Saturday, June 3, 2017

Here We Go Again: Yet Another False Flag In The UK - Attack On London Bridge, Initial Reports Claim A "Terrorist" Attack Using Knives (!)

Well, here comes more "fear porn" for the British people.... It was bad enough that they were gullibly stupid to believe that there was a "terrorist" attack in Manchester arena almost two weeks ago, and NOW today comes a new report of an "attack" by men of "Mediterranean appearance" on the London Bridge in London itself....

And since this is a brand new "attack" I figured I would start off by showing one of the first reports coming in from "The Sun" online news at Here is the link to that report that claims that "seven" are feared dead after a van plowed into pedestrians on the bridge:

OK, Does anyone else find it strange that these "terrorists" would come out of this white van (WHY are these vans always "white"?... Shades of other such attacks including the white vans driven by Mossad agents on 9-11) and start "stabbing" victims with long knives?  Why knives at all?

And now we may see a "ban" on knives in the UK thanks to this incident...It is bad enough that the British people have been disarmed of guns for self defence, but now they are going after knives as well??

And of course, Peekay22 has already released one video, with many more to follow about this "incident" in London England... Here is his first video here for all to see for themselves:

Well, I am indeed waiting for further pieces to come forward to try to make sense of this one... I can guarantee that we will know DEFINITELY that this is a fraud the moment that the fraud of "ISIS" takes responsibility for this latest attack...

And what is to gain from this newest attack?  Obviously the criminal May government has a lot to gain by this type of attack for she may reimpose the "critical" or "extreme" terror level in the UK and possibly even cancel the upcoming elections (which she was definitely going to lose).... Therefore it would not shock me at all if that criminal takes those actions and further puts the entire UK nation under lockdown....

Yes, there is a lot more than meets the eye with this one.... And of course with me being the ultimate pessimist, something definitely stinks to high heaven..... As more information comes forward as well as evidence of this being yet another false flag, I will definitely have those reports here.. Stay tuned..

More to come


Update, June 4th, 2017: One commentator alerted me to the phenomenal "coincidence" that one very astute BBC reporter, Holly Jones just "happened" to be on the bridge at EXACTLY the moment these so called 'terorists' went on their rampage... Honestly, what are the chances?  Read the link to the BBC website here about this extraordinary coincidence:

OK, for the BBC to have people in place at exactly the right time to "report" on this type of incident is beyond coincidence, and I do indeed smell a rat.....


Greg Bacon said...

Why knives at all?

Knives mimic the staged Palestinian kids attacking the IDF with knives before getting blasted in a hail of gunfire.
The truth is that the cowardly IDF, who excel at shooting women and children, can't fight for shit, so they blast the Palestinians, then add a 'throwaway' knife to the scene to help cover up their gruesome murders.

With knives now being used in these ISIS--Israeli Secret Intelligence Service--attacks, Israel and her MSM can claim we're all in this together, so you see why have to deal out lethal justice.

That 16 yo girl that just was murdered was probably resisting sexual assault and took off running and was gunned down.

TVKellyBlack said...

BBC reporter Holly Jones was on the bridge when it happened! What are the chances of that?

Zero. Unless of course the bBC had prior knowledge. She was soooooooo lucky because the van swerved around her just before ploughing in to others!

The van driver was considerate. After he'd parked the van behind some traffic lights, without damaging them, he switched on his hazard lights before getting out.

Another hoax. The bus in one of the main photos was 133, a 33 right in your face.

Jawad said...

I like your analysis greg, now everyone skeptical about Palestinian false flag knife attacks will surely believe in them. I'm angry but I also know that the Jews are cursed people so I'm never surprised when they kill children and women, it just comes so naturally to them
These scum of the earth will get what they deserve soon

Unknown said...

6/5 Morning. American/Jewish MSM, "ISSIS is claiming credit". They are showing pictures of the alleged body of an alleged attacker wearing a fake explosive vest. The police when they saw the vest promptly killed him with a shot to the head, is their story. There is NO blood and NO damage to the head which is clearly visible from only a short distance away.

Unknown said...

Re: "OK, for the BBC to have people in place at exactly the right time to "report" on this type of incident is beyond coincidence, and I do indeed smell a rat....."

BBC's live reports are as legitimate as NASA's from I$$. Let's not forget their complicity in 9-11 events by premature broadcasting about the collapse of WTC7. When they were exposed as liars, they called the evidence as "small and honest mistake". Oh, and the original BBC's tapes were lost as NASA's from their alleged Moon landing.