Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mockery Of Justice: Omar Khadr - Victim Of Canadian "Kangaroo Court" System Of "Justice" And A "Patsy" In War On Canadian Sovereignty!

I feel so insulted these days when I look at the travesty of the Canadian Justice System that is a true mockery of justice..... There have been so many cases in the past where real justice in this formerly "free" nation was never applied, especially in the case of Ernst Zundel who was railroaded by the Canadian kangaroo court system into a long legal battle just for QUESTIONING the so called "Holocaust" of the second world war..  Even though technically found innocent after a long court battle, Zundel had to flee Canada to live in the US only to be "captured" by the Jewish controlled criminals a few years later in that country and subsequently shipped back to Canada, by orders of the Jewish criminals in control of both the US and Canada, where he spent 2 full years in horrible solitary confinement in a small prison cell that seemed to come out of the dark ages!  The Canadian government of course was responsible for that confinement as they once again bowed down to their Jewish masters and tried to break Zundel.... That alone made myself and others realize that this nation, Canada, is not what it seems and is absolutely NOT a free nation....

That was bad enough, but just a few days ago comes the report where an innocent man, Omar Khadr, was (supposedly) finally freed from the injustice he suffered for almost a decade at the hands of both the crooked and criminal Canadian INJUSTICE system, but horribly at the hands of the Americans who had him illegally and without any proof of real wrong doing locked up for years at their military base at Guantanamo Bay!  

The case against Khadr is well covered by so many other alternative media writers and real truth seekers, so I will not go into great details here, other than suffice to say he was indeed a "patsy" and put on trial for being a "terrorist" without any proof at all..... It does appear that the Americans and the Canadians did collaborate together to have Khadr locked away just to create the illusion that they had captured and imprisoned an evil "terrorist" for justification for their fraudulent "war on terror"....

Well, I do want to present the following report from a fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, ( who of course hails out of the wilds of British Columbia....Her article is entitled: "Omar Khadr, Victim Of Canadian "Kangaroo" Justice And "Patsy" In War On Canadian Sovereignty"... I have it right here in its entirety for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Omar Khadr - Victim of Canadian "Kangaroo" Justice and "Patsy" in War on Canadian Sovereignty

Omar Khadr - Canadian child

In yesterday's post about the upcoming G20 meeting in Germany, I made a euphemistic reference to Canada having being taken over by the Ziofascist cabal that runs the United States.  I explained that it all happened when Canada "bent over to pick up a bar of soap while having a shower with it's next door neighboUr".  Today, I am going to be less euphemistic and more specific about Canada's subverting itself into abject servitude to the international gang of thugs, Mafiosi and mass murderers, aka neocon Ziofascist cabal that occupy the US.  The process happened over a period of decades.

It began with the meeting, at the end of WWII when the victors, Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt got together to divide up the spoils of war. Canada was given to the US by Churchill.  Prior to that we were protected by the United Kingdom.  Canadians were not informed of this sell-out.  Slowly thereafter and evolving through the decades by way of an insidious perversion of all of Canada's social and political institutions, Canada became an impotent adjunct to USrael.  There are historical markers that record this decline. One of the more recent nadirs was the treatment of a Canadian child, Omar Khadr, by a Canadian government bent on presenting its backside to its USrael Ziofascist occupiers.

Please read the following report from yesterday's CBC on the latest developments in the trials and tribulations of Canadian born citizen, Omar Khadr, and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Ottawa to pay $10.5M to Omar Khadr, government source says

Government to apologize to former Guantanamo Bay prisoner for wrongful imprisonment, abuse. A government source has confirmed to CBC News that Ottawa will apologize and pay millions of dollars in compensation to former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr. Khadr — who confessed to killing a U.S. army medic when he was 15, under interrogation that was later deemed "oppressive" — will receive a settlement of $10.5 million, the source, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed to CBC late Tuesday. Details of the deal were first reported earlier Tuesday by unnamed sources who spoke to The Associated Press, the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail. Khadr, who now lives in an apartment in Edmonton, had been seeking $20 million in a wrongful imprisonment civil suitagainst Ottawa.

15 at time of arrest

Born in Toronto, Khadr was 15 in July 2002 when he was captured by U.S. troops following a firefight at a suspected al-Qaeda compound in Afghanistan that resulted in the death of Sgt. Christopher Speer.

Khadr was suspected of throwing the grenade that killed Speer and confessed to doing so during later interrogations by military and FBI investigators.
The Canadian was taken first to prison at the Bagram U.S. military base in Afghanistan and then to the prison at the Guantanamo Bay U.S. naval base in Cuba and ultimately charged with war crimes by a military commission.
After pleading not guilty to five war crimes charges, including murder, in 2010, he changed his plea to guilty later that year and was sentenced to eight years plus the time he had already spent in custody.
He returned to Canada two years later to serve the remainder of his sentence and was released in May 2015 pending an appeal of his war crime convictions, in which he argued that his admissions of guilt were made under duress.
Khadr spent 10 years in Guantanamo Bay. His case received international attention, with some advocating that he should be treated as a child soldier, not an adult.
The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 2010 that Canadian intelligence officials obtained evidence from Khadr under "oppressive circumstances," such as sleep deprivation, during interrogations at Guantanamo Bay in 2003, and then shared that evidence with U.S. officials.

Youngest detainee at Guantanamo

Khadr, now 30, was the youngest and last Western detainee at the U.S. military prison.
His lawyers filed a $20-million lawsuit against Ottawa, arguing the government violated international law by not protecting its own citizen and conspired with the U.S. in the wrongful imprisonment and abuse of Khadr. The suit was first filed in 2004 and expanded in 2014.
The widow of Speer and another U.S. soldier blinded by the grenade in Afghanistan filed a wrongful death and injury lawsuit against Khadr in 2014, fearing Khadr might get his hands on money from his wrongful imprisonment lawsuit."

Low and behold in today's CBC we learn that the American widow of the soldier that Khadr supposedly killed will be suing Khadr for the compensation he received yesterday:

Widow, injured soldier's court filing seeks money federal government is expected to give Khadr

Lawyer says they anticipated Khadr would get compensation for his 'wrongful internment Guantanamo'

So, the compensation to Khadr was all a set-up.  The lawyers for the aggrieved widow were sitting, as lawyer's do, perched like vultures on the neighbouring tree tops...waiting for their opportunity to feed off the injured carcass.  You see...this business about the aggrieved widow is all a lie.  Soldier Speer may well have died in the US attack on a civilian home where the child, Omar Khadr, was staying...but it was certainly not at the hands of the 15 year old boy.  You see, the 15 year old boy was the sole survivor of a massacre caused by US warplane bombing...and was lying in the rubble of the building, severely injured, when the US military paramedics found him.  They were astonished he survived (according to their testimony afterwards) so severe were his injuries over all his body.  He lost the sight in one eye and the other was severely damaged.  He was unconscious and in deep "shell shock" (as they used to call it) due to concussion injuries from nearby explosions.  He was hardly in a condition to lob a grenade.  And everyone has always known this.  Add to this the fact that the invasion of Afghanistan was predicated on thelies of 9/11...THIS WAS A WAR that Canada SHOULD NOT HAVE ENTERED WITHOUT A FORMAL CANADIANINVESTIGATION OF 9/11.

Khadr was/is a useful tool to defile the Canadian security and justice system and was used for that purpose for more than a decade afterwards.  A country's sovereignty and institutions are maintained or lost by its government's response to situations like the manufactured case against Khadr.  In this case, Canada willingly gave up its sovereignty and the integrity of its security and judicial systems by "going along to get along" with the evil cabalists who were intent of draining whatever little sovereignty and independence still resided in Ottawa.  The Khadr case (also the Mahar Arar and Tarnak Farm cases) all set precedents for conduct that still hold true today.  There was no CANADIAN INTERNAL investigation into who perpetrated either case against the "patsy" victims and the attack on the soldiers of the Canadian nation.  Anonymous "officials" who ordered torture and murder simply walked free. No doubt they still remain deeply embedded in CSIS (which is, in and of itself a CIA mole in Canada), the RCMP and the Canadian Government...plying their noxious trade.  Payoffs were made to both individuals to get them off the government's back but that will not restore Canada's lost sovereignty nor restore integrity to its legal and security system.  That's gone forever.

The Cost of Doing Business

I published a post more than a year ago now where I told about a father and daughter business run out of North Vancouver here in BC.  This couple was in the import/export business.  Their business and their reputations were completely destroyed by the Canadian government...specifically CSIS.  This was done by fabricating a case against them for supposedly importing weaponry that had been banned by the US and Canadian Governments.  There was a (very costly) trial and the couple was eventually found innocent.  The government spokesman admitted that the entire fiasco had been perpetrated so that a legal precedent could be set regarding import/export of weaponry!  The spokesman was asked if the government ever considered the financial cost to taxpayers of the trial and ultimate damage settlement (Million$ of dollars) or the emotional cost to the victims..."No", he replied...that's was just the "cost of doing business".

So, readers, you can see what is going on here.  Individuals are being systematically used and abused and the Canadian taxpayers are paying for the trials...and the eventual compensation packages.  It is all the "cost" of being a vassal to the cabal...the Mafiosi extortionists that run USrael and its satellites like Canada...and remain free and able to commit their crimes with impunity.

Some readers might say "Nah! That's not what's going on." Each one of these cases is distinct from one is not systemic.  Canada COULD stand up for its citizens in cases like these.  It is all a "coincidence".  There is no endemic perversion to our governance, security and/or justice systems.  If so,  Why are there never individuals named, held responsible and/or brought to "justice"?  If there were, you can be sure the "mistake(s)" would never happen again.  It's all about who is responsible.  Responsibility is the key word here.  If no one is found responsible...then the nation itself assumes the responsibility...perversion becomes systemic and the nation becomes corrupted and/or sapped of its independent sovereignty.  Sovereignty, I have learned, is just like a muscle in the human body...unused, it becomes weak and ultimately useless.

NTS Notes: I want to thank Greencrow for bringing this information forward... And I was not even aware of that other case in British Columbia about that couple in the import/export business that was destroyed by the Canadian criminal government....

I have indeed been looking at all of the Jew spew media reports out there these last few days here in Canuckleheadistan and especially where they (as of course run by Jews) are putting out article after article calling the entire Khadr case a "travesty" of justice and how Khadr should have not received any compensation for his illegal lock up for the last decade...Most of these bullshit articles are trying to sway public opinion by stating that Khadr was indeed a "terrorist" and in fact should still be locked up... Yes the brainwashing of the dumbed down Canadian public does continue....

Greencrow is right about how there is indeed an endemic perversion to our governance, security, and to our justice system... The entire system has been hijacked and made into a mockery.....The entire Canadian political and judicial system is corrupt and perverted....

I do agree with one major point in all this... Canada has long been subverted by the United States and we as Canadians are basically vassals for the American empire.... I for one deeply wish that more Canadians would wake up to that reality and actually take a stand for our sovereignty, at least what is left of it!

More to come



BuelahMan said...

Black Pigeon completely and radically disagrees with green crow.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Black Pigeon has his own opinion and is entitled to it...

However, from knowing that the "war on terror" is nothing but a massive hoax, it did make sense that the US required a patsy for them to continue to convince the American people that they are "fighting terrorists" and Khadr fit the bill nicely...

greencrow said...

Interesting...I never knew there was a blogger called "Black Pidgeon". I did listen to about 6 minutes of the video but had to turn it off because it was so full of (official) Khadr's father was a known associate of Osama bin Laden...but conveniently neglecting to mention that OBL was a CIA asset. The lies started to get too tangled up so I X'd out of the video.

But thanks for reposting my post, NTS. And I never even got into how CSIS has been "grooming" patsies (like Vancouver's Nuttall/Korody patsies) at the public's expense. So far, including the costs of the trials and the compensation packages that have already been handed out and/or are likely to be handed out (like in the miscarriage of justice in the Nuttall/Korody case) it is likely over 100 million$ that you and I have been paying for through our taxes...all towards the end goal of corrupting our institutions and destroying our Canadian sovereignty!

opit said...

This business of suing to steal compensation due a person for mistreatment goes beyond effrontery and into the territory of fraud and systemic misrepresentation. It sure shows how the secret hooks in the system persecute innocents.

Nils Mortenson said...

If there is any blame for this former "child soldier" and all the drudgery surrounding it, then blame the parents for this. Daddy took him there, mommy still hates Canada (yet she won't leave), so the question of his citizenship was strictly for the family's convenience.
His father took him to fight and make bombs to kill people from the very country he was born in, this either makes him a non-citizen or he should have been tried for treason.
No matter how you look at it, and I mean right from the beginning, not some convenient spot along the way, this is not Canada's problem.... blame the parents.
Have the Khadr family cough up the money.