Saturday, October 7, 2017

Las Vegas Mass Shooting FALSE FLAG Event: Is THIS The Reason Why This False Flag Occurred?

*First, a note for everyone... I will be busy tomorrow entertaining family and friends and cooking (Yes, I do cook! One of the many little known talents of this truth seeker..) for Canadian Thanksgiving.   Therefore tomorrow's rant will probably be delayed until at least (hopefully) tomorrow evening, but most probably until Monday.....  I want to therefore wish all of my Canadian readers a most happy Thanksgiving!

Well.... What can I say.... I was honestly, as I stated before, wanting to close the book on that fraudulent Las Vegas mass shooting "event" that appears to more and more being a staged event.  I am of course NOT saying that "nobody died" at this one, for I said before that the criminals involved do need to have deaths from time to time to scare the living crap out of gullible people.... But I have always been an inquisitive person and I have been searching for the reasons as to WHY the criminals involved had this staged event at this time and in Las Vegas Nevada???

OK, I do want to first thank Greencrow, who of course writes "Green Crow As The Crow Flies" at, for doing some of her own research over the last few days on this definite false flag event in Vegas, and she too has been searching for the real reasons for this attack....

Well, apparently Greencrow has succeeded in coming up with some really damn good reasons for that Las Vegas false flag.......I want to right now present her latest article, entitled: "Las Vegas UPDATE" The Mo-CIA/FBI-ssad War On America" for everyone to see for themselves right here... It puts together some of the missing pieces of the Las Vegas "mass shooting" puzzle very nicely and shows that there was indeed a most nefarious reason behind the entire operation... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Las Vegas UPDATE: The Mo-CIA/FBI-ssad War on America

Serpent-Faced Michael Chertoff 
- One of the Dual Citizen
Masterminds of the 9/11 atrocity
still "at large" and
Heavily Involved in the Protection Racket
"National Security" Bidness in USrael

It really makes you want to throw up.  The more you read about what went down and what "lies" behind the "Mass Casualty Event" that was reported to have taken place in Las Vegas a week ago.  Frankly, even at this point, having read quite a load of Sh!t about what happened (and I use that term specifically) I still don't know whether anyone actually died in the incident.  All we know for absolute certainty is that it did NOT go down according to the Official Version that was shoved down our throats like a stuffed Thanksgiving Turkey by the main$tream media from the second it hit the airwaves.

I don't know if I could maintain my sanity without the companionship, help and support of the other truthseekers out there.  I have already mentioned a few in my previous post on this topic.  Now I want to mention another one, Northerntruthseeker has done an excellent job of gathering and posting material containing excellent links such as the video below:

Real Truthseeker Records
What Went Down at the Bellagio Hotel

This is exactly the kind of link the perps were trying to prevent the night of the event.  They did NOT want people wandering around with smart phones filming their staged event and then having the videos go viral on the Internet.  Not that it would have mattered....they don't care if their lies are shot through with long as they can maintain control of the mainstream media and "drill the message".

But this woman says in the video above that the Hotel Bellagio and other hotel entrances were "sprayed with gunfire" thus causing their security operatives to direct all the hotel residents to move to the back where they could not see what was going on or go out and watch from the street.  There is no mention in the M$M of gunfire at street level aimed at hotel entrances.  But this woman says she saw the shattered glass.

So, the motivation is coming clearer.  According to some excellent links sent to me by another great blogger and truthteller, Ed(itor) from Occurrences, Foreign and Domestic, according to these links, this is nothing more or less than a standard and common Jewish Protection Racket....see photo of Chertoff above.  Here is a snippet from one of the links Ed sent

"    Imagine the future of America in the Hotel/Restaurant industry. Visualize checking into a hotel where all your bags are searched, your personal belonging are rummaged through and you have to walk through a scanner to get in, your license plates on your car are ran through the DMV in the parking lot, and background checks being performed at the time you make a reservation. This shooting in Las Vegas will bring more jobs to so called national security. More ways to invade your privacy and most likely make stiffer regulations for future hotel/restaurant industry managers to have certifications or special clearances to help spy on the nation...." 


Three Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm

[Oh, sweet…. ] 

Pass this around for evaluation and parsing... I'm convinced that many minds are more effective than just one. 

See also:


“… After firing so many rounds from rifles, the curtains, my face, my clothing, the carpet, the bedding, and just about everything else, would have been so covered with carbon and lead deposits that the dominant colors would have been black and grey in any photograph.  I know this from range time, and you do too.

Moreover, I probably would have been wearing eye protection, as I know what it’s like to shoot with brass, lead, carbon and other such things flying around.  That room looked like the maid had just been there and cleaned everything but the body lying on the floor.  No carbon, very little brass (there would have been a mountain of brass, along with spent casings everywhere), and no flesh from the head penetration to the shooter when he was killed….”

So, what we know so far is that it was a highly complicated, staged scenario involving many so-called "Security" agencies--working hand in glove with elements of the widely known organized criminal elements in Las Vegas and throughout USrael.

The other day it occurred to me that this is probably where all the great filmmakers have gone.  They certainly are not working in Hollywood anymore...judging from the drivel and piffle that has been coming out of there for the past 16 years or so.  They've all been lured into the lucrative (taxpayer-funded) criminal False Flag industry.  They come up with scripts...present them to the "usual" producers and get the go-ahead to hire ("crisis") actors and other production values.  Then, instead of shooting the film and distributing it...they "go live" and capture the action on "amateur-looking" (Blair Witch Project) type cinematography. Then it is all "distributed" on the owned and controlled "Mainstream Media"...and the Internet.

Yes, this is the new "going to the movies" folks.  Every couple of months, a new production is released to the public.  Wonder when they're going to have an "Academy Awards" for the "Best False Flag" of the year?  Instead of calling them the Oscars or the Grammys...they can call them the "Bloodies".

Yes, it really does make you want to throw up.

NTS Notes: Well, well, well... Here we have that most evil and satanic bastard Michael Chertoff once again showing his ugly face and apparently deeply involved in this latest false flag attack as well....

Many people forget so quickly how that scumbag dual US-Israeli "citizen, Chertoff, who's true allegiance is to the evil psychotic state of Israel, made sure first the "Patriot Act" was rammed through after the Israelis did 9-11, and then a few years later brought in those "security" scanning machines in airports thanks to the laughable "crotch bomber" in Detroit Michigan..... Now we see his diabolical and sinister plot coming together in Las Vegas as well.....

I knew that something was terribly amiss from this Las Vegas bullshit "mass murder" and it had to do with another article that I came across the other day that said that there was going to be a "follow up" to the sinister "Patriot Acts" that have already destroyed so many of American citizen freedoms, to be called the "USA Liberty Act"!   Here is the link to an important article that shows how these criminals are going to force this latest "act" down the throats of gullible Americans, here:

Honestly, WHY am I not surprised at all?  The scumbag Jewish criminals that want to strip away the rights and freedoms of Americans have done their worse with the fraud "Patriot Acts" and now they are wanting to go further with this sinister "USA Liberty Act"..... I have not read the details of this "act", but when I do I will indeed be presenting them in all their glory for everyone, especially my friends and compatriots in the US, to see for themselves....

I do once again want to thank Greencrow for her own investigations into this definite false flag event in Vegas..... I am still hoping that most Americans do wake the fuck up in time before their own sinister government further enslaves them with this fraudulent "US Liberty Act"...... Hopefully there is still time.....

*And one more update from Jim Stone over at, for all to see here... A pretty good summation of exactly what really happened in Las Vegas last weekend:


1. THE MSM narrative is unadulterated pure smokable bullshit. Get high on it if you want, but it won't help anyone.

2. The FBI does not want to be honest about the scale of what happened, and had a ready to go patsy in a hotel room that was never fired from, and therefore had intact windows AFTER the last shots were fired. This patsy may still be alive (but I am not going into that).

3. Rather than a shooting originating at Mandalay bay, a team (or teams) of shooters went around vegas shooting up hotel lobbies and finished their joy rides at the concert. This is why near and distant shots could be heard in the same videos. I can't think of why the MSM is being dishonest about this now, but in the first hours they were reporting it.

4. People who were shot at the hotels got a legitimate emergency response, and those shot at the concert were left laying all night to die. The narrative was then expunged down to lone nut case shoots up concert. I can't figure out why. You'd think they'd milk this to the max, but for some reason the FBI stepped in and said NOPE, this is ONLY a story about a guy shooting at the concert from far away.

I'll say what I think but can't prove - The shootings, (hotels and concert) were paid for by Soros and European/New World Order interests and carried out by Israeli intelligence and probably a few dupes from Antifa. Something happened with this that they can't have go public no matter what, so since the FBI is in their death grip, the FBI is fabricating horse shit to prevent a real investigation into what went on. They had someone convenient on site that they could use, and they used him, meanwhile the perps went to the near by airport only a block away from the concert and took off in an already idling jet within 2 or 3 minutes of finishing up at the concert.

When you sum up what is here, all of it documented, that's really the only highly plausible answer to what everything adds up to. It is pretty damn obvious the concert was set up as a killing field when most of the gates, including ALL emergency exits, were locked. That alone kills the Islamic / lone nutcase take on this 100 percent. It was a major operation which was directed by high political figures and then buried by the shadow state because something went awry.

I could not agree with Jim Stone more....And I will say it here:If anyone still believes anything the liars in the Jew spew media are claiming about this staged event, then they need to have their heads examined or clearly they are truly that stupid to not see reality staring them in their faces!

More to come




I found it interesting that the American MSM reported these other shootings and even a bombing initially and then later came back and said that they never happened.

Be Wise Today said...

One of the tell-tail flags of a false event for me is how quickly the information is disseminated. Magazines usually have to get all their copy in weeks, even months ahead of time. The "players" that get interviewed usually have little or no background that can easily be confirmed. Few or no friends on Facebook, usually just set up within the year. No gross displays of injuries, only "hints", even people who got full on chest wounds up and walking around in a day or so. Little or no grieving, fake crying, the "duping delight" and yup, all thoese "Go Fund Me pages." Check, check, check. Oh, yeah and the killer's either dead or insane.

J Wong said...

Or maybe they flew away in a helicopter... audio from police scanner said 2times that there were people on the helipad.