Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Updated! Time To Put The Liars In The Controlled Media Out Of Their Misery: CNN Must End - Exposed As Pure Fiction And Absolutely Fake News

I was sent a most interesting video just last night and the email asked me to post it up at this site... This one is an absolute blockbuster, where Project Veritas has now exposed the LIARS and scoundrels at the Jew spew media outlet, CNN, for absolutely pushing fake news to the dumbed down American public...  I have that important video right here for all to see:

OK, I have been all over the fraud of CNN for decades now, ever since they faked the news in Gulf War One with that horrendous Charles Jaco video of him and other clowns being in Saudi Arabia when in reality they were all safely in the CNN headquarters in Atlanta Georgia.... Therefore this fraud news reporting from these clowns is nothing new and everyone should by now be aware that they are being played as fools...

I also found a most interesting article from another alternative media site, Black Listed News, that gives a pretty good summary of what will happen to CNN now since they have been fully exposed as frauds.. Here is the link to that report from Black Listed News here:

And.... I just read this morning the following report where apparently the lies at CNN have not only caught up to them, but now they are being SUED for some $100 Million for perpetuating their fraud reports!  Here is the link to that report here from the New York Post for everyone to see for themselves:

OK, no one likes a liar, especially myself and others in the real truth movement... I have said for years that CNN and other Jew run "news sources" have to die a painful death for their purposely misleading the public....

The bottom line is this... CNN has to die... Plain and simple... The sooner the better for all of us.... And this should be a wake up call for all those other so called "news sources", in that they have to now watch their step and make sure their news reporting is legitimate... Everyone will be watching them closely and if they ever show themselves as liars as CNN has just been caught, then they too must die as well....

I will be watching for part II of that Veritas report that should be out shortly, and I will post it at this blog when it becomes available.. Stay tuned...

More to come


*Update June 28th, 2017... Here is a new video from Project Veritas where one of the anchors at that lying sack of shit "news network" admits that the entire Russia-Gate fraud is a "nothing burger". (Hopefully meaning it is pure crap).....Here is that video:

As I said, there is more reports coming, and I will present them here when they are available...


Unknown said...

The stench of Yid is all over this one! Phew!

torus said...

What did Dustin Hoffman as Hollywood producer Stanley Motts whine in the film "Wag the Dog"?

"This my waaar! This is MY WAAAR!!"

Didn't CNN, amongst many others, present the "science" behind that lonely event from September 11 2001?
9/11 is cultural Lysenkoism under the guise of "science": to reach a predetermined conclusion as dictated by an ideological bias, often related to social or political objectives.

"The more monumental science becomes, the more it constitutes a massive prejudice, or more correctly a blanket endorsement of the unthinking inertia of credulity."
Brought to you by the filthy stinking arbiter of consensus reality known as TV.

Anyway, Joe and Jane public...keep shopping!