Friday, October 27, 2017

America Gets Screwed Over Again: KEY JFK Files Showing Exactly WHO Murdered John Fitzgerald Kennedy Withheld Until 2039AD!

Everyone in the real truth movement have been anxiously waiting for today to come... For this was supposed to be the long awaited day when US President Donald Drumpf was to "officially" release the long hidden documents and files concerning the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22nd, 1963.... EVERYONE had their hopes up so high that these documents would reveal to the world exactly who was involved in that assassination, including the naming of names.... We all had our hopes up so high for today..

BUT once again real hopes for the truth behind the Kennedy assassination have now been dashed... For over the last two days we have seen reports all over the Jew spew media where US President Drumpf has now stated that only "parts" of the official documents would be released, and supposedly the key documents that actually show the real murderers would not be released until.. and get this...the year 2039!   THIS is a moral outrage as far as I am concerned.....

Well, today my fellow Canadian blogger, Greencrow, who hails from parts unknown in British Columbia, has released a most interesting article that covers the outrage of this "JFK Document" release very nicely, and I want to present that article here for my own readers, especially my friends and colleagues living south of the border in the formerly free United States of America, to ponder.... Her article comes from her website at, and is entitled: "Americans Suckered Again -Trump Withholds JFK Secrets Until 2039!"  I have it right here and my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Friday, October 27, 2017

Americans Suckered Again - Trump withholds JFK secrets until 2039

Trump reneges on Legal Decision to
Release JFK evidence to Public


The Deep State of USrael that a python...slowly strangling the nation once known as the United States of America has pulled off another one.  It has moved the goal posts...originally set by the US judicial system... on the truth about the JFK 2039 when all of those who lived through and remembered this traumatic event have died.  The hope is that by 2039 the evidence will just be viewed as a quaint historical relic....not evidence upon which to base a case against the foreign and US agencies and individuals who conspired to assassinate Kennedy who are now still the old groper, Bush Sr.

Americans are viewed as being so stupid that they will put up with this shenanigans.  It's like overturning the result of one of their precious National Football League games due to a post game rule change...Americans would never put up with THAT!  But they will meekly bow to the perps in the government laughing and giving them the finger...withholding evidence that is the Americans' property...stealing it from them...if you will.

Below is a post by Stephen Lendman that describes the highway robbery and daylight theft.  I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Trump Reneges on Releasing JFK Documents
by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)
What he planned to release was heavily redacted or otherwise sanitized, suppressing JFK’s state-sponsored assassination – Oswald a convenient patsy, uninvolved in what happened.
With that in mind, it’s surprising Trump reneged on his pledge. With no important revelations in documents planned for release, why did he change his mind?
Saying he had “no choice” revealed his impotence, obeying what he’s told to do, going along with higher powers, dark forces running things, the way America is governed – a plutocracy-run police state, a fantasy democracy, one in name only to hide how rule in Washington operates, for the nation’s privileged class exclusively.
Trump released an absurd statement saying:
“Executive departments and agencies have proposed to me that certain information should continue to be redacted because of national security, law enforcement, and foreign affairs concerns.”
“I have no choice – today – but to accept those redactions rather than allow potentially irreversible harm to our Nation’s security.”
“This temporary withholding from full public disclosure is necessary to protect against harm to the military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement, or the conduct of foreign relations that is of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in immediate disclosure.”
Pure rubbish! His remarks made him look more foolish than if he said nothing. JFK files to be released were sanitized 10-times over to assure important truths about his assassination were removed. He released 2,800 files, ones of least importance.
The Warren whitewash Commission, stacked with insiders, was mandated to cover up hard truths. Its report saying Oswald acted alone was a bald-faced lie.
All records are in the National Archives. Included are unpublished reports – sealed until 2039.
They’re no longer applicable under the 1966 Freedom of Information Act and 1992 JFK Records Act.
Oswald was named as Kennedy’s assassin 15 minutes after he was shot. It was impossible to know that soon. The official story was bogus.
Jim Marrs book titled “Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy” discussed a Cartha DeLoach memo – FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s close aide.
He said then congressman Gerald Ford may have been the bureau’s Warren Commission informant. He had close CIA ties.
It was later learned he reported to Hoover secretly, admitting he instructed the commission to report Kennedy’s back wound up several inches. A lower location disproved the single gunman theory.
A subsequent commission report titled “A Presidential Legacy and the Warren Commission” said the investigation put “certain classified and potentially damaging operations in danger of being exposed.”
The CIA hid or “destroy(ed) some information, which can easily be misinterpreted as collusion in JFK’s assassination.”
Before his death, Ford publicly admitted the CIA destroyed or hid critical secrets related to Kennedy’s death.
He suggested a “conspiracy.” JFK was shot four times from in front and behind.
The Warren Commission lied, claiming twice. X-rays were altered. Other medical evidence was doctored to conceal his true cause of death.
The Secret Service had to be involved with what happened. Security protocol was violated. Instead of protecting JFK as mandated, agents assigned to his Dallas motorcade set him up.
The Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) destroyed important Presidential Protection Records to eliminate important evidence.
Oswald’s rifle couldn’t have killed Kennedy. His death certificate and autopsy said high-velocity bullets above 2,600 fps were fired. Oswald’s Mannlicher-Carcano rifle had a muzzle velocity of 2,000 fps.
In his book titled “JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters,” James Douglas said Kennedy had to go because he threatened the military/complex.
“(T)he CIA’s fingerprints (were) all over the crime and the events leading up to it,” he stressed.
The lone gunman theory long ago lost credibility. A state-sponsored coup eliminated Kennedy. Transforming himself from cold warrior to peacemaker meant he had to be killed.
Imagine what might have been if he served two terms, followed by two more under RFK if he and MLK lived.
State-sponsored assassinations eliminated these important figures – the lesson remembered by US presidents and aspiring ones for the last two generations.


Of course, the 37% of the human race who are capable of critical thinking will cry "Foul!" to this theft of their right to access their archives.  They will be drummed down with insults and silenced by the M$M and isolated to the ever spreading fringes of the Internet.  Why?  They will ask the forbidden question.  Why, indeed.  It has become clear through the writings of some courageous and intrepid researchers...who have literally risked their lives to reveal the truth to Americans.  Researchers and real investigative journalists like the deceased Michael Collins Piper who placed the blame for the death of the young president squarely on the doorstep of Israel.  As is summarized in today's post by "Goon Squad"...Piper authored the ground-breaking and definitive work on the Assassination:  "Final Judgement".  In that book, Piper outlines the case for Israel through it's intelligence agency "The Mossad" being the funder and mastermind of the murder.  Please read this post by "Goon Squad" and I will have final thoughts in comments to follow:


Govt JFK Assassination Files Show Jews Behind the Plot
And this is only 2,800 pages out of 113,000? Someone convinced Trump to release a very small part. Someone has something to hide and it ain't Muslims.......

From page 64 of the released JFK files: Here's the opening page..
And here's where we find out Jews were backing the thugs behind the assassination plot..
Yes, I wouldn't want this info to get out either, if I was an unhinged nation of liars, thieves, mass murderers, racists, false flag experts and lovers of Apartheid, squatting on stolen land.
“Lyndon Johnson had demonstrated his strong support for Israel throughout his political career. The government of Israel, therefore, had every reason to believe that its interests would be better advanced with Johnson as president. And indeed they were. After Kennedy’s death, the United States, for the first time, began large-scale shipments of arms to Israel. During the June 1967 war, Johnson covertly provided both military equipment and personnel to aid Israel. Certainly, the Mossad possessed the resources to carry out an assassination almost any place on earth. And the Israeli government has been willing to sacrifice American lives to its own purposes. An example was the unprovoked Israeli military assault that killed 34 crewmen of the USS Liberty in June 1967,” wrote former Congressman Paul Findley on March 28, 1992.
Must be time for another Israeli masterminded False Flag, to get our minds back to hating Muslims and off the real threat.
Mossad And The JFK Assassination Considering that the Mossad is quite possibly the most ruthless and efficient intelligence agency in the world, it is peculiar that they have never been scrutinized in relation to the Kennedy assassination, especially when practically every other entity in the world (short of Elvis impersonators) has been implicated. But that all changed in January, 1994 with the release of Michael Collins Piper's Final Judgment. In this book, Piper says, "Israel's Mossad was a primary (and critical) behind the scenes player in the conspiracy that ended the life of JFK. Through its own vast resources and through its international contacts in the intelligence community and in organized crime, Israel had the means, it had the opportunity, and it had the motive to play a major frontline role in the crime of the century - and it did."

Their motive? Israel's much touted Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, who ruled that country from its inception in 1948 until he resigned on June 16, 1963, was so enraged at John F. Kennedy for not allowing Israel to become a nuclear power that, Collins asserts, in his final days in office he commanded the Mossad to become involved in a plot to kill America's president.

Ben-Gurion was so convinced that Israel's very survival was in dire jeopardy that in one of his final letters to JFK he said, "Mr. President, my people have the right to exist, and this existence is in danger."

In the days leading up to Ben-Gurion's resignation from office, he and JFK had been involved in an unpublicized, contentious debate over the possibility of Israel getting nuclear capabilities. Their disagreement eventually escalated into a full-fledged war of words that was virtually ignored in the press. Ethan Bronner wrote about this secret battle between JFK and Ben-Gurion years later in a New York Times article on October 31, 1998, calling it a "fiercely hidden subject." In fact, the Kennedy/Ben-Gurion conversations are still classified by the United States Government. Maybe this is the case because Ben-Gurion's rage and frustration became so intense - and his power so great within Israel - that Piper contends it was at the center of the conspiracy to kill John Kennedy. This stance is supported by New York banker Abe Feinberg, who describes the situation as such: "Ben-Gurion could be vicious, and he had such a hatred of the old man [Joe Kennedy, Sr., JFK's father]." Ben-Gurion despised Joe Kennedy because he felt that not only was he an anti-Semite, but that he had also sided with Hitler during the 1930's and 40's.
Any questions? From establishing the illegal and immoral Federal Reserve, to being in on the assassination of JFK to the savage attack on the unarmed USS Liberty to Israel's masterminding the 9/11 False Flag, all roads lead to Israel and her bat-shit crazy supporters.

Meanwhile, back in the Swamp, the US House Knesset approves new sanctions on Iran to please our Israeli Overlord.


So, that is why Americans had to be "protected" from the truth.  Lendman quotes Trump as saying:

......certain information should continue to be redacted because of national security, law enforcement, and foreign affairs concerns.”
You can just imagine the media uproar and uptick in False Flags, threats of war and provocative bombings of foreign countries such as Syria....not to mention extreme weather events that would have occurred had Trump not reneged on the legal promise to Americans.  We all know the drill by now.

To paraphrase Forrest Gump..."Blackmail is as Blackmail does".

NTS Notes: Honestly, I knew this was going to happen...For there was no way in hell that the CIA, FBI, and of course the Mossad, who were deeply involved in JFK's assassination, would ever allow the truth to be told...

And of course now the real truths will only come out in the year 2039... Or will they?   I seriously doubt if the reality that the US government and agents of the criminal state of Israel did the murder will ever be told.... These so called elements of the "dark state" that now control most of America want to keep their secrets hidden from the stupid American sheep forever.....

I for one am deeply ashamed of the US President who of course had made so many "promises" over the last while that the ENTIRE documentation on the JFK assassination would be released and has now reneged on that promise...... But of course he is controlled by his Jewish masters who do not want to show that they were absolutely involved in the murder as the limited 2800 pages that have been released show clearly.....

I wonder what the American people will now do considering this is a blatant slap in their faces?  Most are now too far gone to stand up and demand that the truth about JFK be told, and again it clearly shows what I have said before... The US is a dying nation that should be put out of its misery to allow a better nation to take its place.... The question again becomes as to whether the American people actually have the will to fix their republic?

More to come


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