Monday, June 19, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal - Newest Updates, And US Is Purposely Escalating Situation To Try To Save Their Fraud ISIS

It has been a hectic day at work, and only now have I been able to finally sit down and take a look at the real news happening in our sick world... And lo and behold but I was right that the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal would be "sore losers" and try something dastardly to save their failed attempt at having Syria destroyed, for these criminals are absolutely now trying to escalate the situation to save their fraud "terrorists" collective asses!

First, I was absolutely astounded by the report that just came forward late yesterday, where apparently the US airforce attacked and destroyed a Syrian air force Su22 aircraft over Syrian territory!  For those who have not been aware of this atrocity, I found one of the best initial reports about this incident at the Independent online news service, at, that I want everyone to take a look at... Pay attention especially how these liars are somehow claiming that the Syrian aircraft "attacked coalition backed forces" to somehow justify this horrendous act:

OK, Here are a few reality checks on this incident...First, ANY American aircraft operating over Syrian sovereign territory are illegal invaders of Syria's airspace, and these bastards have been doing that criminal action for years now..

Second, the reports coming out of Syrian news clearly give a different twist on this "attacking coalition forces" bullshit from the Jew spew media, and report that the Su22 in question was in fact attacking ISIS terrorist targets!   Here is a link to an article from the Southfront website, at, where apparently the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) which has always given a pretty accurate assessment of the real criminalities being carried out by the US and their so called 'coalition' forces, has come forward and basically called the US LIARS for their claim that the Su22 was attacking their "coalition" forces!  Here is the link here to that article:

OK, Here is the truth in a nutshell...The US is now desperate and will do anything possible to save their fraud ISIS from total defeat... This Su22 was absolutely attacking these fraud "ISIS" forces outside of Raqqa, and the US forces retaliated against those attacks by using an F18 SuperHornet to shoot it down.... This also shows ABSOLUTE PROOF once and for all for even the most stupid Americans out there that the US is absolutely and always has been ISIS!  

There has been an absolute whirlwind of action now in Syria since that horrendous and diabolical attack by the American criminals against the Syrian airforce... The Russians for example are no longer playing nice with the Americans flying over Syrian airspace, and they are now informing these bastards that they will no longer tolerate any more American attacks.... Here is an article again from the Southfront website, that states that ANY American aircraft now flying west of the Euphrates can be LEGALLY targeted for flying over Syrian sovereign territory:

I have seen some of the reports now coming out of the US that states that they will not stand for this action by the Russians... However, under international law, every nation has the right to defend itself and its AIRSPACE... That means that this action by the Russians and the Syrians is absolutely following the letter of the law, and they have every right to fire at American aircraft that violate that airspace...  I actually applaud this move, and say its about fucking time!

Then we have this report where the Iranian military fired some surface to surface missiles from Iran itself against fraudulent ISIS targets around the embattled city of Deir Ez-Zor!  Here is another article from the Southfront website covering this astonishing development:

OK, Here is the straight goods on this Iranian missile strike... I can guarantee that they absolutely got the blessing of President Bashar al-Assad before they launched that strike, and since "ISIS" is supposed to be these big bad "terrorists" and has claimed responsibility for that horrendous attack in Iran last week, the Iranians have every right to retaliate and there is not a damn thing the Americans can do about that one!   I again applaud the Iranians for taking action....

Well now, what are the Americans going to do now?  They have been caught in a vice and their fraud "terrorists" are not only being killed by the advancing SAA forces, but now they are in danger of being hit hard by direct Iranian missile strikes!

I also have been looking at some of the real news from alternative media sites and bloggers, and I found a pretty good assessment thanks to my fellow Canadian, Greencrow, out of the wilds of British Columbia, who wrote an article at her blog entitled "Surrounded", and I want to share that information with my own readers here:

Thanks, Greencrow, for a very good assessment of this situation, and YES, the US backed "terrorists" are indeed now SURROUNDED with no where to go!  It is basically curtains for these frauds and THAT is the reason why the US, rather than admit defeat, is actually and very insanely escalating the situation...

AND what about the military situation on the ground in Syria?  Well, with so much attention now focused in on the Iranian missile attack and the illegal downing of that Syrian aircraft, little attention has been paid to the fact that the SAA has now launched a massive offensive aimed at cutting through the fraud ISIS defences at Ithriyah and are steadily advancing towards the south of Raqqa.  If these forces are able to link up with the SAA Tiger forces operating outside of southern Raqqa, then a large area of ISIS controlled territory will be trapped in a large pocket with no escape... Here is another article from Southfront that covers that development here:

Lets face it.. The good guys, the Syrian Government Forces (SAA) are now launching all out offensives and are tearing what remains of the fraud ISIS forces west of the Euphrates river to ribbons... They are also making headway in and around the Arak gas fields east of Palmyra with the aim of launching an advance along the Palmyra - Deir Ez-Zor highway with the plans to relieve Deir Ez-Zor itself.... And the fraud ISIS forces, now cut off from any aid from their American benefactors, are helpless to stop that advance....

Yes, the situation in Syria is now changing rapidly on a daily basis... I for one am wondering what the Americans will do next?  We could indeed see these lunatics now launch attacks directly against the SAA which could trigger a full scale war against Russia itself.... I am crossing my fingers that the American military is not that crazy, but considering the fact that they will do anything now to save their Syrian fiasco, they may indeed look at that option...

I will of course continue with my updates on the situation in Syria, so stay tuned...

More to come



Unknown said...

American military leadership ever since Vietnam have mostly behaved like a bunch of simpletons. Perhaps I should refer to them instead as mediocrities with gigantic egos who are constantly getting into things way over their heads.

In this case I think that they were so focused on saving their ISSIS, or whatever, hirelings that they plum forgot about the Iranians. In other words how they would respond. Well the Iranians just let them know. "Hey you guys, remember us? We are done with taking any crap off of you people. You screw with our friends you screw with us. If you want a real fight we're ready." I have here translated what I think is their message into American street language. THIS IS HOW WASHINGTON HAS TO BE TALKED TO If YOU WANT THEM TO BACK OFF. They are bullies who are not intimidated by words and empty gestures. Only by legitimate threats of being seriously hurt themselves. Iran is speaking to Washington with the language required to avoid WW3.

Anonymous said...

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