Friday, September 15, 2017

Here We Go Again With Yet Another Fake "Terrorist Attack" In London England

Well, here we go again... I always knew the pricks and scumbags that want us all to be scared to death with their fraud "terrorist attacks" would not give up until they have the sheep cowering everywhere and absolutely too stupid to even realize that it is all for the goal of suppression of freedoms.... The last "terrorist attack" had taken place before the hurricanes in the Atlantic, and now that those storms have come and gone, I knew it would not take long for them to start up their fraud "terrorist attacks" once again...And lo and behold, suddenly this morning we wake up here in North America with reports of a "terrorist bomb" going off in the London subway system...

I waited for one simple signal that alerted me that this "attack" in London was indeed a fraud, and this afternoon it came when the fraud "terrorist group" called "ISIS" took their usual responsibility for that bullshit attack....  People need to wake up to the simple fact that when these fraud Israeli-US created and backed "terrorist groups" come out of the woodwork and assume responsibility for these "attacks", it signals the absolute fact that these "attacks" are absolutely bullshit....

I had my usual suspicions that this "London bombing" was indeed a fraud and nothing more than a set up to once again have the Brits cowering in fear thanks to the overload of the usual Jew spew media propaganda machine, and at least one other truth seeker, Jim Stone, has looked at this London "attack" and sees it as a scam... I want to present here Jim's analysis of this new "bombing" right here from his website at, for everyone to see for themselves:

The bucket bomb - Questionable. An obvious prop. For those who have not heard about this, the story line is that someone set off a mix of chemicals in a five gallon bucket in a london train this morning and it created a flash fire. But no evidence was left in the train, not even smoke damage, so I am wondering what is really going on with this. 

And with intelligence agencies doing so much now to create problems, I suspect that is what this was, only they were not so intelligent, because this one was so rock stupid.

OK, I must agree with Jim on this one, and originally when I saw via the Jew spew media Talmudvision this morning, I could not help but to think that the "victims" seemed too much like the usual crisis actors we see again and again with these operations.. Too much over acting and too much bullshitting coming out of their mouths..

And yes, for this 'bucket bomb" to have been an actual explosive device, then the bucket as well as the adjoining wall would've had major damage if it was powerful enough to cause the "injuries" to the supposed victims that we see all over the Jew spew media... And yet, where is this 'DAMAGE'????

And of course we have the liars in the Jew spew media out there with their sensationalism with this one... Originally saying that there was much damage and many deaths, only to change their story constantly throughout the day to the point now we have "minor damage" and just "injuries" to some 20+ supposed victims (mostly crisis actors of course!).

I am siding with Jim and others in this one in calling it a fraud and nothing more than a preset prop going off, sending smoke into the London tube, and having the crisis actors ready to go to fake their injuries.....

The reason for this type of fraud "bombing" in London at this time is simple... The British have recently been pushing to pull out of the fraud American-Israeli 'war on terror' and no longer want to play their sick game.. Therefore the criminals want to have these "bombings" take place to scare the British people and their government once again into supporting the wars for regime change in the Middle East for Israel..... It is propaganda and psychological warfare against people at its best!

There will be more reports coming out over the next few days about this "bombing" and the sensationalism will indeed continue.... Watch as the liars in the Jew spew media are all over the fraud "victims" and their families to try to stir up sympathy and to try to create anger in the UK against these "terrorists"..... It will be a spectacle, I can guarantee it...

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greencrow said...

Looks like the typical product of a patsy police-mentored Canada's Nuttal/Korody duo. Addicts and vulnerable individuals coached and prodded by the police forces... and security agencies...all paid for by taxpayers...dontchaknow.

Penny said...

North: The bucket bomb with some alleged type of explosive..

A variation of the pressure cooker bomb- toss boston bombing meme around a whole bunch
It's tiresome- Sure it frightens people- but these incidents are on the whole so contrived-- It's like Operation Gladio has hit the skids..

People are so dumb and will believe just about anything that you can literally carry out this kind of absurd activity and it will create the fear- the programming is just so ingrained

shakes head