Friday, June 9, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Updates On Situation - The Good Guys Have Made It To The Iraqi Border And Cut Off US Invaders!

Well, I again spent some time today visiting my mother and once again doing the "good son" deed.... Suffice to say she is actually doing a lot better than she has over the last few months, and with that I do not have to spend as much time with her... It means I may be able to get back to writing a lot MORE articles here at this blog for a change!

Well, the situation in Syria is of course changing so rapidly these days, and first off I saw this fantastic news report today from the Southfront website, at, where apparently the good guys, the Syrian government forces (SAA) have just had a major victory in their attempts to prevent the US and the US backed mercenaries and operatives aka "terrorist" from making further incursions into southern Syria.... For according to the following report the SAA has reached the Iraqi border north and east of the so called American "de-confliction" zone at Al Tanf, and has therefore just cut off any further incursion by the criminal US forces into Syria itself unless the US wants to directly attack both the SAA and the Russian military!  AND this article tells the truth once again about how the US "coalition" is and always has been a fraud and has prevented the SAA from attacking the fraud "terrorists"... Here is the link to that article:

AND here is a video from Russia Today showing the SAA at the Iraqi border:

As the video and article show, this is an amazing success and means that the US is basically "bottled up" in southern Syria with nowhere to go unless the criminals in the US government want to directly attack Syrian forces and the Russians....

Is it also not amazing that the liars in the Jew spew media have not even bothered to report on this victory by the SAA?   These liars would rather continue to fill American heads with bull crap and fluff from that ridiculous "Russia-Gate" fiasco that is meaningless and nothing more than a diversion!

Meanwhile in northern Syria, the fraud US-Kurdish "coalition" is now directly in contact with the so called "ISIS" capitol of Al Raqqa and the battle for the city itself is now on... However according to the following link to an article from Blacklisted News, at, these US forces that are illegally and criminally fighting alongside the Kurds have used WHITE PHOSPHORUS against the civilian population inside Al Raqqa itself, killing hundreds of innocent people in the process.. Here is that link for everyone to read for themselves here:

OK, The truth is that the usage of White Phosphorus, and/or cluster bombs, as this article shows  against a civilian population is a violation of every international law, and therefore the US and the Kurds are indeed committing a massive war crime in Al Raqqa by using these horrendous weapons against civilians...

And I once again must ask the big question as to exactly WHO the Americans and Kurds are actually fighting against in Al Raqqa?  Must I again remind everyone that the so called "ISIS" fraud was allowed to evacuate from Al Raqqa a few months back and has now redeployed itself further south around Palmyra and Deir Ezzor?   What this means is that the only ones that the US and Kurds are attacking are indeed CIVILIANS in that city!   But again, this attack does look good for the Jew spew media and is something to try to give the false impression of "American success" against "terrorists"!

What the Blacklisted News article also shows is the reality that the US is indeed working at breaking up Syria into smaller territories as has always been the criminal "Plan B" if they were unable to get their "regime change" in Damascus as was their original plan.... Now we can see that diabolical plan unfold with the creation of this fraud "Independent Kurdish state" based in northern Syria and northern Iraq.....

Yes, the situation is indeed changing very rapidly now in Syria...The US had attacked the Syrian government forces twice over the last week claiming that the SAA "violated" their "de-confliction" areas in southern Syria.... The SAA response has been to do an "end around" against the US forces and reach the Iraqi border further east thus cutting off the criminal US and their "deconfliction area" farce.... The result is a black eye for the Americans and rightfully so..... However, the SAA successes do not change the situation where the US backed Kurdish criminals are about to carve out their "nation" at the expense of Syria and Iraq....The time may yet come where we see the SAA in direct conflict with the Kurds as a necessity to regain all of Syria for the Syrian people.....

There will be more updates on the situation in Syria to follow... Stay tuned..

More to come


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Unknown said...

It could be that the US is targeting the civilian population in order to get them to MIGRATE which will of course cause even more problems. Something like what we see with Israel in Palestine and Saudi Arabia in Yemen. See a consistent pattern here? Expel with terror a civilian population and move people more to your liking in. Shades of the Highland Land Clearances practiced by the English Crown on the Scots! Truly there is nothing new under the sun. There have been a number of reports of such attacks coming in. It is obvious that the US is targeting the civilian population.