Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Las Vegas Mass Shooting FALSE FLAG Operation: Lee Harvey Paddock!

Well.... The Las Vegas mass shooting false flag operation is still on everyones' minds, and with so much material coming my way from so many readers, friends, and fellow bloggers, I will oblige everyone by continuing to expose that event for the fraud it truly is......

By now, everyone is fully aware that this Stephen Paddock character could NOT have done this operation all by himself... The Jew spew media however is still going nuts even after exposed for the liars they are in trying to portray this man as some kind of "monster" for the gullible sheep out there to lap up and believe...  It is so disgusting to see how much the real criminals are still pushing this phoney "lone gunman" scenario into the minds of braindead viewers and readers!

From the beginning of this Las Vegas false flag event, I could not help but to somehow think of that other famous "shooter" in history that was framed for a similar scenario almost 54 years ago... We all know by now the story of Lee Harvey Oswald and how that "shooter" was able to fire off some 6 impossible shots from the infamous "Book Depository" in Dealey Plaza, Dallas Texas on the morning of November 22nd, 1963 that were claimed to have killed then President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.... And lo and behold here we are almost 54 years later with another supposed "gunman", Stephen Paddock, being able to fire off OVER A THOUSAND (The estimated number of shots..) shots from a set of 32nd floor almost unbreakable windows in the Mandalay Bay resort into a crowd of innocent country concert patrons, killing some 59 and wounding some 500 others..... Yes, many have indeed begun to see the parallels between these two events, and in both cases the supposed gunman are BOTH innocent and were set up as the "patsies" for both events!

Well, just this morning I was sent the link to a remarkable article that comes from the Xymphora website, at www.xymphora.blogspot.com, that indeed shows the parallels between Lee Harvey Oswald and of course Stephen Paddock.... The article is entitled:" Lee Harvey Paddock" and I have it right here for everyone to see for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Lee Harvey Paddock

Lee Harvey Oswald was eating his lunch on the ground floor of the Texas School Book Depository.  On the sixth floor, the conspirators had constructed a shooter's nest out of boxes, and were firing a rifle out the window (the shots that actually killed JFK came from snipers located elsewhere).  Oswald was supposed to finish his lunch and return to work on the sixth floor, at which point he would have been murdered with the rifle and the scene staged to look like the suicide of the lone JFK assassin.  Neat and tidy.  Unfortunately for the conspirators, Oswald was much smarter than they thought he was, realized immediately that he was being set up, and fled the building, causing many problems for the conspiracy.

Paddock was told to book rooms in hotels overlooking concert venues.  In Vegas, the conspirators arranged to stock the hotel room with an arsenal of weapons, no doubt with the help of casino management.  They knocked out the windows, fired a few rounds with the completely inappropriate bump stock (somebody must have owned shares in the bump stock companies!), and invited Paddock, who lacked Oswald's street smarts and experience, up to the room, where he was murdered.  Neat and tidy.  Meanwhile, the actual killing shots were coming from elsewhere.  Ballistics would prove this, but no outsider is going to be allowed to see the real ballistics.  It now appears that a security guard almost inadvertently interrupted the plot (or perhaps was shot accidentally as part of the plot).

Both Oswald and Paddock have weird resumes, with big lacunae, but with Paddock I am again reminded of Jeffrey Epstein.  Remember Epstein was a high-school math teacher until he ran into Leslie Wexner, owner of The Limited and a big ultra-Zionist macher, and suddenly was a math genius quant who made billions in his hedge fund (the concept of quants, math geniuses who use their math expertise to make money trading stocks, is a myth created by the hedge fund industry to cover for the fact that they really make their money from illegal insider trading).  Epstein's 'billions' made him one of the 0.1%, and thus a safe guy to people like Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Prince Andy, and Donald Trump, who happily fell into the Mossad underaged-girls blackmail operation Epstein was running.  Paddock was a mid-level government accountant who mysteriously became a casino high roller, making millions playing video poker (with everything, of course, 'comped' as the casino was financing whatever it was he was doing).  Obviously, he was some kind of agent, working on operations based in and around casinos, typically places where a lot of the customers are the types who are subject to intelligence surveillance.

We'll soon see if the installation of the backscatter X-ray machines at casinos and elsewhere (everywhere) was the true goal of the conspiracy.

NTS Notes:  I agree with what this Xymphora article states... Both Lee Harvey Oswald and of course  the latest "mass shooter" Stephen Paddock were indeed nothing more than patsies to take the fall for these shooting operations.. And just like almost 54 years ago, the American sheep have fallen for the lies once again!

I also showed in several previous articles how this Las Vegas operation was conducted for not only to strip American citizens of their last line of defence against their own corrupt government, meaning their guns, but has happened at just the right time as usual for the US government to introduce their ghastly and right stripping "USA Liberty Act" bill that will indeed put in cancer causing backscatter Xray machines in casinos and everywhere else across America... And of course this fraud "USA Liberty Act" will also allow full spying and surveillance of American citizens to become a reality...

Yes, the Las Vegas operation has its purpose in furthering the criminal Jewish elite dream of turning the US into a full fledged Police State, and sadly the majority of American dumb ass sheep will blindly allow it to happen thanks to the fear generated by these continuing false flag operations....

Wake the fuck up America, and see what the operation in Las Vegas was really all about!

More to come


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