Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Las Vegas Mass Shooting Operation: More Updates, And My Own Perspective

OK, We are indeed watching the LIARS in the Jew spew media trying massively to cover their incessant lies about the Las Vegas mass shooting operation, and now it is to the point that it has become beyond ridiculous....  I actually spent a bit of time earlier today watching the slime over at CNN (Yes the ultimate retarded disinformation network) make themselves the fools by bashing the alleged "shooter", Stephen Paddock, and trying their utmost to make him look like a crazed nutjob that somehow was capable of this mass shooting all by his lonesome.... They have of course been avoiding the obvious that there were multiple shooters and that Stephen himself was NOT some avid gun owner or collector!... And of course the LIARS in the Jew spew media are still trying to show some logical way that this "shooter" obtained a bunch of AUTOMATIC weapons that are not only illegal, but ultra expensive and hard to make....  It is no wonder these clowns are now known as nothing better than fake news....

Well, Jim Stone (www.jimstone.is) is still on top of this shooting, and his latest updates are most interesting... I want to present them here for all of my own readers to view for themselves right here:


This video is also cached on this web site and can be saved with a right click. Muzzle flash video

My comment on this video: This plainly proves no one was shooting from the hotel, it is SO FREAKING BRIGHT no one in a million years could possibly have missed it, no video camera would either, it probably would have put flashes across the entire face of the hotel. This is also far brighter than what the people claiming the shooting happened on lower floors are showing as examples. No missing windows there plus not bright enough equals squad car strobe reflections. 

This stands as evidence the shooting happened from behind the stage lights, as I said, because only the stage lights could have possibly concealed the flashes. There is all kinds of video of this shooting and no flashes like this to be seen in any of them. The only light source bright enough to hide that much of a flash at night was the stage lights. The stage lights are clearly shown in the video I posted below, And have also also re-linked here. This is a crucial video I am serving from this site, because it contains the key info that destroys the official lie. For the accompanying report, scroll down to the headline "Shooter could not have been at Mandalay Bay".

Is Drudge out of it or what? Here's the headlines off his site regarding Las Vegas

VEGAS: WHY DID HE DO IT? My answer: Because someone he never heard of or associated with figured a shoot up in Vegas would really "do it" for an agenda.

Wired $100,000 to Philippines Last Week... My comment: That's because he was rich, had a philipino girlfriend/wife and there were lots of related people there. If you're rich, why not wire them something? Not everything is suspicious when people do something most people can't!
Casino Security Video Shows Shooter in 2011... My comment: What does that have to do with now, other than to prove he can't possibly be Muslim if he goes the the casino that much.

ISIS claims REVENGE... My comment: Obviously, when an Israeli paper tied him to ISIS and gave him an Islamic name before any of the police got into the place where he was for a long enough time to reach any publishable conclusions. Most likely the setup crew needed a little time on top of it.

Attack strikes country music, bastion of traditionalism... My comment: How else would the Jews, which push two lesbians, a transvestite and a fag in every sitcom, with a passive beta male who's stupid and lazy portraying any conservative characters they have in the show to bash do this? Obviously if an Israeli paper had the full low down on the patsy first, despite being geographically in Israel (which would really slow down fact checking) they set this all up.

Paddock had no online profiles... My comment: Because his circle of friends was big enough, and he was smart enough to avoid online profiles. But ISIS is not that smart, why the connection to ISIS then?.

Montage: Media, Dems Race to Politicize... My comment: Obviously. That was the whole objective to begin with!

NOT FUNNY: Late Night Comedians Push Gun Control... My comment: What more would anyone expect? You don't get that position without being an unabashed communist who fronts the agenda with aplomb. And have five guns of your own, at least, plus an armed cheuffer, plus a FAT PAYCHECK for fronting it all.

PICS EMERGE FROM INSIDE SNIPER NEST... Took a day to set it up! Did not look through that (because it is bullshit) but I'll say this - if there is as much as a dirty sock in a corner somewhere, it will prove it was not the patsy who appeared to be a clean freak.

Iraq War Vet Who Helped Lead Police To Gunman: 'Felt like it took them too long to take him out'... My comment - now that's a pukable twist in this fake plot! Just had to get the Vets involved. Will they get improved medical care after Dems used them like that?

Acts of heroism in chaos... My comment - Maybe. I'd bet Ukraine had a few heroes in the Bolshevik crackdown too. Only Vegas heroes get mentioned in this case, because it is good for politics.

Emotional moment of silence at White House... comment - Even if Trump was not stupid about this stuff, he'd still take a moment of silence, and then proceed to crack the appropriate skulls.
VEGAS: THE DAY AFTER... My comment: Pull that headline, it's been two days now.

MANDALAY BAY eerily quiet... My comment: Obviously it would be. But if I had a room there I'd at least go over to Luxor to play a few slots. Actually, NO. I'm too cheap.

But seriously - If I had a room there, I'd be seeking high places around where all the people got shot trying to bag evidence with a super zoom camera. But that would not stop Mandalay Bay from being quiet. I wonder why Mandalay was chosen as the victim for fronting this? And when I fatigued from trying to bust a crime scene from a distance, I might go over to Luxor and play a few slots anyway to justify sneaking up to a high place in Luxor to see if I could bag a few shots from there too.

Guests Scanned at the WYNN in Glimpse of Future... My comment: Actually, NO. The glimpse of the future was in a post on 4 chan from three weeks ago that proved Las Vegas was looking for a reason to put back scatter scanners in all the casinos. They now have it. How convenient.

Drudge really ought to get better headlines, at times like this, sometimes I think he goes to sleep. But not always. But he did this time.

My comments on several conspiracies circulating -

Obviously the shooting in Vegas was not what we are told. I am standing by my particular theory of the shooting happening from above the stage.
Obviously the patsy is a patsy, he knew nothing about guns and according to the family was agnostic. That pretty much says it all.That means nothing came from his hotel room, despite the kicked out windows.

On that note, don't forget how damning this Israeli newspaper report is, which happened only 5 hours after the shooting, long before the police could have had any specific answers to report. This bunked news report, released WAY TOO EARLY proves Israel was involved in this shooting:

When a screw up is that grave, there's no getting over it. They called the patsy by his "Islamic name" when his family claimed he was agnostic, and did it before the dust settled. How did the Israeli paper come up with such specific Islamic insights so quickly?

Here's a big one:

Mandalay Bay was actually missing 4 windows. That's a screw up as big as the Israeli newspaper screw up.

Obviously the MSM is skipping this part of the story.

Yesterday I came across a critical picture. Did you know FOUR windows were kicked out at Mandalay Bay? YEP. Here's the other two, and I'll say how this probably happened - The idiots who staged this psy op did not even have it thought all the way through, and kicked out windows that would not work for the story line. As stupid as this sounds, the question remains - why are two windows missing on the wrong side of the hotel?
Good question. And it is called "somebody screwed up". WINDOWS MISSING. NO ONE SHOT FROM HERE, and it is a safe bet no one shot from the other two missing windows, it is all part of a partially botched setup.

There are a few people saying the shooting was happening from the 10th and 4th floors, and they are getting mileage. Yet no missing windows, and the windows on these hotels can't be opened. They are saying the shooting happened from these places because they can see muzzle flashes. But it is obviously just reflections of the flashing lights on the police cars that are on the street. Not well thought through conspiracy plot at all. None of the videos show muzzle flashes from where they should have come from either. That's because no one was shooting from there.

My final answer is based on the only hard evidence there was in this event - the volume of the concert in relation to how loud the gunfire was. It's a dead giveaway, no one shot from the hotel, PERIOD. Yes, multiple gunmen. I disagree that they had to be skilled, the target was too easy. They could have been skilled and it would not have made a difference.

So what we have in the end is a total setup, a false flag, multiple gunmen who were not located as stated, a patsy I probably would not have liked in real life but a patsy nonetheless who probably slept up until the bullets started flying (he could probably hear the ruckus below after the music stopped,) suddenly his door got kicked in and it was adios.

And no one could blame anyone for not believing the official story. There are too many consistencies with past proven psy ops. Obvious multiple shooters reported early on (Pulse, San Bernardino, Vegas) only to have one dead patsy who shot himself and now cant talk. It's like all of this crap is being done from the same one page set of instructions by a machine that can't diversify at all, with the only changes in the plot forced into it by geography and environmental factors. It worked in Communist Russia. It is not working nearly as well now.

There are going to be countless conspiracy theories because people know they have been lied to. I have said what I think. But only one thing is absolutely certiain - we have been lied to. This was a setup. It was too conveniently timed with the Puerto Rico scandal. The target was also too perfect, but one thing communists won't realize (because they hide out at Starbucks and worry about things as little as a damaged napkin) is that shooting at the redneck country music crowd won't cause that crowd to shed a tear. At least not on day 3. They are robust. You can't take their guns that way, they won't just hand them in because something bad happened. If the communists want guns from that particular target, they are going to have to take them the hard way even after half of them are dead.

NTS Notes: OK, I have seen the latest news coming out via the alternative media about the strong possibility that the machine gun used to gun down the majority of the concert patrons was located on the 4TH FLOOR of Mandalay Bay.... If this does prove true, then this operation to kill as many Americans as possible was indeed a preconceived operation taking MONTHS of planning and was indeed conducted by a multitude of hit squads..... I will continue to research on this "4th floor shooter" aspect and if proven true, then I will be posting an article on it shortly...

I honestly gave up on Matt Drudge and his website years ago... I look at his material as "controlled opposition" and is very much misleading... It can be chalked up as being major "disinformation"....

I also find it a bit odd that other news sources have NOT picked up on the Jewish newspaper putting out their report on this "shooting" too soon and even before the American news services did.... BUT when we consider that the large majority of "news" is controlled by the Jews themselves, I doubt if any of these outlets will touch this fact....

The bottom line for me is simple here... This shooting was a staged operation that had several hit squads involved....  The criminals wanted to have a new "false flag" attack in America with the maximum number of deaths and injuries as possible, to use the psychological effect of fear to push their gun control agenda...This  outdoor Country music concert on the Las Vegas strip fit the bill nicely considering that there were 20000+ concert patrons all squeezed into that limited space for this concert... It was like "shooting fish in a barrel" for the hit squads and they got their huge and much needed death count as a result to strike fear in the American people....

And about this Stephen Paddock?  I am calling this for what it is... Stephen Paddock is INNOCENT of this shooting and was most probably asleep or drugged before the "police" came storming into his room in Mandalay Bay to shoot him dead...  He was chosen long before this shooting took place to be the patsy for this operation, and the criminals involved wanted to make sure he was dead to prevent him from claiming his rightful innocence..  AND we only need to see how the Jew spew media is trying to portray him as some kind of "monster" to safely say that he was indeed set up to take the fall for this shooting...

Is there more to this shooting than what we are being told, or what we can deduce so far?  Absolutely... I will continue to stay on top of any new information that comes forward and present those facts for everyone to see here... Stay tuned...

More to come


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