Thursday, October 19, 2017

Las Vegas Mass Shooting FALSE FLAG Operation: Jesus Campos Emerges From Hiding And Makes Appearance On Degenerate Show

I was busy yesterday taking care of some much needed personal business and family matters.... However, when I did get back to my residence late last night, I did go to "Youtube" to watch that horrific "Ellen Degeneris" show bit where that "hero security guard" Jesus Campos suddenly came out of hiding to appear... And I was not impressed... I figured I would take the time here to put in my own "two cents worth" of what I saw and what I can ascertain...

First, I again want to thank Greencrow, over at, for keeping up on this Las Vegas fraud as much as I have over the last while... And right now I want to present her latest article here for all to see for themselves... It covers this sudden "appearance" of this Jesus Campos very nicely and I do recommend that everyone take a look at the video from "American Everyman" as well... I have more thoughts and comments to follow:

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Jesus Campos re-emerges (briefly) from Memory Hole to appear on "Ellen"

American Everyman Blogger
Scott Creighton analyses the latest
insult to Americans

As a Canadian watching from the hinterlands of (as I was once told by a NYT fellow forumist) "America's back yard that we just haven't landscaped yet", I keep watching, mesmerized and horrified.  How much more can they take?  I ask.  I have a lot of  "drafts" of posts on other topics that I want to put up here...but can't seem to drag myself away from their latest false flag.  This FF is so "in your face" so insulting and taunting--that for Americans to simply lie back and take it--is gringeworthy to watch.

Yesterday, my blogging colleague, Ed(itor) from Occurrencesmade reference to one of my earlier posts on this topic.  He said my urging American's to rise up "en Masse" was unrealistic...because Americans are unable to come together on anything.  Well, if Americans can't come together in response to an "en Masse" "kick in the teeth", "boot in the @$$" and "slap in the face" ... like the one described by Scott in the video above...they cannot becalled a nation.  This is where akey witness to a mass shooting goes into hiding and then comes out on a "degenerate" TV talk show...complete with a military background-style "handler" and mumbles his way through the third (or is it the fourth?) version of his story--no cross examination (one of the rudiments of justice).  Ellen, (who I have always been unable to watch due to her faux womanhood/ball-less mannish persona) makes it clear that this is the only "interview" Campos will be giving because "[he] has already been through too much." Then Ellen gives the lying, compromised eyewitness some prizes!  Prizes?...for lying to protect wealthy corporations against the lawsuits of real victims? 

Then we find out that Ellen is an investor in the "slot machine bidness"?  C'mon folks!  Are U really going to put up with THIS?  If you are...then it's all over for you.  You don't deserve to be a nation anymore...if you will put up with these rank, stinking, pus-filled so-called federal Police forces and "intelligence agencies"--that make any Mafioso gang look like law abiding citizens.

Despite Ed(itor's) doubts, I'm going to again post my list of possible remedies up again for your belated consideration:

"...Being solutions-oriented, I can make the following suggestions:

Americans en masse refuse to pay taxes...the IRS cannot prosecute the entire country - refuse to fund criminal agencies...get a class action lawsuit on your mass refusal taken to court where your grievances can be heard.

Americans en masse turn off their TV's and only get information via the Internet - at least then there's a small hope they will access the truth....this is already happening.

Americans en masse boycott the large corporations that fund the evil...such as the multi-media Hollywood "entertainment" companies and perp-owned like Starbucks - stop funding the zio-infested mega corporations.

Americans en masse refuse to vote, or, better yet...spoil their ballots. Write "None of the Above" on their ballots...and demand that the numbers of these spoiled ballots be reported with the results...when the number of spoiled ballots exceeds the number of ballots of the winner...the election should be declared "null and void".

NTS Notes:  In my last article concerning this "Jesus Campos" character, I put forward my conviction that he has been "injected" into the Las Vegas operation to create this "hero" for this event to sell to the gullible American public.... And I am standing behind that conviction....

Lets again not forget about all of the other great "heroes" that were introduced in previous false flags... We have the ridiculous "flag shirt" idiot hero over at the Pulse night club fake, as well as that "Jeff Bauman" character that had lost his legs in Afghanistan only to suddenly be pictured as both a "victim" and a "hero" from the fraud Boston Bombing... AND we cannot forget about good ol' Gene Rosen who was the crisis actor made into a "hero" at the fake Sandy Hook shootings as well..... Therefore this "Jesus Campos" character is just the latest in a long line of frauds...

The other major point that I do want to make with this Jesus Campos character is this... If he is such a "hero" then WHY would he bypass every major Jew spew network and want to appear on that Lesbian Ellen "degenerate" show instead?   Are the criminals involved in this latest false flag now thinking that the American people are truly this stupid now that they will push their heroes onto garbage daytime shows?  Basically, I look at this as a slap in the face at anyone with any intelligence!

One other point here... Jim Stone ( brought forward an interesting analysis as well about this "Jesus Campos" character as well, and I want to share his own ideas on this matter here:

Was it Jesus Campos on Ellen?

First of all, why would any thinking individual show up on that sleaze pit for a first appearance? Anyone ought to see that choice has an agenda behind it, IF it was even a choice.

I can't confirm if it was him though, because ALL search engines back wiped all images of Jesus Campos that got posted before the Ellen show, other than one hyper blurry photo that does not have enough detail to tell anything. SERIOUSLY. Just try it. Try looking up Jesus Campos on any search engine, and getting a picture of him before the Ellen show. Even photos that show up with an earlier date are from the Ellen show. WHY?

There is one photo that is listed as older, that shows him with a white shirt. Only the white shirt is a camera blowout, it is still from the Ellen show.

The Ellen show does not answer even the basics either. That anchor of the dark state would go along with any lie. If the only clear pictures we can get of Campos now are from the Ellen show, what does that say? It means one of the most filthy people in media has set the precedent for the narrative.

STILL UNANSWERED: Was Campos ever real? If so, why did he vanish for so long? If he was real, has he been getting programmed for two weeks? Howcome there is such a lack of anything photographic related to Campos before the Ellen show?WHY THE ELLEN SHOW? Folks, it just does not get any more hoakey than that!

I am tending to agree with Jim that this "Jesus Campos" is nothing more than an invention for as I stated already the need to inject a "hero" into this false flag operation!

Honestly, if the American people swallow this bullshit without any critical thinking, then their entire nation is now hopeless and as I said before "America must die"....

More to come


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