Thursday, July 6, 2017

Is THIS Why That POS "News" Network "CNN" Is Not News At All? This Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I have always wondered why people still do NOT get it?   It is right in the Jewish blueprint for their sick and twisted dream of world domination, their "Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion" where it clearly states that they must CONTROL the message that the "Goyim" sees and reads...Meaning that they must control ALL media outlets worldwide to make sure that they keep the "Goyim" unaware of their criminal activities and to make sure that these same criminals are always 'portrayed in a positive light'.....  That is fact and not fiction, readers, and I am still puzzled as to why people do not get it?

Well, with the self destruction of that POS "news" network, aka CNN, everyone is finally waking up to the reality that "fake news" has been the meme of that so called "news" network for decades.... It also begs the question as to how bad the Jewish control has been over at CNN in all this time...  And to answer the big question as to how much CNN is truly a "Jew spew" network, here is a nice little picture of the Jewish control of CNN showing how Jews are in total control of that "media outlet" from top to bottom:

NTS Notes: WHY should anyone be surprised by this picture and how much these criminals control CNN?  It is right there in their Protocols for Christ sake!  This picture is priceless and should be shared by everyone...

Yes, CNN is and always has been under the total control of the Jewish criminal tribe and has been used as a propaganda machine for decades to fill American heads with Jewish controlled propaganda and bullshit... But what people do need to understand is that it is not only CNN that these monsters control... MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, TBS, etc in America for example, and CBC, CTV, and Global here in Canada, are fully under the same Jewish criminal control as well....

I for one am not shocked at what that nice little picture shows.... Maybe its time for others to finally wake the hell up to the truth about how much these monsters control the media and our minds... And maybe they will finally realize that I have been right for years in calling the media the "Jew spew news".......

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Pat Kittle said...

How dare the goyim stop fighting Israel's wars!!

"Trump officially hands Syria over to Russia & Iran":
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Something must be done!!

"CNN commentator Paul Begala says America should bomb Russia now":
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