Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Update On London Bridge False Flag Attack, And Mainstream Media Outlets Such As CNN Have Always Been Putting Out Bullshit And Faked News!

I was sent a flurry of different videos over the last few days, and some emails and commentators asked me to take a closer look at them and a few asked me to file a report at this blog for my thoughts on the bullshit that is being constantly pushed out by the LIARS in what I call the Jew spew media, especially "CNN".... I figured I would oblige....

Well, first I was sent the following video that shows a shocking occurrence during the London bridge false flag attack that should have already gone viral everywhere... It concerns some London police officers very strangely taking the time during that "attack" to change their attire (?) and many have looked at this video and have said that it shows these police officers changing into disguises to make themselves look like the so called "terrorists" that carried out that "attack"!  Here is one video from Youtube user, "Random TV" that gives a pretty good assessment of the fraud of the London bridge "attack" and contains the video of these cops doing their costume changes just in case some of my readers have not seen it yet:

OK, There were indeed some initial suppositions made that this video showed these "cops" changing into camouflage outfits to disguise themselves as the "terrorists" that were supposedly killed... But when we look closely at the pictures of the alleged knife wielding "terrorist" we see that he is clearly not one of these cops.. This does not mean that these "police officers" are pulling off some serious hanky-panky with this entire operation, however....

Now, onto the liars in the Jew spew media... And someone did indeed send me the following video that blows away the biggest liar of them all, CNN (Or as I rightfully call them "Jew NN") and shows them preparing for a fake news cast using props, to somehow claim that there are "Muslims" in London who were "protesting" the latest false flag attack... Watch this video, and see for yourselves how CNN gets caught red handed falsifying a major report:

Lets face reality here... CNN has ALWAYS been putting out fake news reports.. Many so quickly forget how that faggot Anderson Cooper was caught using green screen backgrounds for his "reports" from the Sandy Hook fraud shooting of 2012.... That was one of many, and we can go all the way back to Gulf War I in early 1991 where one of their former reporters, Charles Jaco, was caught doing a fake news report from Saudi Arabia allegedly during one of Iraq's missile attacks... Here is that infamous video here for those who want some nostalgia of CNN lies:

What is truly amazing is how much these criminals have made "improvements" over the years on their falsifying of their news telecasts... Anyone can easily look at that infamous Jaco telecast from 26 years ago and quickly see that the entire thing is a fraud being done from the studios safely in America.... But now they can easily use green screen and computer generated graphics to turn their falsehoods in "reality" for gullible people... BUT in spite of the advancements in technology to make bullshit a reality, they do periodically get caught in their lies!

The facts are that CNN is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the lies from the Jew spew media... I have long said that everyone must no longer ever watch any of their so called "news reports" and basically have their viewing audience become zero.... That way they will be off the air permanently.... That time is now...

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Unknown said...

All News videos in the United States are in a manner of speaking staged. Even if the subject is only of local or trivial importance. In every case they are selling two products. One is the story and the other is the reporter. Things are done to give the maximum effect in both cases. A journalist is first and foremost an actor or actress whose profession is that of a professional personality. (Journalism schools have a strong emphases on acting courses incidentally.) Their success is based on their ability to sale themselves. People are attracted to those who can sale themselves, so those who are the best at it are hired by others to sale the stories the others want publicized. Which also of course is to the benefit of the advertisers on that particular news program. A successful personality means a successful story which means a successful advertiser. I have watched this go on for over fifty years and I have come to take it for granted, to the point that it is only noticed by me anymore on a subconscious level. In other words I look upon it as a fact of life.

I grew up watching the Civil Rights Movement around Birmingham, Alabama. I saw them fake totally nonexistent stories altogether, stage others, and distort others that really did happen. All of this has now passed into the realm of officially documented history and has been given a museum built at taxpayer expense to perpetuate the illusion. This illusion is now passed off as authentic history at universities by those who themselves don't know the truth. The illusion has thus become self-perpetuating.

I have watched them develop their technique into what it now is. We have to admit that they have become damn good at it as far as general populations are concerned.

Having personally watched them create successfully FAKE HISTORY it makes me question ALL HISTORY. I seriously doubt that they are really doing anything new. It goes without saying that nobody going back millennia has been better at this sort of thing than the self-styled "Chosen People".