Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: HOW Is This Not An Invasion? Criminal US Establishes 8 Illegal Bases Inside Sovereign Syrian Territory!

I have been like everyone else... A bit puzzled and perturbed as to the actions by the criminal US government in regards to their ever changing stance on Syria....

The liars in the US government and of course the Jew spew media, have been claiming for years now that they are "in" Syria for the fraud "war on terror" and ONLY to target the equally fraudulent "ISIS"... But on the contrary, we have already seen the diabolical nature of the US involvement in the "war" in Syria (which they created of course..) where they have been purposely targeting civilians and Syrian infrastructure... And we find the constant harping of these same liars that "Assad must go" and yet change and waffle on that position... The truth about this "war" in Syria is of course being purposely kept away from the gullible and dumbed down American people.....

Well, I presented several reports before showing how the US has been "illegally" building military bases within Syrian sovereign territory over the last few years, and yet the world has turned a blind eye to this open invasion of Syria itself.... And now comes a new report, from the 21st Century Wire website, at, where the US has been expanding their illegal presence in Syria by expanding to 8 military bases and upgrading at least one that has been illegally in Syrian territory for over the last year.... Here is the link to that report for everyone to see for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Under international law, what the US is doing is an ILLEGAL INVASION of a clearly sovereign nation.. The US has never ever been invited by the legitimate government in Damascus to come into Syria at all let alone start building a multitude of illegal military bases!

I can see what is happening here.. .The majority of these bases are in fact in Kurdish territory, and obviously to support the illegal set up of a "sovereign" Kurdish state within Syrian territory!  This is EXACTLY what that diabolical "Securing the Realm" Israeli blueprint from the late 1990's speculated as necessary for the break up of Syria and other Arabic nations into smaller "fiefdoms" that will be easily manipulated and controlled by the psychotic state of Israel as they expand into their sick empire aka "Greater Israel"... The US is doing exactly what their criminal Jewish masters demand by pushing for the breakup of Syria itself through the usage of these "bases" and thus making sure the twisted and sick "Greater Israel" project proceeds forward!

Yes, the US is indeed invading Syria and very illegally.... I do wonder what the Russians are thinking and what their response will be to this attack on sovereign Syrian territory?  

Again, this is only the beginning.. I can guarantee that the US will continue to expand this criminal enterprise under the falsehood of this fraud "war on terror"......

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greencrow said...

I, too, have been watching this situation, NTS. My take is that Russia and Syria's response is to "starve" the area where the US bases are located....i.e., cut them off from all sides. If you look at a map, the area has hostile neighbours all around. Turkey and Iran on the north...Syria on the west and Iraq on the east. Just like what happened recently in al Tanf, the US base there found itself isolated and rendered irrelevant when the Syrians simply built a new road around it. The al Tanf base could therefore not fulfil its intended role as a "checkpoint". The Americans soon realized that and have now abandoned the base. EXACTLY the same thing is being planned for the northern bases, IMO.


Don't forget about Jordan, which is run by the biggest bunch of lackeys of the ZioAmerican Empire as there have ever been. Although the Syrians have contained the offensive it is true, they can't force them to withdraw as long as their supply lines threw Jordan remain secure. The illegal US bases in Syria will remain a thorn in the side of the legitimate government of Syria as long as Jordan remains in vassalage to the Empire.

The Empire has the initiative and "The Good Guys" are forced to constantly react. If the war is to be won Syria and their allies must seize the initiative and force the Empire into the position of always reacting. I know the Russian generals know this (It is basic to the Art Of War.), the only question is, will Putin be willing to allow it. If things continue to go on as they are now for to long the Empire will win threw the process of attrition. The "Good Guys" must put a stop to this war of attrition with some sort of decisive action. The Empire is willing to fight to the last drop of mercenary ISSIS blood to bring down Assad. They could care less how many they lose because they can always recruit more. But the Syrian Patriots will start running out of people eventually.