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Updated! Important Health News: Boost Your Immune System - Avoid The Flu Shot (And For Pregnant Women - To Possibly Prevent Miscarriages)

I was at the local pharmacy just the other day to pick up some over the counter medication for my sinus infection... Yes, it is that time once again and as usual I have come down with a bit of a sinus/throat infection,  but luckily this time around it is not as bad as in previous years... Anyways, back to my story.... I was down the aisle looking at some medication and I could not help but to see a big sign saying "Get Your Free Flu Shot Here" that no one could miss.... It was disgusting, and I figured first chance I got I would once again put up another article concerning the huge lies concerning Vaccines and especially about these "Flu Shots"...

Well, once again I have another article to put up at this blog concerning the falsehoods about "Getting Your Flu Shot" and of course exposing the truth that Vaccines DO NOT WORK..... I found this article, from the Melissa Wood website, at, that lays it all out that everyone absolutely should NOT be stupid enough to get their annual "flu shot"... The article is entitled: "Boost Your Immune System: Avoid The Flu Shot" and I have it right here for everyone to read for themselves.. I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Boost Your Immune System: Avoid The Flu Shot

avoid flu shotAs the days get shorter and temperatures get a little bit cooler, the minds of American health experts turn to their annual “battle” with the flu and, of course, the push for everyone to take a completely unnecessary vaccine – the flu shot – nobody really needs.

You’ve probably already heard some of the scare-mongering. Recently, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) warned Americans there’s “no guarantees” the upcoming flu season will be as mild as the last, or that past performance (or the lack thereof) is no accurate indicator that you and your family will be “protected.”

By the peak of the 2012-13 season, 135 million vaccines will be available just about everywhere, from the grocery store around the corner to your workplace. Doesn’t all of this seem like a huge push by Big Pharma (with lots of help from the mainstream media) wanting to unload their toxic drugs under the guise of human health and safety to fatten their bottom-line profits?

Fact is, your body has all the tools it needs to protect itself without a toxic flu vaccine, so long as you take safer steps – starting today – to boost your immune system.

The Risks of Taking Vaccines

The good news: A minority of Americans (42 percent) put their lives and health in harm’s way by succumbing to the pressure of taking a flu shot, far below national targets set by the CDC.

Of course, you might be wondering how can something as simple as a flu vaccine – pushed by a mainstream media that’s often uncritical to the extreme about treating health issues through natural means – could be harmful at all.

The DHHS lists 21 different side effects, from mild to serious, that may occur after taking a flu shot or nasal spray on their website. Interestingly, the site lists almost as many serious problems, as it does milder ones. Among the serious side effects stemming from receiving a flu shot that require immediate medical attention:
  • Hives
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Breathing difficulties
  • High fever
  • Racing heart
Despite the long list of serious side effects, statistics about Americans who are sickened or die due to vaccines meant to protect them are virtually impossible to find. That said, in recent years, some countries have reported serious health problems with flu shots, ranging from narcolepsy in teenagers (Sweden, Finland and France) to fevers, allergic reactions, headaches and even death (Korea).

However, American experts are willing to concede one very serious health issue linked with receiving a flu shot: Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), an illness in which the body’s immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system linked to nerve damage, muscle weakness and fever.

Even though American health officials have claimed the incidence of harm has been rare, the British government had to admit there was a link to GBS during the swine flu wave several years ago.

No wonder, a growing number of experts (and a few more well-informed members of the media) are questioning America’s over-reliance on vaccines. Some believe vaccines give Americans who take them a “false sense of security,” prompting some to ignore the simple, more common sense ways to avoid the flu, like staying away from people who are already sick and practicing better hygiene.

Simple Ways to Avoid The Flu

flu shotThe real reasons your body gets the flu have less to do with which new virus attacks your body, and more to do with addressing and strengthening the real difference-maker that determines whether you’ll get sick:The network of organs and cells making up your immune system that defend your body from disease.

Maintaining that proper and healthy balance promotes your ability to produce antibodies when a cold or flu virus invades your body, and can protect you from even more extreme conditions, namely heart disease and cancer, over the long term.

Unfortunately, many people already suffer from depleted immune systems due to existing conditions, like obesity, diabetes and various heart ailments. Those folks are so weakened to their core, both emotionally and physically, they see no options other than dangerous drugs and treatments that may be more harmful than the diseases they’re designed to treat!

Aside from untreated stress, nothing depletes a body’s immune system faster and more completely than poor nutrition. Constantly eating an on-the-run diet, consisting of fast food made with processed products, exhausts the human body’s ability to recharge its immune system, and prevent disease.

Back to protecting your health during the colder months, here are some safe and natural steps you can take today to strengthen your immune system every day of the year and forget the flu shot:
  1. Improve your daily diet to include more fruits, vegetables and meats, ideally from organic sources. Remember to stay away from immune-depleting processed foods, full of enriched, fortified ingredients (like genetically modified products) that do nothing good for your health.
  2. Fill in any nutritional gaps in your diet by finding the best supplement for your health. And, for your health’s sake, take a whole food-based supplement rather than one made from synthetic ingredients.
  3. Wash your hands often, but avoid antibacterial soaps that use harmful chemicals like triclosan.
  4. Don’t skip on your sleep, one of the easiest and best ways to improve your health naturally.
  5. Get your body moving with an exercise program, starting with baby steps like a short, brisk walk early on a cool morning.
  6. Reduce the stress in your life, and you’ll remove one of the major problems that depletes your immune system. Instead, invest some of your free time visiting with friends, spend some time in nature, get a massage or learn relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation.
Discover more tips on how to keep your immune system strong during the flu season by reading my recent blog post.

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NTS Notes:  I always feel that I am fighting a losing battle when I constantly bring forward evidence here at this blog that VACCINES DO NOT WORK..... It especially saddens me every year when I see so many gullible people standing in line at the pharmacies to blindly and stupidly roll up their sleeves to allow criminals to inject poison into their bodies....

Lets do a reality check here.... Vaccines absolutely do not work and evidence is clear that the chemicals in those innoculations do severe damage to your body and does indeed weaken your immune system.... The real method of fighting off the Flu is simple.. Proper hygiene, proper rest and sleep, and plenty of fruits and vegetables (non GMO of course) as well as natural source vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin D do more to fight the virus than any "vaccines"......

And about the "Get Your Free Flu Shot Here" signs that are popping up everywhere these days?... I hope that others ignore them, like I do, and are not so gullible as to line up like sheep and allow poisons into their bodies.....Everyone should know better...

* Update: I was sent a very important email just midday today from a most observant reader and follower of this blog..... I finally got around to reading the email this evening, and it contained a link to an interesting article that I knew right away after reading had to added to this report... That article contains a most startling and shocking report that just came out linking the poisonous Flu Shots to miscarriages in Pregnant Women!

Here is the link to that shocking article here from The Statesman website, and I recommend that everyone take a look at it here:

OK, there are many that would say that these findings in this article about the links between vaccines and miscarriages is not proven and without proper research... Then I would say that an independent and proper (and NOT Pharmaceutical or Government paid for and subverted) investigation is needed immediately to verify if there is a link between the two!

And until more research is done AND proven either way, every single pregnant woman out there should NOT be taking any Influenza (Flu for short of course..) shots, period....

All that this new added report shows is that there is indeed dangers from these poisonous vaccines, and adds ammunition to the fact that vaccines absolutely do NOT work... Everyone should be avoiding them at all cost..

More to come


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