Monday, October 2, 2017

Las Vegas Mass Shooting Operation: PROOF POSITIVE That This Was An Operation! Undeniable Proof Of Multiple Shooters From Multiple Sources!

I am beginning to get really sick of this "lone gunman" bullshit being still promoted by the liars at the Jew spew media outlets... The facts are simple that this "Stephen Paddock" guy was most probably an innocent man who has "conveniently" been made to take the fall for a massive operation conducted by a hit squad!   There is NO WAY IN HELL that this man could have conducted this massive shooting spree by himself considering (a) the assortment of weapons found "conveniently" in his hotel room which no one has yet to give a reason as to how he was able to get those weapons there, and (b) the facts coming out that he was not even good enough to handle weapons (his own family's statements!)....

I want to present the most damning evidence yet that this was indeed an operation for everyone to see and hear for themselves... First, I want to present a most interesting update to Jim Stone's article over at his website at for everyone to see here for themselves... And take a look at the windows in the Mandalay Bay!:

They wanted a white male Muslim bash, so they are not wasting this crisis

TWO SHOOTERS (OR MORE) IN TWO ROOMS. Just like I said, and everyone said last night. All the eyewitnesses are wrong? WHY YES, because the truth does not fit the agenda!

They tried to lie and say this was one room, but were then forced to admit it was two, so they hatched an assinine story that this guy was running back and forth between the two rooms! My god, the stupid, IT HURTS. Now we know there were two rooms and multiple shooters involved. That sure matches the woman who went into the crowd and warned everyone they were going to die if they did not leave! Yes, a woman and a man went around giving the warning that the crowd was in danger, and rather than listen, security busted them!.

UH OH, HUGE PROBLEM WITH THE OFFICIAL STORY. This picture is fresh, taken this morning. Look at it real close, and compare it to the picture above it. These windows are out on different floors on the other side of the hotel! We are not getting the whole story. This has to be three shooters in three rooms, and someone is not being honest about exactly where everyone got hit.

That's an OOOPS, there was more going on last night than ANYONE has said!
I was up when this shooting happened and stayed focused on it all night and did not sleep. I don't know what the motive was, but something seeped through the cracks that points the finger directly at Israel. The motive may have been to divide America more. It could have been to get Trump to go to war. Or it could have been to distract the public from the communist genocide attempt underway in Puerto Rico. Whatever it was, this time the shooting was BAD. More than another Bataclan.

OK, Now we can see that there were at least two "shooter's nests" in the Mandalay Bay resort FROM TWO DIFFERENT HOTEL ROOMS AND PROBABLY ON DIFFERENT FLOORS!!!....This alone absolutely blows this "lone gunman" LIE by the Jew spew media to hell...

And now, I want to present a most interesting link to a report from the Russia Today website, that includes a most interesting set of videos that shows that there were indeed MULTIPLE GUNSHOTS going off that definitely appear to be coming from at least TWO DISTINCT locations... Here is that link, and again pay attention to the sound in the videos:

Yes, some may say that what we are hearing is "echoes" taking place, but you can clearly hear two distinct sound pitches from the gunfire that seems to overlap and show at least two distinct guns.... ONE automatic gun cannot do this kind of sound!

Well, there you have it... More proof that this was indeed an operation, and of course in this one the criminals definitely wanted people to die...... Sadly at least now 60 people are dead with hundreds more injured, and yet the Jew spew media continues to promote this "lone gunman" bullshit!

I am continuing to put the pieces all together at this website, and again if anyone else has some important information to add, I am all ears...

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wallflower said...
What Are The Odds? Add This to the Puzzle!


I concur that there were two guns being fired at the same time, more or less, based on the RT video.