Friday, October 6, 2017

Las Vegas Mass Shooting FALSE FLAG Operation: THIS Nails It! Las Vegas Shooting Was Indeed An Operation.

Well... After 9 reports here on this Las Vegas mass shooting, I too have grown more aware with each and every report coming my way that this entire scenario was absolutely 100% a "false flag" operation for the goal of SCARING STUPID AMERICANS into wanting to have their guns taken away from them!   It is also a fact that this "Stephen Paddock" character is 100% bona fide innocent of this crime against humanity, and he and his family deserve a tremendous apology from not only the liars at the Jew spew media who are still out there trying to make him out as a "monster", but the government itself that was obviously involved in the operation...

I honestly wanted to go onto other stories at this blog, but after this morning in listening to the local "news station" on the AM dial on my car radio still spewing the lies about this "lone gunman" and the "mass shooting" in Vegas and trying to sell it even up here in Canada as a need for "gun control", I knew that I had to continue to bring forward hard facts that shows it was indeed a set up and a carefully contrived operation...

I have some more updates to present here for everyone to see... These again come courtesy of Jim Stone's website, at, who has spent the last week pouring over the facts behind this operation, and just like myself had red flags all over it from the very beginning.... HERE is his latest update, and of course I do have my usual thoughts and comments along with more details to follow:


I was onto the Vegas shooting in the opening minutes. I remember all of this coming across social media, and then POOF, it was gone.

I thought maybe I did not hear it straight because the events were so huge and so many happened. But now it is proven I did hear it straight the first time, this is MAJOR:

Here's what actually happened in Vegas. A team of shooters went around the city shooting up hotels first. The shooters ended their shooting spree at the concert. The entire Mandalay narrative is false. The media is denying this because it does not fit their narrative. This was all real. The woman in this video was at the Bellagio, where the shooters blew the lobby windows out, injured people and killed at least one. Many hotels were involved, but the media is expunging this and Youtube is killing videos. ONE VIDEO SURVIVED BECAUSE AT FIRST THE AUDIO IS POOR. IT GETS VERY CLEAR AT THE END. Don't skip forward despite the confusing audio, because this woman gets confirmation from hotel staff that she's not B.S. when the audio is bad, and at least that comes across clear. Then at the end, she explains it with perfectly clear audio.


I gotta say, this video from the Bellagio has creeped me the * out. It was a red pill, even for me.

The video has too many megs for me to serve it from this web site for now, but if it gets deleted from Jewtube I will. For as long as it lasts there, the link will work. If Youtube deletes stuff like this, they are class A felons complicit in a heinous cover up. I obviously have this saved already. She's ignorant, and can't understand why the media lied and said nothing happened at her hotel! RED PILL, SERIOUS RED PILL HERE.

The FBI/Mossad sent shooters around in a car to front for the gun control agenda. They had a disposable guy on the 32nd floor making an illegal gun deal for them that could be used as a patsy, ready to go, guns on site. It was all so convenient, TOO CONVENIENT, because they are now BUSTED, they cannot survive the fact that this Bellagio video is out there. And I am now proven 100 percent spot on with my coverage of this. All the crap about any bullets at all from the Mandalay is now proven pure and unadulterated BULLSHIT, along with the single shooter narrative. It's easy to kick out a window, perhaps they should have done it before that damning photo (further down this page) was taken!

Ok, so there's more. Here's a facebook post for as long as it lasts:

The following was posted to facebook. At last check the account was still there. Don't bet on this lasting, and yes, early on I saw ALL OF THIS come across the wires so what this person is saying is not "out there". "So here goes.... Especially to those of you saying to stop talking about this, stop making assumptions etc.

Call me crazy, call me dramatic, call me whatever you want. I'm posting this for those of us who were on the strip Sunday night, who know what we saw and what we were told by police officers, security guards, and even the local news when all of this madness started. And I am posting this in hopes of informing others who have believed everything they've seen on the news. If while leaving the Cosmopolitan, we had been told there was one shooting at the Mandalay Bay, Anthony and I would have not been worried for our lives and we would have continued to go out, knowing we weren't headed to that particular area of the strip. But that's not what we were told. We were told that there were 7 confirmed shooters, and confirmed deaths at multiple hotels. Including Bellagio, the Aria and New York New York. Being told this by a security guard, who then told us to go to the third floor for safety. However, Anthony says, "No Rikki. This is a very popular hotel, I don't feel like the third floor of this popular hotel in public is the safest place. We're going to try and get out of here right now." Running back to our hotel next door, Vdara, we are told once again by police/security checking our id and room key, "yes multiple hotels effected. Go to your room and do not leave." We then get to the room, immediately turn on the news and start watching out of our windows to figure out what is going on. The news also states, live, that the Bellagio had been effected and there was one confirmed death.

Now... skip ahead about an hour. The news is no longer stating anything about the other hotels affected. They say it is one person. Every bit of info that was being initially given to us was disappearing. We could physically see from our window view, fire alarms going off at the cosmopolitan, and multiple cop cars and ambulances pulling up there as well. We wanted more information about what was happening at these other hotels right next to us, and we weren't getting it. And we still aren't.

Monday morning I am of course telling my friends and family about our experience, and I was starting to really feel like I was crazy.Everyone was telling me there was only one shooter, and I just couldn't understand what I had seen. Finally, other people like myself started speaking out. I was relieved to know that I wasn't crazy, but now just as confused as to why the media is trying to hide this information. There are now videos and statements popping up all over the web, showing proof of other shooters and other effected hotels.

Why are they trying to hide this?! If for no other reason, think about being a family member of the others who died or were injured at these other hotels. They deserve the respect, and the truth as to what happened to their loved ones.

Now, can we please stop talking about Gun Control for just a few minutes, and figure out what is really going on here? Figure out the real motive of this incident, and inform people of the truth. Laws can be put in place for anything and everything. There will always be people who break them. And especially with all of the technology we have now days, it is not very hard to find anything you want. Whether it's an illegal weapon, drugs, anything. Laws will always be broken. So let's stop pretending this incident wouldn't have happened if more laws were in place, but instead demand the truth about what really happened that night, and why? Don't be so naive."


NTS Notes: Just in case some people have a hard time getting the video from Jim's link, here it is for all to see... I would suggest that those that are capable of downloading the video to save it for posterity to do so, for I too can guarantee the criminal Jews behind Youtube will have this one taken down very soon:

Well, there you have it... A hit squad apparently was traveling down the Las Vegas strip BEFORE the shootings at the concert, firing into hotel lobbies..... And the Jew spew media missed this PURPOSELY for it does not fit into their nice little agenda of selling stupid Americans with the false idea of there being this "lone gunman".....

One other note from Jim Stone that was added to his last update:


they are using the sound of chain fed machine guns and also cleaning them up to "prove" it was only one gun, and other hoakery to wreck the alt media, don't fall for it! For example, the taxi video originally had very distant gunfire in it but now it is loud as hell near the hotel. They did the same thing with cash for clunkers - the people destroying the cars were disgusted with what they were forced to do and it showed in the sound tracks, which were later swapped out with people hysterically laughing when the engines blew. The dates on the videos never changed. The same type of thing is happening with vegas now. If you did not have your videos cached before now, don't bother, what is out there now is wrecked. I'll have to check the videos on this web site also, to see if they are wrecked.

This is horrendous and shows clear CENSORSHIP by Youtube with the goal being to falsify information purposely to keep the lies alive..... It is clearly a violation of every law in the book especially in regards to any investigations into this shooting...  The acoustics do not lie, for there was definitely multiple sources of gunfire!

I also had the following pictures sent my way that I found most interesting and especially disturbing... I want readers to look at these, for they show again that this was a carefully orchestrated operation..

NTS Note: I found this one most peculiar, for indeed the GROUND in the pictures, especially the one on the right, is WET.. THERE WAS ON RAIN REPORTED ON THE NIGHT OF THIS OPERATION!  Therefore that picture was taken elsewhere and BEFORE this operation... Everyone should be saying to themselves therefore, why are they lying and using these pictures???

But the following one is the most disturbing of all:


I looked at this one, and I had to do a 500 mph face palm... This one alone blows the entire operation to hell, for you can see not only NO EMT's anywhere to take care of those "bodies" strewn all over the inside of that compound (WHY is that fence still there???) but you also see NO BLOOD at all..... Need I remind everyone that the human body contains some 5 liters of blood and therefore the ground inside that compound area should be RED with human blood!   I therefore am calling this one not only most disturbing, but one of the worse set ups ever... This one reminds me of the fraud Boston Bombing, where 'victims' were everywhere, left purposely lying about for the Jew spew media cameras to see them in all their glory, and with little to no blood....

And need I say that there is NO WAY if this was a real shooting that anyone in their right minds would leave all those bodies there... THIS picture was most probably made for the Jew spew media to use as shock value for the stupid American people....

AND again, for those who still have their heads up their asses in believing this was done by a "lone gunman", I will again say it as clearly as possible:


Wake up, America, you have been lied to again, and this time they are coming hard for your guns!

More to come



Penny said...

North: I'm sharing because this is, in my opinion, important

A mass casualty response training exercise took place just two days prior to the Vegas Shooting

“That event was simulated: 100 patients, mass casualty, coming in to the 99th Medical Group, which eerily was almost the exact same number of patients we saw downtown .....

What are the odds North, really?
Two days prior to the shooting- same casualties treated by the military docs as in their exercise. False flag- I see aangirfan has some stuff about the "girlfriend" up.. she's suspicious and conveniently out of country- was she really the girlfriend/wife?

Pat Healey said...

NTS - I don't think that anyone was actually shot in Las Vegas in association with the Staged Atrocity. Proffering multiple conflicting accounts is Standard Operating Procedure for Deception Operations called the Overload Principle. The idea is to overload the short term memory of the Target Audience to induce confusion and force them back into the original Deception story for re-orientation.

This event has all of the ear marks of a Legally conducted Staged Atrocity. No one is hurt, actors are used. Lots of video is released with altered/CGI and manipulated audio tracks. None of that can be considered as "Evidence" as to what actually did or did not happen.

This event will be used for Political purposes. It was definitely staged.

As with Sandy Hook - there were no casualties. In the Sandy Hook incident, they created victims by using real kids pictures when they were 6 years younger and also some were simply "invented".

The Las Vegas event will feature Crisis Actors just like they did with the Boston Bombing. The "deaths" can be created in a number of ways. It will be interesting to see what methods they used to created those persons.

Robert Smith said...

Yes, I have questions if the dead guy photographed is really Stephen Paddock. From what I can see the "13 tattoo" that Stephen Paddock is reported to have on his neck, does not seem to appear on the dead guy.

So, with that, who is the dead guy, and where is Stephen Paddock?

wallflower said...

@ Pat Healey...

I agree with you 100%. And I want to leave this link.

plutonia656 said...

That photo looks like a photo of a drill. Taken at some other time. Those people on the side look kind of
incidental on the sidelines like they were involved in the drill at some point.
Yes, blood to be seen of course. It just looks like a "scene" shot.

The biggest thing that stands out for me, is that in decades gone by, if such a "disaster" had really happened you'd see a bit of helicopter footage on TV News, surveying the chaos from above, showing ambulances & sirens from all directions etc
Even when there's a major motorway accident /pile up...they show footage on TV from helicopter.
No need to micro dissect this thing. Just too many things "not right". Nothing about it feels "authentic". For me the other thing was interview with "brother". I sensed "acting" straight away. Anyway, after studying Sandy Hook, & Boston Bombing in depth, you just know this was yet another elaborate "production".

Wayne Kendall said...

After seeing some other videos taken at ground level people are actually heading out the exit that leads to the Hotel where the final shots were coming from. Normal reaction during the three first rounds of gunfire people would be running away from the gun fire which would suggest that the gun fire was coming from somewhere to the left of the stage area. So for me there were more that one shooter for sure.

Wayne Kendall said...

After seeing a video taken at ground level during the first 3 rounds of gun fire you can see the people heading out the exit toward Mandalay Bay hotel. Normal reaction is to head away from danger. The first shots seem to have been fired from the left of the stage area. As far as i'm concerned there was more that one shooter. I find it amazing that of all the people that were there for the concert we are not getting any comments from any one as to where the first rounds were coming from.

Wayne Kendall said...

While re-looking at the photo there are not 50 people laying on the field and some of those are not dead. Plus looks like all the 500 wounded people walked ( or ran ) away.