Thursday, September 7, 2017

Real History Revealed: The Jews Ran The African Slave Trade!

There has been a momentary reprieve in all the stupid and silly "race" and "anti-white" battles happening in the United States, as more and more American people are putting their differences aside while they send their support to the victims of Hurricane Harvey that struck Texas last week... And of course all that stupidity has once again been momentarily shelved as the latest Hurricane, Irma, is about to hit the state of Florida hard.... But I can guarantee that once the hurricanes have past, the criminals behind all that madness will once again be at it and trying to stir up and foment a race war right across America...

But I am puzzled by the stupid idiotic fools out there that have been out there in the streets attacking everyone in sight and calling every white person they come across a "white nationalist" or a "racist"... These fools and morons have been stupidly trying to tear down statues of Civil War heroes and leaders in their idiotic attempt to erase real history, without even knowing the truths about that part of American history... And on top of that, they have NOT read or learned their history about "slavery" and exactly WHO was behind the bringing of slaves to America in the first place!   It is therefore up to some real researchers in the real truth movement to come forward and give them all a proper education....

I came across the following video a few months back, and I figured it was time to show everyone and even the idiot "Liberals" out there the real truth about exactly who was behind the slave trade.... The following video contains an excellent speech by a Dr. Tony Martin, where he explains in great detail the JEWISH role behind the slave trade and how those bastards are the ones that brought the slaves to America in the first place... Here is that important video, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  There have been other videos out there that talk about the Jewish controllers of the slave ships that picked up their human cargo off the coast of west Africa from the 17th century onward and transited that cargo to American shores... Few people even realize how these ships picked up and were laden with hundreds of slaves, and during the transit as much as 80-90% of that cargo would perish in the Atlantic Ocean... THIS was a real Holocaust, and cost the lives of thousands if not millions of black slaves....

I do recommend that readers look up and research the notorious slave ships, such as the "Abigail" that were owned by Jews in America for taking black slaves from Africa to American shores.... AND I do want readers to take that video and show all of those nutcase "Liberals" out there the bitter truth about the slave trade and who was indeed responsible for bringing the slaves to America...Those idiot "Liberals" do not even realize that they are being played as fools by the Jews themselves that want to see whites in America destroyed!

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Penny said...

North, I wrote a post on this topic- And I want to share it with you
Because this sordid bit of history doesn't get the attention it deserves for the simple reason being white children were the slaves...

I do address the wider issue of white slavery including the role of the followers of judaism--
Hope you have time to read it and btw thanks for the link to the other day :)
Much appreciated.
In case you are unaware Israel launched airstrikes on Syria 2:45 am Syrian time
not a surprise at all

Anyway- post on white slavery

oh and check out this little video!
gallier2 left it and I simply had to post it!
I think you'll enjoy it.

Penny said...

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