Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Brilliant Strategy By The Syrians: Syrian Government Prepared To Discuss Post-War Autonomy With Kurds In Geo-Strategic Blow To Criminals In US And Israel!

We all know by now that this Kurdish "referendum" was a farce, for the Kurds to be granted "independence" by the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal was a done deal possibly YEARS ago!   We have not long to wait, for by this time tomorrow the results of Monday's "referendum" will be announced and of course the 'results' will be an overwhelming "Yes" for the Kurds to declare their "Kurdistan" republic to be carved out of Iraq and Syria!

BUT.. We have seen over the last few days some very alarming news, especially where the Turks, the Iranians, and of course the Iraqis, have all said that they will absolutely NOT honour this criminal move by the Kurds to illegally declare their nation, and I seriously can see so much bloodshed on the horizon as the Kurds will be stuck having to fight as many as FOUR nations that will surround their "nation" and that impending war could see a genocide of the Kurdish people...

I have always thought that there was an alternative to this criminal Kurdish leadership selling their souls to the US and Israel, and stupidly siding with them for their dream of independence...... The Kurdish leadership do not realize that the Israelis want to see a war where the Kurds and the Americans on one side fight it out with the Arabs on the other side, and how that resultant war will result in the genocide of millions on both sides... There had to be another option....

Well, lo and behold, but the Syrian government has indeed offered a better solution for the Kurds and one that basically gives them their rights and the chance for their people to actually survive in a peaceful environment of coexistence with the Syrian people... For according to the following very important report that comes from the Aletho News service, at www.alethonews.wordpress.com, apparently the Syrian government in Damascus has announced that they are prepared to discuss post-war autonomy with the Kurds AFTER Syria is freed of US-Israeli interference!  Here is that article right here for all to see for themselves, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

Syria prepared to discuss post-war autonomy with Kurds in geo-strategic blow to the US and Israel

By Adam Garrie | The Duran | September 26, 2017
Syria’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Walid Muallem has stated that once the conflict against terrorist groups is finished in Syria, Damascus will be willing to politically negotiate internal autonomy for Syrian Kurds.
Reuters quotes Muallem, who delivered Syria’s address to the United Nations, as stating,
“This topic (Kurdish autonomy) is open to negotiation and discussion and when we are done eliminating Daesh (aka ISIS), we can sit with our Kurdish sons and reach an understanding on a formula for the future”.
There are several geo-political implications to this statement.
1. Seizing the initiative from the US occupiers 
First and foremost, Muallem’s proposals take the wind out of the sails of the United States. As I wrote previously in The Duran, with Syria and Russia quickly securing control over areas east of the River Euphrates, the US is being squeezed out of Syria.
Bearing these realities in mind, one of the only options the US has left is to use the Kurdish national cause in order to foment either a new puppet state in the region that is built on stolen Syrian territory or else create a permanently occupied entity similar to the Serbian Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija. Apart from this, the US will have no choice but to either leave Syria or directly confront the Syrian Arab Army and most likely, also its Russia ally. Presently, the US seems unwilling to confront Russia by any means other than through the US of proxy/terrorist forces and this is unlikely to change.
However, given the extreme backlash against Kurdish separatism in Iraq, the US would not only retain old enemies but gain new ones, particularly in the form of Turkey. Ankara is vocally opposed to Kurdish separatism in Iraq and has threatened to take all measures necessary to stop moves in this direction. Turkey has an even worse relationship with Syrian Kurds. This would automatically mean that the US would be in for a very difficult ride if they backed Kurdish separatism in Syria.
With Turkey’s President Erdogan specifically telling Iraqi Kurds “The Israel flag will not save you”, Syria’s proposals would be a geo-strategic blow not only to the US but also to Israel.
2. Separating SDF terrorists from civilian Kurds with Syrian citizenship 
The Arab Socialist Ba’ath party has already given Syrian Kurds full citizenship rights which means that they are co-equals to Arabs as well as to other minorities including Assyrians and Armenians, both of whom are grateful to the pluralistic Ba’athist government for protecting them from foreign funded Sunni supremacist terrorism.
While it is clear that the Kurdish fronted SDF proxy militia is operating as a terrorist force in Syria, the old line about separating terrorists from moderates could work in a post-war scenario where the SDF has been defeated in certain regions and rendered irrelevant in others.
In exchange for negotiated autonomy, one which would clearly have to protect the rights of Arabs in ‘Kurdish regions’ of an Arab Republic, Syria could force Kurdish leaders to weed out those who have collaborated with foreign powers and create a new political paradigm for Kurds in Syria.
This would give the moderate Kurds what they want, it would protect the human rights of Arabs and Syrian minorities and it would allow Syria to further purge her soil of terrorists and enemy collaborators.
3. Leverage with Turkey 
Unlike Iraq which is currently collaborating with Turkey in military drills bordering separatist regions of Iraq, Syria has no plans to engage with Turkey after years of Turkey’s participation in the pro-jihadist war against Syria.
However, in actively preventing the formation of a Kurdish state in Syria through a negotiated settlement which Turkey’s new found partner Russia could possibly help to broker, Syria could effectively end the current ‘Kurdish excuse’ which is being subtly invoked by Turkey to justify its continued presence in Syria.
Furthermore, Syria could, possibly again via Russia, offer Turkey assurances that Syria will not allow for PKK activity directed against Turkey to foment on Syrian soil. This would be in the best interests of peace in the region as Turkey and Syria both need to eventually come to terms with the fact that they are neighbours.
Historically, Syria’s traditional regional adversaries have been Israel and Jordan and more recently the extremist Arab states of the Persian Gulf. These are the states Syria must be on guard against when looking to the wider future. Because of this, Syria and Turkey will and should slowly but surely normalise relations.
4. Containing Iraqi Kurds 
While Iraqi Kurds are politically at odds with their Kurdish counterparts, there exists a fear that the menacing separatist movement in Iraq could lead towards a greater Kurdish push for a multi-state land grab which would be supported by Israel, especially where Syria and Iran are concerned.
If, as is expected, Turkey sends its troops into northern Iraq, it would send a message to the wider Kurdish movement that Kurdish independence equals creating not a greater Kurdistan but a greater Turkey.
Thus, the example of Iraq when viewed simultaneously with the generous offer from Syria, may lead to moderate elements within the Syrian Kurdish movement making the pragmatic choice for guaranteed autonomy versus the prospect of Turkish domination.
Far from being a concession, it was always expected that after the present conflict against imperialism and imperialist funded jihad, Syria would happily engage in a political process with various parts of the Syrian population, including Kurds, in order to develop a settled internal peace.
Syria, in announcing this now however, sends a strong message to radical Kurds and the United States. The message is clear, Syria is a sovereign country and the Kurdish issue is a purely internal matter.

NTS Notes: I would say bravo to the Syrian government for coming forward and offering the Kurds a chance for their survival instead of the dangers of being wiped out.....

The facts are that the Kurds had already lived in peace and harmony within Syria that allowed everyone, no matter what religious belief or racial background, to have an equal voice in the government in Damascus... It has only been the evil intentions of the US-Israel cabal that have wanted to see the Syrian nation destroyed or to be broken into smaller pieces, that this push for a "Kurdistan" has taken place....

And as the article stipulates, it is only the radicals in the Kurdish leadership that are pushing for this stupid idea of "independence" at this time without even a thought about how the nations surrounding that "independent state" would react.....

This is indeed a blow to the US-Israel cabal, for it indeed shows the entire world how the Syrians are indeed wanting their nation to be whole and for ALL of its people to live in true peace and harmony... However, I can guarantee that this announcement by the Syrian government will not see the light of day in the Jew spew media anywhere, as those liars will all as of tomorrow promote this "Kurdish independence" without one word about its ramifications....

IMHO, THIS is a blow to US-Israel criminal aspirations, and the rational and sane Kurds should take Syria seriously on this offer... The alternative is their new republic's destruction and possibly millions of Kurds dying.....

More to come



greencrow said...


Do you also find it hypocritical to the extreme that USrael is pushing for this referendum of the Kurds to be accepted internationally....while, at the same time, deny legitimacy to the Crimeans' referendum?

Northerntruthseeker said...

I agree... It shows the hypocrisy of the sickness of USrael and how they work towards what ONLY benefits them....

We shall see shortly what happens... I still say the best hope for the Kurds is to accept the Syrian offer and stop allowing the US-Israel to control them...