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More Exposure Of The Climate Change Bullshit: Just A Reminder Of How Decades Ago So Called "Scientists" Claimed The Arctic Would Be "Ice Free" By 2014!

I am truly one pissed off real truth seeker these days... I have harped again and again in my weekend rants about how the criminal Trudeau government occupying Parliament Hill in Ottawa Ontario Canada was pushing full steam ahead with their want to impose another fraud tax on the Canadian people claiming that this one called "carbon taxation" was for the "good" of the nation... I have of course pointed out the horrific flaws in this "tax" already and knowing that man caused "global warming" aka "climate change" has always been a scam, I see this new tax as just another method of stealing money from the hard working people of this nation...

Many years ago, I remember seeing articles where the fear mongers behind the "Climate Change" fraud were all screaming their doomsday scenarios claiming that not only was this planet going to "overheat" very soon (and rehashed in a recent claim by Stephen Hawking that this planet was going to heat up to 250 degrees Celsius in no time flat!  See fellow Canadian truth seeker Greencrow's article here about this so called "scientist" who knows nothing about what really drives climate change) but that the ice caps were going to melt away....

Thankfully one other real truth seeker, Aletho, who of course writes the excellent blog "Aletho News" at, has also recalled all the doom and gloom about the ice caps melting away by these Climate Change hucksters, and he has posted a new article at his blog covering the lie perpetrated by so called "experts" that the Arctic Ocean would be "ice free" by the year 2014... Here is that Aletho News article here for all to see for themselves:

97% Of Climate “Experts” Promised You The Arctic Would Be Ice-Free By 2014

Climatism | July 16, 2017
NASA ice free
Gore Ice free 2014.png
BBC Ice free
Guardian Ice free
Sierra CLub 2013
CLIMATE experts have been saying this same story for generations:
North Pole.png
The Guardian says the Arctic will be ice-free this summer…
Guardian Ice free 2016.jpg


ARTIC sea-ice is tracking previous years of stable extent:
current Arctic


NOW, climate scientists and their “97%” triad of sycophant orgs are promising you that your Arctic will be ice-free by “2040” – plenty more wriggle-room for their catastrophic predictions to play out…
Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at , July 16, 12.52.16 AM.png
“Expected”, “could”…
That’s the great thing about the future.

NTS Notes:  OK, Did anyone catch the last picture and how these liars...errr... experts have now changed the date of their "ice free" Arctic Ocean to 2040.... Gee, it is to laugh...

Sadly, too many suckers out there and especially the poor saps here in Canada, just do not get it... There is NO man made "climate change" aka "Global Warming" or what ever title the liars can concoct for the simple reason that our Yellow Dwarf star, Sol is the absolute driving force behind this planet's climate... And right now Sol has indeed gone very quiet and what we will be seeing over the next while is intense COLDER climate and not this bullshit of the "planet overheating"....

But I did get some enquiries recently saying that "OK, the planet is not overheating, but then are we heading for an ice age?".... My answer is simple.. This planet has experienced these hot and cold periods throughout history and this cycle of Sol going cold will not last forever... The cycle of cold temperatures will reach the minimum within the next decade but after that, Sol's solar radiation output should start to increase, and this planet will once again warm up..... This is all natural, and not driven by man caused pollutants and especially NOT CARBON DIOXIDE!

I for one have been so sickened by how the Canadian people are so gullible and are willing to accept the fraud of Carbon taxation.... I will continue to fight for the truth and try to get people to see that our own governments are wanting this new tax just to line their own pockets once more by fleecing the Canadian taxpayers...

More to come


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