Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Las Vegas Mass Shooting Operation: At Least Five Things That Just Do Not Add Up About This Mass Shooting

I will continue to stay on top of this mass shooting in Las Vegas Nevada as long as pertinent information exposing it for the operation that it truly was continues to flow my way.... I have received so many comments and emails over the last day since my first reports, with some links and attachments for me to look at, and I want to thank readers for doing their due diligence in helping to get the truth out about this preplanned operation.. Keep it up!

Right now, I want to turn to a most interesting report that comes from the Government Slaves website, at www.govtslaves.com, that is written by none other than Mike Adams, the so called "Health Ranger"... Mike's report is entitled: "Five Things That Just Don't Add Up About The Las Vegas Mass Shooting" and I definitely want to present that report right here for all of my own readers to see for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments, and of course some more things that "don't add up" about this shooting to follow:

Five things that just don’t add up about the Las Vegas mass shooting

Our hearts and prayers go out to all those killed or injured in the Las Vegas shooting, and in a nation where so many anti-Americans are kneeling in pampered protest, this mass shooting saw veterans and police officers standing up, helping the victims and heading straight for the shooter to take him out. Real Americans don’t kneel, they stand and get to work to save lives. Today I offer tremendous gratitude to all the first responders who helped save lives and stop the violence.
Although the news reporting on this shooting is still in its early stages, there are five strange things that just don’t add up about this massacre (so far). I run through them below.

#1) Dozens of concert-goers reported the presence of multiple shooters

Although law enforcement says there was only one shooter, multiple witnesses are openly reporting the presence of multiple shooters. This could reasonably be the result of confusion and chaos, but it’s also highly suspicious that the shooter had “full auto” weapon which is usually limited to law enforcement or military personnel.
This question about multiple shooters was also raised after the Aurora, Colorado “Batman movie theater” shooting, in which numerous witnesses reported the presence of multiple shooters.
If this shooting was carried out by multiple shooters, it would obviously indicate planning and coordination among a group of people who sought to carry out the shooting for a political purpose of some kind.

#2) Who warned concert-goers they were “all going to die” a full 45 minutes before the shooting started?

Via the UK Express:
One woman, who was at the Route 91 music event, claimed an unidentified woman had told other concert-goers they were “all going to die” after pushing her way to the front of the venue.
The witness, 21, told local news: “She had been messing with a lady in front of her and telling her she was going to die, that we were all going to die.
“They escorted her out to make her stop messing around with all the other people, but none of us knew it was going to be serious.”
She described the lady as Hispanic. The lady was escorted from the venue along with a man.
The unnamed witness, who was attending the event on her 21st birthday, described the pair as short, both around 5 ft 5ins to 5ft 6ins tall, and looked like “everyday people”.
It’s clear that neither of these two people were the shooter, as the shooter is a much taller Caucasian man. Thus, this is not a “lone gunman” massacre. There was coordination. At least three people were aware this shooting was about to take place.

#3) The weapon you hear on videos was FULL AUTO, which is almost impossible to acquire through legal means

The multitude of videos that captured the event clearly indicate that at least one shooter was running a full auto weapons system. Such weapons are almost impossible for “civilians” to acquire. Although some pre-1986 full auto weapons are available for sale, they require extensive ATF documentation, background checks and extremely long wait periods approaching one year. Plus, they tend to cost $25,000 or more, and they’re extremely rare.
Full auto weapons, however, are widely owned by police officers, federal officials and military organizations. It will be very interesting to find out where this weapon came from and how it was acquired.

#4) Why were the exits blocked, trapping victims like rats in a maze?

Numerous reports from witnesses who were on the scene reveal that nearly all the exits were blocked. One witness described the situation as “being caught like a rat in a maze” with numerous “dead ends.”
Why were nearly all the exits blocked? In essence, the concert created a kill zone that amplified the casualties. So far, according to the Clark County Sheriff in Vegas, 515 people have been injured and 59 people have so far died. These are unthinkable numbers, approaching war-time casualty counts. It’s clear from the coverage that this shockingly high body count would not have been possible if people had been free to flee the concert venue.
In essence, the concert trapped the people, preventing them from escaping, and denying them the ability to seek cover. From there, sustained, full-auto gunfire is almost impossible to survive.
From Fox News, a caller named Russell Bleck, who survived the shooting, said live on air, “There were ten-foot walls blocking us in. We couldn’t escape. It was just a massacre. We had nowhere to go.”
In addition, once the shooting started, the stage lights were turned to the crowd, lighting up the crowd and making them an easier target for the shooter(s). Was this deliberate?

#5) Why did the shooter have as many as 10 firearms in his room?

According to news reports, the shooter — identified as Stephen Paddock — had as many as 10 firearms in his room, including several rifles. If he was the only shooter, what’s the point of having so many rifles? One man can obviously only shoot one rifle, and since he had a full auto rifle, he could obviously achieve his evil aims by focusing on his one rifle. There was no need for him to have multiple rifles.
So were the other rifles brought to the room to “stage” the crime scene with an abundance of guns? Why would one elderly man bother to carry 8 – 10 weapons to a hotel room in the first place? That’s a lot of work. Rifles aren’t lightweight devices.
I find the idea that a lone, elderly man would carry so many rifles to a hotel room for no practical reason to be highly suspicious. It makes no sense at all.

ONE MORE QUESTION: Why is ISIS claiming responsibility for the Las Vegas massacre?

Via Reuters:
Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a shooting that killed at least 50 people and wounded over 400 in Las Vegas early on Monday, and said the attacker had converted to Islam a few months ago.
“The Las Vegas attack was carried out by a soldier of the Islamic State and he carried it out in response to calls to target states of the coalition,” the group’s news agency Amaq said in reference to the U.S.-led coalition fighting the group in the Middle East.
“The Las Vegas attacker converted to Islam a few months ago,” Amaq added. (Reporting by Ali Abdelaty; Writing by Arwa Gaballa; Editing by Ahmed Aboulenein)
Pray for all the victims of this event. More coverage is found on the following websites:

NTS Notes:  Mike does present some key points... But I have a few more that I want to present here:

1. The supposed weaponry used by this Stephen Paddock... Not only is there the question as to how this nobody got his hands on a large cache of automatic weapons that are not only illegal but ultra expensive to attain, but the automatic guns that the liars in the Jew spew media are presenting as the weapons used for this assault do NOT have the range for a shooter to be at Mandalay Bay and spray the concert audience with machine gun fire... The distance from the supposed "shooter's nest" at Mandalay Bay to the concert goers was some 1500 ft and therefore out of range for these weapons!  To be able to do the amount of killings as reported, the shooters had to be MUCH CLOSER TO THE CONCERT!

2. WHO TURNED THE LIGHTS ON???  When the shooting started to happen, one of the stage hands for this concert turned up the lights on the patrons below and therefore illuminated the targets for the shooters!

3. Why did the band on the concert stage stop their show midstream when they could NOT have heard the gunfire?  This is another anomaly and is linked to the stage hands shortly after the band suddenly stops, turning the lights up on the concert goers...

4. WHERE IN THE HELL was Security for Mandalay Bay?  As Jody Paulson and others have already pointed out, you simply cannot bring in all that heavy weaponry into a major hotel like Mandalay Bay especially with all of the security that abounds in the premise, without someone getting the least bit suspicious...

And of course we have the Jew spew media change their story midstream from there being multiple shooters as reported to this "lone gunman" stupidity...This seems to be the MO for these liars to cover for this being a major operation... And it means that most probably this Stephen Paddock is indeed an innocent man and nothing more than the "patsy" to take the fall for this event... But of course the police gunned him down within minutes of the shooting because of course to prevent him from talking... It is the usual "dead men tell no tales" and helps to keep the fraud "lone gunman" fairy tale alive...

Again, I will continue to stay on top of this incident as long as evidence continues to come my way exposing this for the set up and major operation that it truly was...  I too absolutely do feel for all of the victims and their families from this tragedy, but even they deserve the truth...

More to come




I don't know this for sure, it is only a hunch, but I can't help wondering about the possibility that the patsy was a "mind controlled assassin". Set up to take the blame for what others were doing. They have sometimes used these sorts of individuals beginning in the 1960's with the assassination of Robert Kennedy. I think that this is something that needs to be looked into.

Can't wait said...

This incidence stinks to high heavens! The weaponry required to achieve this result would not be accessible to "joe public"; the training and skill needed could not have been acquired outside of specialized military services; the ability to go undetected inside one the most monitored operations (Vegas casinos) is unlikely; the excessive cache of firearms and munitions claimed to be found in both the hotel and home is deliberately sensational to direct a narrative; the nature and history of the perpetrator is too far from anything anticipated from a possible culprit; the timing and similarities to other mass shootings is convenient not only to direct the incessant narrative but also to make one suspect a broader, orchestrated effort by powerful (((people))); the suicide is very convenient.

This was probably a secret, subversive, foreign governmental/ideological operation designed to achieve greater state control, public fear, political tyranny, and realization of certain protocols. I could see this being a foreign actor operation like 911, sponsored by a powerful, influential agency that is accomplished and experienced in orchestrating false flags, clandestine activities, deceptive events while having the cover from our government and their media. Remember, if the government says it -its false; if the media says it - its the opposite; if the general public say it - its stupid.

I think this "suspect" was the patsy executed to assign unquestioned blame at the right type of enemy, ie. white, western, male.