Friday, September 8, 2017

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Russia To The Rescue! Russian Government Will Work With Japan In Cleaning Up Disaster!

It has indeed been a while since I last reported on the continuing saga of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.. .And yes, in spite of the absence of any reports coming from the liars in the Jew spew media and our equally criminal governments, that disaster is still going as strong as ever with no end and up until now, NO solution in sight!

HOWEVER, I just came across an amazing report this morning, that one of my fellow real truth seekers here in Canada Greencrow, over at Green Crow As The Crow Flies ( has just reported, that shows that at least ONE other nation on this planet, the Russian Federation, has indeed noted that Fukushima's nuclear disaster is still out of control and is willing to take action to help the Japanese government in cleaning up the mess!  Here is Greencrow's excellent report on the action taken by the Russians here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Good News! Russia Promises to Help Japan Clean Up Fukushima Starting at Year's End

Photo Courtesy of RT

Good News is hard to find these days.  That's why it's a breath of fresh air to read that Russia has stepped up to the plate and offered its services to Japan to clean up the ongoing nuclear catastrophe that the world knows as "Fukushima".

Here is the report from RT and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Russia to help Japan clean up Fukushima disaster – Putin
By year-end, Russia and Japan will start joint efforts to clean up after the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Russian President Vladimir Putin made the announcement after talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Vladivostok.

The countries’ "cooperation in the sphere of the peaceful atom has been growing, and we expect that by the end of the year we will announce joint projects to eliminate the consequences of the Fukushima meltdown," Putin said on Thursday at the Eastern Economic Forum.

During the talks, the two leaders agreed to exchange information on experiments in getting rid of nuclear waste. Earlier in the day, the deputy head of Russia’s Rosatom Kirill Komarov said the corporation is offering its services to Japan to assist in shutting down the Fukushima reactors.

Russian scientists have experience tackling nuclear meltdowns after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, the worst on record.

The accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant occurred on March 11, 2011, and became one of the largest nuclear meltdowns in history. A nine magnitude earthquake struck Japan, triggering a deadly tsunami. Flooding then caused a cooling system failure, which led to a meltdown in three reactors. Officials say the decommissioning of the wrecked Fukushima reactors will take several decades, and according to some estimates, the cost could reach $200 billion.

Japan plans to restart 16 out of 45 Fukushima-type reactors, while the others will be mothballed. The country intends to reduce the share of nuclear energy from 29 percent in 2011 to 21-22 percent by 2030."

Everyone in the alternative media sphere knows about the causes of the Fukushima atrocity.  The Stuxnet computer virus, developed and spread by USrael caused the meltdowns by preventing the computers that control the nuclear power plants from defaulting to their "failsafe" responses to the "earthquake/tsunami".  The "earthquake/tsunami" itself is the subject of speculation...whether it was a HAARP environmental weaponization or whether the ocean floor off Japan and or the/nuclear plants had bombs planted...there have been reams of articles on the Internet.  At any rate, we KNOW that neither the US nor Israel has stepped up and offered to help Japan clean up the mess the way that Russia now has.

With the US having Japan under military occupation since would think it had an interest in cleaning up Fukushima.  Apparently not so and perhaps having Japan under the constant threat of being wiped out by nuclear poisoning has some function in the overall agenda.

In any case, Russia has stepped forward...and is once more showing it is a solitary light/beacon at the end of the tunnel of perpetual, pervasive and escalating human misery.  Thanks Russia!

NTS Notes:  I do want to thank Greencrow for bringing this information to my attention..... I have been following this disaster for well over 6 years now at this blog, and I am surprised I missed this important article...

Honestly, in the over 6 years now since the Israelis used their Stuxnet virus to cripple Fukushima's safety systems, and the INACTION by our own criminal governments including the dick heads over at the US government, to see the Russians finally decide "enough is enough" and step forward to assist the Japanese is indeed heartwarming to see!

Lets not pull any punches here... The task of cleaning up this mess will take years, and in spite of the Russian expertise in this matter, considering their massive clean up job over at Chernobyl, the job is not going to be easy... The radiation alone still spewing out of the failed reactor cores at Fukushima is so massive that equipment shuts down even when exposed for a short time....

I honestly have to applaud the Russians for coming forward when the rest of the goddamn criminal nations elsewhere continue to turn a blind eye to this horrific disaster....

Here is a reality check.. In spite of the Russians stepping forward, the solution to Fukushima will take YEARS if not DECADES.... But at least someone is finally stepping up to the plate, and I do wonder how  the liars over the Jew spew media that are trying their damn worse at vilifying Russia will handle this one?  I can guarantee that they will never report it!

More to come


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