Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Truth About This "Independent Kurdistan": Criminal Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman States That Independent Kurdistan Will Be A "SECOND ISRAEL" Where Israel Can Weaken Russia And Iran!

Yes, today is the day when the formal announcement of an "Independent Kurdistan" is made and that bogus nation takes form in northern Iraq and very soon northern Syria as well.... I have said for the longest time that this is a HUGE mistake by the Kurds as they will foolishly play right into the sick and twisted game of the US-Israel criminal cabal.... It will only lead to more bloodshed in the entire region (which is exactly what the psychos in Israel want) and could lead to a mass genocide of the Kurdish people....

Well, the truth does eventually come out... For according to this article, from The Real Syrian Free Press website, at, apparently the psychos in Israel are absolutely coming out with the truth that this "Independent Kurdistan" is indeed a fraud and will be a "second Israel" that will be used to further weaken both Russia and Iran!   Here is that article for all to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman: “Independent Kurdistan will be a ‘2nd Israel’, where we can weaken Russia and Iran”
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Emmanuel Nahshon, Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman declared that Israel’s presence in an independent Kurdistan will increase Israel’s ability to weaken Russia and Syria.
In a meeting with Kurdistan’s special envoy, Safeen Dizayee in Tel Aviv on Saturday, Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman said Israel endorses Kurdish Independence and all countries must respect the decision of Kurdistan’s people.
“The Kurds have friends and supporters all across Israel, The Kurds and Israelis have deep ties, Our two nations have fought against all odds when those surrounding us wanted to destroy us and an independent Kurdistan will be like a second Israel where we can weaken our enemies like Russia and Iran”, he added.
As Lebanese journalist and political commentator Osama al-Sharif wrote in the Jordan Times:
“Netanyahu and his far-right allies know very well that a unilateral Kurdish decision to cede from Iraq in the absence of an agreement over a number of contentious issues, least of which is the future of oil-rich Kirkuk province, would trigger a civil war that is likely to spill over”.
“Destabilizing the region and weakening central governments will shift attention from Israel’s nefarious policies towards the Palestinians while hastening the process of colonization of what remains of the West Bank”, he continued.

NTS Notes: WHY am I not shocked at all by this?  These Israeli psychos care NOT for the Kurdish people and are playing them as fools....  They only care about their evil "Greater Israel project" that has always called for the breakup of every single Arabic nation in the Middle East that will allow Israel to gain more territory and greater hegemony in the entire region...Therefore this "Independent Kurdistan" has always been a sham and will be used for Israel's sick and twisted goals..

Well, there it is for all to see the bitter truth... The stupid and idiotic Kurds are playing right into the hands of the evil and twisted Israelis that will not give a damn when the Arabic nations all align themselves for the destruction of this new "Kurdistan"... They will gleefully sit on the sidelines while millions of Arabs and Kurds fight it out to the death and will after all the bloodshed is over be the survivors and will scoop up more territory for their twisted Greater Israel project.....

I really do hope that the Kurds get the message here... They are nothing more than pawns and cannon fodder for the evil Israelis.... As I showed in my last article, the best hope for them is NOT to call for "independence" at this time but to rationally find peaceful coexistence with their Arabic neighbors.... Syria is now offering them a just and rational alternative by allowing them full autonomy within the Syrian nation and they should really take them up on that offer.... The alternative is a major regional war that will see thousands, if not millions, of Kurds being killed as a result....

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Penny said...

Hey North- Yup, a second Israel!
it's amazing to me to grasp just how shocked people are at this- it's always been an in your face, plain sight, kind of thing..
I was thinking about gathering up all the posts I've done on Kurdistan/Kurdistan and Israel/Greater Kurdistan... since 2012.
Never hidden, only obfuscated, but... out in the open none the less

Here's a post from nearly 2 years ago

"In a nutshell- Kurds/Israel cojoined- Like cojoined twins? “twin babies born joined together at some point” Long term readers here KNOW that Kurdistan is simply Greater Israel

Consider this cojoinment of Israel/Kurdistan in the context of the so called ‘refugee crisis”

Instigated and encouraged by NATO/Israel. The so called “refugee crisis” is cover for ethnic cleansing aka forced removal of Arabs and other indigenous persons from their ancestral lands! Destruction and theft of their culture and history- A process that was initiated with the creation of Israel and continues on through to today. This explains why Israel refuses to take any refugees.

etc., etc.,