance lights present if there is a huge recovery operation underway? Why are the lights out in the room this happened in? Why are the windows still there? THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMMMMM . . . . .

DOUBLE CLICK the image, a right click will only save a low res 880 pixel version. This image is super clear at 3000 pixels width
Your browser will probably not open this image large enough to make what it is showing perfectly obvious. Use a real picture viewer (the normal windows one should work) and view it big.

Important to note: The left window that is later broken (after this photo) has a reflective or interior lit portion on it in this photo. It is not a drape sticking out, because it is only showing on the bottom portion of the window, and other similar anomalies show up on many windows in this photo. Please reference the other (daytime) photos that clearly show it is completely broken out later, which you can clearly see is not the case in this photo.



(thanks, because I am fatigued and can't do it that well right now)
I am getting ready to call this a HUGE HOAX. At a minimum, certain aspects of this are now a proven total HOAX. Matt said it right, and the really weird crap shown in the photos above basically proves Matt is right:
"I'm a huge fan of your site and have been following it daily since your work on MH370. I don't think anyone except the patsy was shot in Vegas, and I think we have to look at the evidence that should exist but is entirely missing. We're supposed to think 500 were injured but none of them posted a video of themselves with non-life-threatening injuries to show friends and family that they were alive? There also should have been a huge triage area active for hours and ambulances a quarter mile both up and down the street in perfect view of Mandalay and Luxor but not one of the hotel guests posts this either? I could go on."
My response: YEP. After finding that high def photo, I don't believe anything happened at all. If that is so, the only injuries were from crowd panic, and whoever set up GoFundMe reaped millions. I think they used the concert speakers to hoax it now. There's just no getting over what that high def photo shows.


This video has been served by this web site more than 30,000 times. I still have plenty of bandwidth. GET THIS OUT THERE. HERE IS THE KEY VIDEO THAT DESTROYS THE LIE AND PROVES THE STAGE CREW COOPERATED BY LIGHTING THE CROWD UP LIKE A CHRISTMAS TREE SO SHOOTERS COULD GET A LARGE NUMBER OF HEAD SHOTS. This is the same video that is posted below, with an explanation for how the audio in the video proves the shooters were right there, at the concert. if you already have it, you don't need to click it again.
People are suspecting the snipers were on the Sphinx across the street. That would work. I still say they were probably above the stage, right where the huge bright lights come on. I don't think any of the musicians were in on the plot. Stage crews would be easy to infiltrate. One thing is certain, they absolutely were not shooting from the 32nd floor.
IMPORTANT: I just noticed another detail - in the video above, which was taken from the back of the crowd, the gunfire sounds close, but not immediately close. In other videos, where the people were right at the front of the crowd, the gunfire sounds like it is RIGHT THERE. If the shots originated at Mandalay, there would not be that difference.

Here's the Vegas conspiracy, as the "official" alt media consensus is putting it together.

Paddock was undercover FBI supplying arms to ISIS in America, Hillary fast and furious style. That fits, because he was a liberal. He did manage to get a bunch of guns up into the room for a gun deal.

Six FBI agents entered the room with a smart card key (all the hotel rooms in Vegas have had those for a while.) They have the security film footage of the perps dressed in normal civilian clothing but what looks like disguises including low drawn baseball caps and loose clothing. They entered the hotel room with a smart card. One used to open any room at the hotel but somehow they got one for this room. Apparently the hotel security saw this happen but thought nothing of it, and was told to go home after the events unfolded. Despite the fact that Paddock is FBI, the FBI decided to dispose of him for a psy op. They entered the room as gun buyers, killed Paddock and kicked out the windows as the operation unfolded. They created enough of a ruckus to convince people in surrounding rooms. Then they waited in the room while the FBI locked the area down.

After everything was locked down, the second wave of FBI agents kicked their way into the room to make it sound good for any witnesses hiding in neighboring rooms and the perpetrators for this part of the psy op walked out the front door, wearing FBI jackets. There is an airport nearby that they used to bug out. Most people suspect it was Israeli FBI agents that are now on a Mediterranean vacation.

QUESTION: Do I agree with this theory? Well, it sounds about right, provided it leaves room for the bulk of the shooting happening elsewhere. No muzzle flashes showing up from the 32nd floor at any point makes that part of the story a requirement.

If the security guard testimony of seeing six people enter the room with a smart card is accurate, and it probably is, SIX is a sacred Jewish number they attach to almost everything and the patsy had to die somehow. This would be precisely how a Jewish newspaper in Tel Aviv published the now official story LONG LONG LONG before the police could ever investigate adequately for anything of the sort to be published. It would take nothing for one of the six people who entered the room to phone home to Israel with a success story. This theory is probably bang on. You'll probably see this theory take off.

NTS Notes: I was first sent that picture of the police officers behind that cruiser car about a day ago, and I too found it most peculiar... Especially the fact that we have the two "civilians" both off to the left and right that are just standing there with their cell phones in hand (!)... Honestly, if there was still a danger and the possibility of more gunfire, then what are these two clowns doing there exposing themselves to possible gun shot wounds?  If that was me, I would be either down on the ground or joining the "officers" behind that cruiser car!  Therefore that picture MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL!   Is it a psyops picture???

I also did notice myself from videos and other pictures from that night that yes indeed, the windows at the 32nd floor level were intact... That absolutely blows away the idea that Stephen Paddock was "shooting" from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay resort....

One other thing that was sent my way, and it also shows that the shootings from the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay was impossible, and this makes sense... Supposedly almost ALL of the windows in ALL of the resorts in Las Vegas are made of bullet proof glass and are not only nearly impossible to break, but if a BREAK actually occurs, then sensors and alarms go off alerting hotel staff that windows in suites have been compromised (I did not know this until I was informed yesterday...)... THIS makes sense, simply because these resorts do NOT want patrons to be possibly breaking windows, primarily to avoid said patrons committing suicides (Yes, Vegas used to be known for a lot of high level jumpers committing suicide.  This I did know!)... And therefore if Paddock was able to somehow break the windows, with our without shooting them out, the hotel staff would have had their security there within minutes.. There is NO report that this happened at Mandalay Bay!

I also found several other inconsistencies over the last few days that I want to list here:

(1) The lack of blood of all these supposed victims, considering that the human body contains some 5 liters of blood.  The ground where these people were shot should have been covered with blood and yet we find almost none...And of course well after the shooting, we find some photos of some "victims" still lying there on the ground NOT being attended to by paramedics or medical staff almost like being used as "props" to be promoted by the liars in the media...

(2) As in other shootings; where the hell are the ambulances?  The Paramedics?  The Emergency medical teams?  And even the helicopters to fly the victims off?  The place should have been swarming with medical teams immediately in the aftermath of this shooting and yet we find very little evidence of such response!

(3) The usage of crisis actors for this "event".   I have been watching so many videos of the "victims" of this shooting, and so many show the tell tale signs of being scripted crisis actors... And of course we find the evidence that there was indeed a staged "simulation" of such a shooting that called for actors at least a week before this shooting took place in Las Vegas!

(4) If you listen closely to some of the patrons to that concert while the shooting is taking place, some can be heard to say "Its fake bullets" or "Its a fake shooting".... Now, granted, some may have been wrong, but even I found it peculiar about the sound of the gunfire and a lot of the sound seems to come AMPLIFIED through the concert stage's own sound system....

(5) The local Las Vegas television news station that reported almost a week before this shooting took place that "ISIS" threatened to have a "terrorist attack" take place in Las Vegas itself.   I am surprised about how quickly this interesting report and the details surrounding that report disappeared so quickly, considering the absolute fact that "ISIS" is a sham and an American operation.

There is so many other inconsistencies that can be added to this list, and I again leave it up to readers to send me via comments what they found, and I will indeed add their two cents worth to this listing!

OK, I am still NOT sold on this shooting being a hoax... I said before that the criminals that want to turn America into a draconian police state by stripping the American people of their last line of defense, meaning their guns, do indeed need to have real shootings with real killings to maximize the shock value and the psychological effect of fear in people to have them call for "gun control".... Therefore a mass shooting like this one will indeed happen with real people dying...

Yes, everything that we have been told about this shooting via the liars in the Jew spew media makes absolutely NO sense at all.....  We are still searching for answers and I again will try to get as much detail here at this blog when facts do present themselves... .Stay tuned...

More to come



Diane Cartwright said...

I saved the "dead" shooter picture that showed his face and neck. That online photo today is "blurred"...the picture that was shown of the "shooter" he has a "tattoo"on his neck near his adams apple but the "dead" shooter has no tattoo.

There is even an article about the tattoo of the number 13
here is link to article

Unknown said...

Mandalay Bay CEO Murren
Anti-Trumpy Guy - I should have bookmarked the thing I just read on his recent big investments in "security" companies - scanners, etc.

Can't find anything on it bing search.

Always look at the obvious problems - like location.

Casinos Are a Perfect Source of Terror Financing

Let’s start with the parent company of Mandalay Bay. This is a casino property that sits within the portfolio of MGM Resorts International. The current CEO of the parent company is Jim Murren. He is a deflated Hillary Clinton supporter. Less than two months ago, with an announcement apparently fueled by the the post-Charlottesville racist hysteria, Murren sent a letter to his employees and announced a company donation-match program to funnel money to so-called “anti-hate” groups. By “anti-hate” groups, we of course mean Soros-backed groups, various terror-related groups, and miscellaneous non-profits.
Jim Murren, CEO of MGM Resorts, and wife attend Obama state dinner event in 2015. (Photo:

Jim Murren, CEO of MGM Resorts, and wife attend Obama state dinner event in 2015. (Photo:

As reported by back on August 21, 2017 [linked here]:

MGM Resorts CEO Jim Murren condemned “hate mongers and white supremacists” in a letter to his more than 77,000 worldwide employees last Friday, and encouraged them to donate to anti-hate groups by explaining contributions would be matched.Murren finished his letter by telling his workers that if they donate to one of seven organizations MGM deemed to be working towards the anti-hate cause, the corporation would match it.Those nonprofits include the Southern Poverty Law Center, National Association of the Advancement of Colored People, Anti-Defamation League, Human Rights Campaign, Council on American Islamic Relations, OCA National-Asian Pacific American Advocates, and League of United Latin American Citizens.Controversial conservative radio host and blogger, Wayne Allyn Root, posted an article on August 29th to bring these facts to the public’s attention regarding one of those seven groups, the Council on American Islamic Relations, better known as CAIR [linked here]:

My police pals say no man EVER at age 64 suddenly becomes Rambo. Certainly not w/out live-in girlfriend knowing.