Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Las Vegas Mass Shooting Operation: Even More Evidence That This Was Indeed A Set Up!

Well, the mass shooting at Las Vegas Nevada gets stranger and stranger by the day.... I am still looking for some facts and evidence concerning the "62 year old woman" who supposedly screamed out to people about 1/2 hour before that event took place to warn everyone that there was going to be a mass shooting.. That person subsequently has disappeared and not to be heard of again.... That was strange enough, but there is still more facts coming out that shows that not only was this entire shooting a set up, but that we are not being told the truth at all by the liars in the Jew spew media..

I want to once again turn to Jim Stone's website at www.jimstone.is, where Jim has been all over this shooting, and has presented some startling evidence that there was indeed a lot more involved than the "patsy" for this event Stephen Paddock.....Here is the latest information from Jim that shows that the shooter could NOT have been at Mandalay Bay as we were told:


The gunfire is too loud over the concert, it was happening at the concert . Windows are easy to kick out later.

HERE IS THE KEY VIDEO THAT DESTROYS THE LIE. This is just a file on this site, which you can right click and save. This video is evidence, there is no way the official story holds up against this. The gunfire was simply too loud and too local in reference to the concert for the official story to hold.


1. If it was originating 1500 feet away at Mandalay Bay, it was not close enough to totally blast over the concert loud enough to cause the performers, who wear monitor equipment to block all sound, to stop playing. The concert was LOUD when the shooting happened. You simply can't outdo a concert from that far away, no one would have heard it over the music, especially the performers, who have equipment that is designed to block the sound of the concert and let them hear only the sound of their instruments, as they are played in reference to the other instruments. The failure of this system is what did Mariah Carey in on New Years, when you are playing that "big" you have to be directly piped to the mixing board with all other sources of sound blocked. This would have prevented the performers from hearing anything. Why did they stop? ANSWER: Gunshots from above them on the same stage would have been loud enough. What happens on stage in the video is a supreme bust of the official lie.

POINT TWO: Audio recording equipment (even on a camcorder) automatically sets the level of the audio to optimal. The concert was LOUD, it is obvious because the crowd cannot be heard when the music is playing. Then gunfire clearly is louder than the concert, even though according to the official story it originated 1500 feet away. The automatic level control in the audio recorder proves the gunfire was simply too loud in relation to the music to have come from Mandalay Bay, it had to have originated above the speakers. That is the only way the automatic level control circuit would not have had the recording level choked back so far that the gunfire would not be heard. The recording should not have had the sound of gunfire so prominent, IF it even managed to record the sound of the gun at all. Obviously after the music cut the recorder would pick up the gunfire from that distance because it would automatically turn the record volume up.

Watch the video. The stage crew cuts everything to black, and then takes the stage lighting, points it directly out at the crowd, and turns it back on to illuminate the crowd. The shooting does not resume until this process is complete. This was a deliberate act that no one would have thought of off the cuff unless it was planned ahead of time. Without a doubt, someone on the stage crew was involved in this shooting. Interesting it is that the concert was called the "Route 91 harvest" and took place on route 91!

Here is what I think happened. The shooters were actually situated above the stage. The windows on Mandalay Bay were kicked out for the story line. I have a video that shows it all unfold. I do not think the singer knew what was going on. I believe it was people planted in the crew that did this.

There were only two buildings - Luxor, which was far away and would have echoed upward due to its pyramid shape and smooth glass, which would make echoes be inaudible on the ground (to any significance, especially over a loud concert,) and Mandalay Bay, which is unlikely because the shooter was shooting away from any surface that could echo (especially that loudly) if the official story is not a lie. There are no echoes, it is two guns with choreographed shooters. They occasionally screw up and you can hear one gun stop and the other start.
They are saying it sounds like multiple guns because it was echoing off "all the buildings". PROBLEM: There simply were no buildings for there to be any echoes off of. This was multiple shooters, who happened to predominantly shoot at the same time.

Once I was able to go over the scene clearly, it is obvious such a shooting was not possible as stated. Additionally, the concert footage in other videos is clear, clearly showing Mandalay Bay and there are no muzzle flashes coming from Mandalay Bay, and no apparent broken windows. The lights above the stage were too bright for muzzle flashes to show if they originated in the same area.

NTS Notes:  Well once again Jim brings forward some very shocking facts that most everyone else overlooked....

I found it most peculiar last night after reading about the maximum range for the supposed fully automatic assault rifles that the media claims Stephen Paddock had in his possession and supposedly used for this attack that no one bothered to realize that the distance from those windows in Mandalay Bay put the attacker basically out of range for this assault.... That means that either the weapons used were much heavier and of greater range than what we have been told, or there is more to this shooting than meets the eye... Jim basically answers that riddle by showing that the shooters must have been much much closer to the concert patrons than we are being told, and yes being right above the stage was the perfect vantage point to spray the audience below with gunfire...

I read late last night about how just as the shooting took place, the lights on the stage for that Country music concert illuminated the patrons in front of the stage!  The first question would be... WHY?   And then it dawned on me that the illumination was done PURPOSELY to light up the concert goers to make it easier for the gunmen to see what they were shooting at!

And yes, I also find it most strange that the band on stage at that concert stopped their set midstream, and yet as Jim states they definitely could NOT hear the gunfire going off above their own music being played... This means that someone involved with the concert was in on this event as well.....

I am still going over so much evidence that has been coming my way thanks to some most astute readers.. I am not sold on what we have been told by the liars in the Jew spew media and neither should anyone else...

Again, if anyone has some more information to add to all this, I am all ears and will add their evidence to these reports.... So stay tuned..

More to come


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