Sunday, June 11, 2017

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, June 11th, 2017


Anyone Well... It is Sunday, and most late in the day here in central Canada... And better late than never, here is my usual Sunday rant..

First, I really do not give a damn about all of this James Comey- Russia-Gate crapola that is absolutely going hog wild over the Jew spew media outlets all over the United States and even up here in Canada... Those 'testimonies' that this former Killary Clinton suck ass has been presenting are nothing but pure unadulterated bullshit and lies... This clown is doing his job so well it seems in diverting American attention purposely away from what ails the country and what Americans should be actually paying attention to... Especially the endless wars that the criminal Drumpf regime is getting them involved with, and of course the failing economy.....But to me the real shocker is how we see most Americans lapping up this bullshit!

OK, in terms of Comey's 'testimonies' and my personal opinion.. He has NOTHING that can be used against Drumpf and is doing nothing except claiming innuendos and speculations... The man has been such a consummate liar for so long, and there is nothing in his statements that can be trusted as fact.... However, as one other researcher, Jim Stone, has pointed out, and I actually went back over Youtube to listen closely, Comey did state in one testimony that was conducted by none other than that other sick bastard, Senator John McCain, that he had many "conversations with HUMANS over the years".   When I saw that strange comment from James Comey, I had to do a double take and indeed, just like Jim Stone says, this may be a "freudian slip" into the fact that Comey knows that most of the controllers of our planet are not even human.... It did raise my own eyebrows when he made that statement, and I do wonder if anyone else caught on to that "slip" as well?

Well, with the short and very limited attention spans of most Americans (and most everyone else) so focused in once again on this "Russia Gate" fiasco and bullshit, we have the next war brewing in the Persian Gulf where the Drumpf regime has now aligned itself with so many Arabic nations, including Saudi Arabia, against the very small nation of Qatar.... And what crime has Qatar done that they deserve to be in the bullseye of a massive alignment of nations wanting it destroyed?  Well, the Doha government in Qatar was one of the only governments in the region to not follow the US/Saudi push for an alignment of nations for war against Iran, and that government has been at odds with the Saudi regime in Riyadh for decades over economics... AND people must be aware that Qatar sits on one of the largest natural gas reservoirs on the planet and the US wants to continue to make sure the Qatar government is under their influence to make sure that natural gas continues to be shipped to American shores.......Then we have the fact that Qatar is no fool, and knows that with them sitting between Saudi Arabia and Iran across the gulf, they would be absolutely in the line of fire if a shooting war broke out and they would most likely be destroyed.... Then we have the problem with American military personnel still in Qatar at several bases, and the US definitely does not want Qatar to now fall under the "Iranian sphere of influence" which would force their troops out of Qatar...

The situation in Qatar has now been magnified greatly by the movement of forces from Turkey into the small peninsular nation to bolster its defence against the Saudis.. And in spite of the Saudi's cutting off all supplies to the nation via its only land access point bordering Saudi Arabia, other nations including Russia and Iran have come to Qatar's aid by allowing shipments of vital supplies including food to be transported over the Persian Gulf itself....  My take on the Qatari situation is simple.. The US/Israel/NATO (and Saudi) criminal alliance wants to have their excuses for attacking Iran, and apparently they are willing to let this situation with Qatar turn into a powder keg to get their nice little war against Iran going....

I have looked over the last few days for ANY news coming from the Jew spew media about Syria's great recent victory in being able to reach the Iraqi border north and east of that fraudulent US "deconfliction" zone centred around their illegal base in southern Syria at Al Tanf....The good guys, the Syrian government forces (SAA) basically have dealt the US a major defeat by being able to bottle up the illegal US forces in southern Syria by successfully reaching the Iraqi border, and yet not ONE peep from the liars in the Jew spew media?.. Why am I not shocked at all?

Besides the victory by the SAA against the Americans in southern Syria, the news continues to get better in regards to the Deir Ezzor situation.  The SAA with the aid of the Russians has beaten back endless attacks by the US fraud "ISIS terrorists" and Deir Ezzor is now no longer under danger from being captured by these criminals any time soon... In fact with the Syrians are beginning their push eastward from Palmyra towards Deir Ezzor by their assault on the Arak gas fields along the highway between Palmyra and Deir...... If the Syrians are successful, then the siege of Deir Ezzor will be lifted and the fraud of "ISIS" will have been destroyed in Syria.....

OK, the truth about Al Raqqa should be apparent to everyone.. The Kurds and the Americans are NOT 'attacking ISIS' at Al Raqqa as the liars in the Jew spew media still claim, for people continue to overlook the FACT that "ISIS" was evacuated from Al Raqqa back at the beginning of April of this year... That means that the people being attacked at Al Raqqa are civilians and civilian fighters!  AND why therefore are the Kurds killing these civilians?  It is simple actually, for they are wanting to  purge Al Raqqa of all civilians to turn the city "Kurdish" much the same way that the criminal Israelis purged so many towns and villages in Palestine to force the Palestinians out and allow the Jews to take over..... And YES, the American government is supporting this move and act of theft and genocide as part of their plan to carve up Syria by creating an illegal "independent" Kurdish state!  THIS is the bitter truth about the so called 'battle of Al Raqqa', and shows again what I have said about it and the similar "battle for Mosul" over in Iraq, as being nothing more than farces and wars of genocide aka "Ethnic Cleansing" against civilians...And the terrible part in this one is that the US itself is directly involved in the "cleansing"...

Over the last week I have received some most interesting comments from certain individuals that are questioning my "ethics"... One of them came up with a most interesting accusation saying that "I am against the Jews, and yet use one of their platforms, "blogger", as my method of conveying my messages... OK, YES I do use blogger as so many others in the alternative media do as well... It is for the moment still a pretty good platform, and until the psychotic tribe members suddenly censor it, I will continue to use it to my advantage....  And honestly, is that the best that they can come up with to attack me?  I expected them to try to once again try to accuse me of being a Jew or being "antisemitic", but this is a new one....

I also saw some interesting comments about those in the alternative media that are taking shots at the farce of Global Warming... All I can say to them is "Its about fucking time"... I have been attacking that fraud now for YEARS and now apparently others in the so called "truth movement" have opened their eyes to the fact that this "Global Warming" fraud is indeed one of the pillars of world domination and control being pushed by these Jewish bastards....  And we must not forget that the entire ""Global Warming" fraud is of course being promoted as more "fear porn" against gullible people so that they will be suckered into the fraud of "carbon taxation"......  I in fact will continue to tell the truth about this fraud and will continue to put up articles as much as possible to reveal what a swindle and con job it truly is.... Take that, Al Gore and the other idiots behind this scam!

Well, apparently I was correct about the constant hype against North Korea being a fraud and nothing but more fluff and diversion for the gullible minds of the sheep out there.. Has anyone else noticed that two of the three US carrier groups that were gathered around the Korean peninsula have now been moved to the Indian Ocean outside the Persian Gulf?  This is of course in direct response to the ever growing situation in Qatar... Lets be honest here, but those groups are also there just in case that situation goes hot with the Saudis in a direct war with Iran... All that is needed now is a new 'false flag" to occur, and the US/Israel criminals will have their nice little war against the Iranians off and running...

Well, that is it for the moment.. Just to let everyone know, I decided to spend some time tonight with my family as they watched Game 6 of the NHL Ice Hockey Stanley Cup finals, and as I did predict, the Pittsburgh Penguins did win that trophy tonight by defeating the Nashville Predators by the score of 2-0.  I usually do not watch Ice Hockey as Soccer is still my favourite sport, but to be honest the game was in fact very exciting and a 'barn burner' till the very end....

OK, enough of my rambling.... Time to close this weekend rant with my usual "last minute tidbits" for those who want to know my opinion on other pertinent matters.....While the American public has been so diverted with that Comey bullshit, apparently not much has been said about the murder of Seth Rich by the members of the Clinton crime family.  Yes, that psychotic witch, Killary Clinton is absolutely 100%  behind that murder and she should be up on murder charges right now.  BUT the reality is that I seriously doubt if that evil psychopath will see one day in a jail cell........Anyone else notice that the US has now sent their "special forces" into the Philippines to 'help' Duterte and the Filipino army to fight "ISIS"?  Is this a sick joke?  Or is Duterte still not getting it that the US is ISIS, and by allowing the US to "help" in the situation on Mindanao, he is only helping these criminals plan his own demise! Is Duterte this stupid or is there something else afoot here???........Anyone else notice that while attention is diverted elsewhere as usual, the Ukrainian regime in Kiev has been launching some attacks against the breakaway eastern republics.  Yes, the Minsk Agreements are now a thing of the past as the US puppets in Kiev are now moving the army in to try to take back these republics and kill civilians in the process.........Has anyone else noticed that while world attention has been diverted elsewhere (Am I repeating myself again?), apparently there has been a new rush of illegal migrant workers trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea into Italy.   And of course I do wonder what the hell the Italian government will do about these illegals trying to flood into their overburdened nation?  The right thing to do would be to halt the boats (run by George Soros of course) at their source and work to have these migrants all shipped back to the hell holes they originated from........About the recent British "elections".  Of course they were fixed, and that fix was to have May "elected" no matter how many British citizens voted against that witch.   Notice though that in spite of the massive fraud, the best that evil bitch can do is to have a minority government in London.  Yes, May is a psycho who absolutely was behind the recent false flag attacks in Britain, and of course she wants to have the Brexit vote repealed if she gets a new mandate.  I hope the British are ready for another 4 years of hell thanks to that bitch.......Has anyone else noticed the reports about a major polio outbreak in Syria suddenly occurring and mostly centred around those who received a "polio vaccine" a few years back?  Two things come to mind here, with one being the fact once again that vaccines do not work and actually can cause the very diseases that they are created for, and second with this outbreak happening in Syria I do wonder if the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal has something to do with this?  Germ warfare against Syrian civilians perhaps?..........This is interesting, for apparently the laughable F35 POS "fighter" aircraft has been grounded in the United States after pilots of this flying piece of crap have complained about possible Oxygen depravation during flights.  This same problem was long associated with the F22 Raptor and was never properly fixed.  But now the F35 has the same problem?  Lets face it for this thing is indeed a trillion dollar waste of money and should have been scrapped years ago!..........The situation in Yemen is getting worse now by the day as the genocidal famine outbreak is now in full force.  And once again, we can thank the US itself for allowing this disaster to happen by their full support of the criminal Saudis.  It does make me sick to my stomach to see this atrocity continue and of course nothing being reported by the liars in the Jew spew media as well.....Yes, I did watch that bitch, Megan Kelly, make a fool out of herself last week in trying to constantly harp Vladimir Putin about the fraud of "Russia-Gate".  All I can say is how in the hell can NBC be paying this slimy creature some 2.5 million dollars a year to make an ass out of herself?.... And about Putin himself, Yes I am aware that he is in fact a Jew since his mother is Jewish.  And it does indeed call into question his entire actions especially in regards to his support of Assad in Syria.  Is he playing everyone for fools?  Possibly...........I am through with the flat earth idiots, and every single attempt to push their comments here is being instantly rejected.  I blame our failed education system on allowing that nonsense to rise in this day and age......... And finally, I guess I may as well take my usual shots at the Kardashian stupidity once again.  Once again skank #2 is at it again flaunting her liposuction and plastic surgery built body in skimpy bathing suits and dresses.  And once again all of America goes gaga over that bitch and her other siblings while the world goes to hell.  I again must question the overall mentality of Americans when they care about these skanks more than the mess their own government is putting their entire nation into?   Only in America, indeed...

More to come



Unknown said...

It is sort of difficult to describe, but I knew as soon as Russia got involved in the US Election they were going to live to regret it. Of course I know they didn't interfere with them. But they did let it be known where their sympathies lay. Russia would have been better served by not saying anything and not associating with anybody. You cannot expect to be able to jump into the middle of a big stinking pile of shit and not have it get all over you.
American politics, every bit of it on all sides, is a completely morally bankrupt system. A curse on this whole planet that runs on corruption like an automobile runs on gasoline. Apparently the Russians were unaware of this fact, that everybody is corrupt in American politics and if you have any dealings with it you automatically get caught up in its corruption. Drumpf or Clinton it didn't matter, both factions were as crooked as they come. You can't associate with such criminals without attracting suspicion that you are also in on it.

John Doe said...

1. Re: "Over the last week I have received some most interesting comments from certain individuals that are questioning my "ethics"... One of them came up with a most interesting accusation saying that "I am against the Jews, and yet use one of their platforms, "blogger", as my method of conveying my messages... OK, YES I do use blogger as so many others in the alternative media do as well... It is for the moment still a pretty good platform, and until the psychotic tribe members suddenly censor it, I will continue to use it to my advantage.... And honestly, is that the best that they can come up with to attack me? I expected them to try to once again try to accuse me of being a Jew or being "antisemitic", but this is a new one...."

Boy oh boy. Are you paranoid or what? Why don't you give me credit for that comment instead of hiding my ID as "one of them" or that "they" attack you. I merely tried to tell you how you can be perceived based on YOUR unfounded "accusation" that I'm an agent "assigned" to your blog. You are so full of yourself.

Here is my advice to you - instead of waiting to be taken down, you should always have plan B. Do you have one? If so, where is it? If not, why not?


2. Re: "Possibly...........I am through with the flat earth idiots, and every single attempt to push their comments here is being instantly rejected. I blame our failed education system on allowing that nonsense to rise in this day and age..."

You are funny NTS. Are you asking me to stop showing you the inconvenient truth about the Globe Earth lie? First you tell me that you will approve my "Flat Earth" comments if I base them on real science, then you censor them. Next you make a special post about idiocy of Flat Earth without letting me to respond with any comments, including those with scientific angle. Heck, you don't even have comments from the Globe Earth lie supporters. If YOU had any brain, you would have figured out by now that there is something wrong with the Globe Earth model. It may appear to be working but it does not reflect the reality. It's all spinning dark magic with dark masses and dark holes in "space" sucking up your money and imagination.
Did you know that all maps are wrong? The AE or Gleason Flat Earth map is not accurate but you make fun of it as if your friggin globe was real. It just a projection. Selenelion lunar eclipses disprove Globe Earth "proof". There is no curvature in reality because we can see buildings and land masses from the distances much greater than the curvature formula (8 inches per mile square) allows them to be seen. That's the real science not your "Globe" pseudoscience.

More to come :)

Unknown said...

Some useful resources on the Influence of the Masonic lodges in history since the
IMO,...the Old Game with its MIC/Banker extortion is positioning as Eurasia and OBOR rise and USD $ oil extortion declines.
They want the war with Iran.
Iran's Offshore banking Mullahs know they Too...must play the Masonic game.
....No exceptions.

The Masonic Game burned Europe down in 2 World wars. reduce Germany as primacy
Economic challenger..and to keep Germany from joining Russia.
The US Civil War was Masonic contest both North and South
Sending their own Nation into the Maelstrom part of the Game.

Jews and Zionists cheering Israel's military and political strength should note that
Their Occult future and the Masonic world game to reveal Lucifer,
Is Israel gets sacrificed!

torus said...

Eric Dubay once stated in a video that, "the things they call planets look exactly like the things they call stars."
One doesn't require star or planetary maps to locate Venus and a good set of binoculars will reveal that it is indeed round. Decades ago I used star and planetary maps as provided by "them", The Royal Astronomical Society, to track and eventually view Jupiter and Saturn through a reflecting telescope. They too are also round. Why is planet Earth the alleged anomaly in our solar system? Eric Dubay has come to take the credulity of his audience for granted. He also believes that Earth is the "center of the universe", with King Eric I assume being the epicenter. Doesn't he also believe that "we" are all God?
That's not science or even pseudo-science. That's pure unmitigated 100% new age fluff, puffery, and pomposity.
"The cumulativeness that makes science the unique phenomenon it is and the glory of our age is misleading. It seems to imply that there is something called science which is an entity in its own right. This science with a capital S takes on an authority; it becomes a kind of institution. It is said that new discoveries are made by science, predictions are made by science, progress is made by science. And so on.
In point of fact, science never discovered anything. People invent microscopes, telescopes, dynamos, spectroscopy, inferometers. People discover electricity, gravity, calculus, new planets and new elements. Bit when they have done so (and very often it is years before the accomplishment is acknowledged), credit is given to "Science".
We don't speak of "Art" as having "discovered" impressionism or photography or motion pictures. Nor do we think of "Music" as having developed the pianoforte. But we even credit science with discovering things which were initially denied and rejected by the science they later "became".
People don't believe in ghosts anymore. At least they say they don't. But everybody believes in SCIENCE. And science is a ghost. Like most ghosts it is not only scary, but it is used by some people to scare other people."
Arthur M Young, Modern Idolatry

Arthur's essay continues and is well worth the read.

What else do people do? They engage in "Lysenkoism" in the name of "Science".
Cultural Lysenkoism is to reach a predetermined conclusion as dictated by an ideological bias, often related to social or political objectives.
Post WWII documentation of "history" and the "holocaust" in particular reveals cultural Lysenkoism in all its hideous glory.
While Eric Dubay allegedly seeks to displace "Satan" and the "ghosts" that the demon-king uses to persuade and scare people. I can't help but feel that he is engaged in his own form of cultural Lysenkoism.

Unknown said...

Google Judaism's definition of "human".

torus said...

"We are concerned here with the nature of science as a component of our culture. In its role as custodian of the creative insights and discoveries of individual persons it deserves our admiration and respect. Insofar as it channels the thinking of the many - whether these be the professional scientists as members of the order, or the public to whom the pronouncements of science have an authority that cannot be challenged - is quite a different thing. It must be questioned in much the same way as the abuses of the church were questioned in previous centuries.
Science, ghost or not, does exist as the embodiment in communicable form of the findings of hundreds of creative persons whose individual accretions have built up an edifice of scientific tradition. It was this that enabled Newton to say, "I stood on the shoulders of giants." And it is this that enables even a college freshman to do calculus. As such, it is both a great contribution and also a great encumbrance. The more monumental science becomes, the more it constitutes a massive prejudice, or more correctly a blanket endorsement of the unthinking inertia of credulity. Science, once the avocation of a few pioneers, is now common agreement, not merely among the hundreds of thousands of personnel on research teams, the engineers, the white-collar class (who are actually no longer an elite financially, numerically, or hierarchically), but to the man in the street, who looks to science to tell him what to think and believe. Science has become the church of today. And like the Christian Church that it has replaced, it interprets the initial teachings for its own salvation and preservation."
-Arthur M Young, Modern Idolatry

And round and round and round it goes.

How do we know the earth is round?

How do we know the earth is flat?
"SCIENCE...erm, and by exposing the lies of the SCIENTISTS who use SCIENCE to abuse man into the unthinking inertia of credulity!!"

Eric Dubay is free to invoke a personal philosophy as to how the earth is the alleged center of the universe with an alleged "god" who watches over his creation. And he HAS to do this as a philosopher, not as a "scientist". When you start mixing the two both become an embarrassment in my humble philosophical opinion.

John Doe said...

Why are you talking about Eric Dubay?

Northerntruthseeker said...

Because Eric Dubay is the major Psy-op person hired by the CIA to push this flat earth nonsense... And at the same time he is in it to make a quick buck off of gullible people....

Northerntruthseeker said...

I let some of your comments through "john doe", but I will no longer tolerate any of your nonsense in pushing the flat earth nonsense...

I cannot help you if you have been hopelessly brainwashed by the bullshit artists behind flat earth stupidity, and until you can see you have been made a fool, your comments will be monitored and some censored...

John Doe said...

Re: "Because Eric Dubay is the major Psy-op person hired by the CIA to push this flat earth nonsense...

And what did I imply in my second comment you didn't allow to be seen? I also believe that Eric Dubay is a controlled opposition, pretty much like Alex Jones. First they tell you the truth but later steer you away to some philosophical crap or won't name names of real perpetrators of 9-11 (respectively).

As for the opinion that Flat Earth is a Psy-op designed to discredit the REAL truth movement, I want to know how searching for the truth can discredit the truth movement? The reality is most people have not researched Flat Earth but they think they know all the answers. When they discover that they are wrong, it hurts their ego and the cognitive dissonance kicks in. So they say it's a Psy-op as a way to avoid dealing with it.
But I accept that from you. In a way it reminds me of the fighting scene from "They live" movie...

John Doe said...

For those who haven't seen the full movie, here the link to free copy (with Spanish subtitles):

"They Live" (click the "Fullscreen view" button in the upper right side of the screen)