Thursday, October 5, 2017

Las Vegas Mass Shooting Operation: Stephen Paddock Is INNOCENT Of This Crime!

Well, I do hope by now that everyone that has properly investigated this Las Vegas mass shooting operation has come to the same conclusion as I... This was indeed a massive operation that was months in the planning and involved multiple shooters at different locations around that Country music festival.... There can be NO other conclusion due to the massive amount of information and facts presented...

AND... As I stated in a previous article, the alleged "shooter", Stephen Paddock is absolutely 100% INNOCENT of this horrific crime.. This 64 year old man was the "patsy" for this operation and again was conveniently killed before he could speak or come forward claiming his innocence... There can be no doubt about this at all....

BUT for those who still somehow think that Paddock had anything to do with this operation other than to be the "fall guy" for this attack, I want to present another interesting article here that comes from the "Crimes Of Empire" website, at, that summarizes some interesting facts about how it was impossible for Stephen Paddock to even take the shots from that 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay... The article is entitled: "Vegas Massacre: 100% Proof Stephen Paddock Is Being Framed" and I have it right here in its entirety for all to see for themselves.. .I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

Vegas Massacre:100% Proof Stephen Paddock is Being Framed.

Las Vegas police seek cover behind their vehicle during the supposed massacre of October 1st, 2017. Confusingly the civilian bystanders remain nonchalant despite standing in the supposed line of fire of the shooter situated in the Mandalay Bay resort complex building to the left.

October 5th, 2017.
Massacre In Las Vegas:100% Proof Stephen Paddock is being framed.
By now everyone on the planet who has access to the internet or television is familiar with the blood chilling story of the massacre in Las Vegas on October 5th, 2017.
We are told that Stephen Paddock, 64 years of age, meticulously planned the attack, moving dozens of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition into his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and opened fire on the crowd attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival in the “Las Vegas Village” located at the foot of the 43 storey complex, having first used a hammer to smash two holes in the windows of the hotel in order to be able to shoot the people below.
At this point there is simply no way that story is even approximately true as photographs taken when the massacre was underway clearly show that the windows in the room Stephen Paddock was supposedly committing this mass murder operation in can be seen to be complete and intact long after the event has supposedly started.

Photograph from October 2nd shows the precise location of the shooter as revealed by the two broken windows on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel building. This long shot allows us to measure precisely the location of these holes and note they are six windows down from the spot where the grey cladding ends.
This is the source for the cropped photograph below, the photo is clearly taken after the shooting is underway, that is why the police are there hiding behind their car. (Source)
A cropped version of the above photograph taken during the massacre reveals that there were no holes in the windows on the 32nd floor during the massacre. Therefore irrefutably proving the official version of the event a complete lie. The implications are clear, Stephen paddock has been framed. The LVPD have not been honest in their account and either broke the windows themselves or allowed another to do so and there is no possibility, if there even was a shooting massacre, that the perpetrator or perpetrators were situated on the 32nd floor. This simply kills the story they are telling stone dead
Close up of the holes enable us to more easily pin down their precise location. Each slightly to the left of the grey cladding as viewed from the outside.

The Implications.
The implications of this are that:
It is physically impossible that the massacre was conducted by a gunman on the 32nd floor room Paddock was supposedly occupying.
It is impossible that the account presented by the LVPD and FBI is accurate and complete.
It is inescapable that if the window was not broken prior to the massacre, someone else with access to the room has broken the window after the massacre in a bid to frame Mr. Paddock.
Therefore Mr. Paddock has been crudely framed by someone connected to the investigation and cannot possibly have been responsible for the killings.

NTS Notes: Crimes Of Empire brings forward just a few key facts that clearly shows that Stephen Paddock was set up and framed for this attack... But again I do have a few more that I will present here as well...

First, as I stated in my last article, few people are even aware that most of these high rise Casinos in Las Vegas have equipped their suites with bullet proof and basically unbreakable glass... That and the fact that the windows are equipped with sensors that will sound an alarm if the glass itself is compromised.. This is done due to the fact that the Las Vegas casino owners do NOT want their patrons to be jumping from their suites in acts of suicide!  Yes, Vegas used to be infamous for high rise jumpers from these hotels and obviously the owners have now made it clearly impossible for them to commit suicide that way... That and once the alarms are sounded by the breaking of the glass, Hotel Security is alerted and will arrive at the suite within minutes..... Therefore this is one key issue that has been overlooked in all this....

Second, everyone was awaiting the return of Stephen Paddock's girlfriend from her trip to the Philippines.. Well, just yesterday she did return and she made a clear statement to the police and the media that SHE KNEW NOTHING ABOUT STEPHEN PLANNING THIS "OPERATION"....  That is most peculiar indeed considering that this woman was at Stephen's side for a few years by now, and would definitely be able to tell if something was afoot.. And yet she knew or saw nothing?  Does anyone else have a trouble with this???

Third, I saw so many recent pictures of the alleged "shooter's nest" from that 32nd floor suite at Mandalay Bay, and anyone can clearly see that it was set up with guns basically thrown everywhere across the room... I would say that the perpetrators of the crime basically went into that suite after the shooting, blew out the windows, and then just threw in a whole shit load of guns for good measure..  The pictures of the guns alone are so laughable as they are strewn about without consideration for their mechanisms, their gun sights, etc that would be damaged if they were strewn in such a manner....

I am therefore absolutely confident in stating this:  Stephen Paddock was set up to take the fall for this crime... He is innocent of the actual shooting and clearly a real investigation has to be conducted to determine if he did indeed have anything to do with the planning for this assault... But the actual shooting? Forget it, for that was done by hit squads located elsewhere and definitely not on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay...

I would say it is time now to turn to other issues across the planet...This "false flag" operation in Las Vegas has tied up enough of my articles and I need to go no further in stating that we have all been LIED to by our governments and especially the Jew spew media concerning this operation..... The truth must be told!

More to come


*One important update was sent my way just now by an astute reader... Apparently according to the following link, the Mandalay Bay resort has deleted all information about Stephen Paddock's stay at the resort from when he checked in on September 25th!  THIS is clearly a violation of every rule in the book concerning all vital information in a murder investigation:

And nobody is supposed to find anything suspcious with this???



Just this morning both the American MSM and law enforcement have come up with a new version of what happened including two shooters firing from the two broken windows, obvious bullshit, and some overall conspiracy which includes the mans girlfriend and some unknown others who helped the man get all of the guns into the room. Obviously their original story was so full of holes it wasn't doing its job so they had to make up something else, not contradicted to the same degree by the actual evidence.

They are also showing films of crowds of people flying from the area in terror during the shooting. But in actual fact they are only walking fast, standing strait up instead of ducking, and basically are behaving in a very orderly manner considering the situation. More crises actors obviously. Whatever else also might have happened crises actors played a significant role in this incident.

RickB said...

Thanks for being on top of this, NTS. People were killed but the proficiency required, as even suggested by the jewish MSM expert consultants, tell the tale that it was a professional government operation.... not one man with a bump-stock AR rifle.

concerned citizen said...

My 1st attempt to post a comment was blocked by Google. This is my second.
Thank you for the really good article.
*No one needs twenty machine guns to use. Even a crazy gun nut knows that he can only use one or two guns. He only needs loaded magazines, not so many machine guns.
*No lone gunner needs two separate windows to shoot from. Moving between them will only delay him. This is only needed by a team of assassins alternating position at the windows as some reload.
*A 64 years old person will not become radicalized if he hasn't done so at a much earlier age, and it would be impossible for him to do so without anyone noticing unless he isolates himself completely like the unabomber did. Mr. Paddock was a rich American business man who was living la vida loca kind of life, enjoying what he can, not a suicidal radicalized maniac. Those around him would know what he was for sure, and they truthfully said he wasn't the crazy kind of person.
*The police admitted to not finding any evidence against Mr. Paddock, but after receiving orders later on, they claimed to find tons of evidence. Their lies show the political influence of the real perpetrators, just like it was in 9 11.
*This operation was meant to be another ISIS (radical muslims) attack, but the goof balls shot the wrong man, Mr. Paddock, instead of the guy they were going to leave an ISIS flag with. Still ISIS tried everything they can to take credit for the crime. ISIS' main job is to prove to the world that muslims are dangerous nuts that should be killed. It is a shady organization and every muslim country knows that. There are not a single muslim country that identifies with them.
* I estimate the real number of the perpetrators to be around ten, based on the number of machine guns left behind


Just his morning the American MSM were reporting that he shot some of the victims from as far away as 1,100 yards. That kind of shooting requires a trained sniper with special rifles equipped with telescopic sights. I seriously doubt that the guns they showed that were supposed to be used by him even had the capability to shoot that far and they certainly didn't have scopes. I think that they may have screwed up by letting this one about the kills at 1,100 yards out.

Steve Johnson said...,cd_min:9/26/2017,cd_max:9/30/2017&tbm

Stephen Paddock is innocent 100%