Monday, October 30, 2017

Great Must See Video Series: Europa - The Last Battle

Again, being a student of REAL history and not the crapola and bullshit that has been shoved into everyone's brains by the criminals that want to keep our real history "hidden", I periodically will be bringing forward here at this blog some amazing articles and videos that expose our real past.....

I therefore want to present a series of videos what was sent my way just the other day that reveals the real truths about our history, and especially exposes the truths about the Jewish criminals that have been responsible for so much death and destruction that this planet has suffered from over the last few centuries...
This series is entitled: "Europa: The Last Battle" and I want to present parts One through Four here for all of my own readers to view for themselves.... I have further comments and thoughts to follow:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

NTS Notes:  Again, this is only the beginning of this series of must see videos.... I have parts Five through Eight to present in an upcoming article to follow....

Lets face it... These criminal bastards have indeed been purposely keeping our real history hidden.. For they know that if the world actually learned the truths about their insane barbarism and how they are all working together for them to dominate the planet and leave all of us as their slaves, there would be hell to pay....  Therefore they do their utmost to keep the "Gentiles" aka "Goyim" as stupified as possible through their Jew spew media, and their usage of mind numbing chemicals (Fluoride, MSG, HFC, etc.)......

Again, please spread this video series around for others to see for themselves the truth about our history and the criminality of this "chosen race" of mass murdering criminals.....I can also guarantee that "Youtube" will be doing their utmost shortly to have this series taken down, therefore it is essential that those that have the capabilities to save these videos where possible....

More to come



Adrian Chetwynd said...

(Take 2, Concave version)
Your link to part 4 does not work in Europe but this one still does:

And by the way, have you heard about the latest pile of crap that they are pushing?

The Concave Earth!

I couldn't be bothered to watch it, but as per usual,very slick and very expensive to produce.

Unknown said...

I was able to save three of the four videos. Jew-tube killed the last one.

Adrian Chetwynd said...

@ unknown
At this point in time part 4 is working again from this blog and all 10 parts plus trailer are still available here:

Part 5 discusses the Kalergi plan, well worth watching.

Unknown said...

I have watched all ten episodes. It is truly eye-opening.

@allmyeuropeandescendbrothersandsisters this is psychological warfare. If we wish to resist we must be clever. From now on i would advise to

1) Never use the word "Jews" or you will be branded a racist and immediately discredited.
Call them "Zionists" instead, for this conspiracy only involves part (most of them but
not all) of them.

2) When called upon what our ancestors did, remind them a child is not responsible for his
parents' sins. We personally have never enslaved or murdered anyone. A babe is not
guilty of his father's mistakes.

3) Never lose control of your emotions and never use violence. If you do they will
certainly use it against you to bring you down. Resistance through non-violence, like
Gandhi and Martin Luther King preached, is the only way i believe.

Remember they own (The Zionists) almost all of the medias. We must be irreproachable. It is the only way.