Monday, June 26, 2017

Exposing Vladimir Putin: Perpetuating Putin Platitudes Proves Pitiful Personal Perception Problems Permeate People's Psyche

Recently I put out an article where Paul Craig Roberts voiced his concerns over where the US was going, and how we were being led by the criminals in our governments towards an insane war with Russia... In Paul Craig Roberts' article, he called Vladimir Putin basically the "savior" of our world, but I am not convinced.. I have always wondered about Putin and where he REALLY stands...

One fellow Canadian truth seeker, Greencrow, was also wondering about my stance on Putin and how I am questioning his real past and his true origins.. Many writers have come forward and stated that Putin himself was actually Jewish, thanks to his maternal grandmother who many have claimed to be a Jew herself.....  I have always been careful in terms of my own perception of Putin, knowing full well that I and others have been wrong in the past about so called "saviors" who have turned out to be Jews or Jew butt kissers, and therefore I am not sold on Putin himself as being the next great "savior" of the planet....

Well, one fellow real truth seeker, Buelahman, who of course writes the blog  "Buelahman's Revolt" at, has always had a cynical view of Vladimir Putin, and his newest article calls into question everything about this man and where he truly stands.... I want to present Buelahman's newest article, entitled "Perpetuating Putin Platitudes Proves Pitiful Personal Perseption Problems Permeate People's Psyche" right here for everyone to read for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


How many of you are still championing Vladimir Jewtin as America’s next great hero?
This game of manipulation isn’t new. They have been playing us for some time, setting the stage for the gullible Americans to be picked apart. I remember that Russia (Soviet Union) was the scary monster, ready to annihilate us at the blink of an eye. I remember them having drills, making us hide underneath desks and tables. I remember all the media claims of imminent disaster and total mayhem. Nuclear testing, space/moon trip wars… threat, bluster and fear.
After the fall of the Union, we seemed to get a bit of a break, but now it is ramping right back up with the new puppet master doing his work. The game had Putin and Obama as the main players: Obama playing the weak, faggy, limp-wristed underling and Putin playing the strong, viral, bear-fighting MAN in control. I even gave him some guarded props.
For the past 8 years or so, Vlad has been made more and more visual for us which led to me doing a video based from Dave’s parody, where I showed the setup of this Kabuki during the Obama administration.
The narrative from the MSM is, as usual, made to drive us towards him as a rational, sensible savior figure (it works this way because as we know, the MSM demonizes people understanding that the disdain and distrust of Americans towards the MSM makes us scurry to the opposite side… just as all the negative Trump publicity got him elected). And many people fell/are falling for it.
Mike King of Tomato Bubble allowed me to do a graphic for him that he featured in a post.
Mike has been a fan of Putin’s, but I quickly saw something wasn’t quite right,  (although completely Kosher). And the more skeptical of everything I become, the more I question these narratives.
Thus far I have plastered this place (and everywhere else I can) with the fact that Israel controls Trump. But that appears to be only part of the story.
Enter Brendon O’Connell who explains the connections, making more sense to me than any other analysis thus far.
Donald Trump is completely compromised.
Netanyahu is giving high technology stolen from the United States to Putin.
Putin and Netanyahu are co-operating.
Netanyahu is selling U.S high tech to the enemies of the Uniyed States.
The mechanism by which Israel steals technology is a program known as “Talpiot”.
Both Putin and Netanyahu are working towards the collapse of the United States politically. With their dunce, Chabad Lubavitch appointed Donald Trump.
There is always a jew in the woodpile. And with Putin, he may actually be the jew.

NTS Notes:  I do have a lot of faith in Buelahman, considering the fact that he has been so right all along about US President Donald Drumpf and his real agenda... Buelahman had warned most of us about Drumpf not being this great "savior" for America and he was proven spot on that Drumpf is indeed nothing more than another Jew butt kisser... Therefore we should all heed what he states about Vladimir Putin and his true agenda....

There is so much that most of us do NOT know about Vladimir Putin, and therefore we should never jump on the "bandwagon" of this man being a hero and the man that we all should trust.... So many times before, when it comes to "hero worshiping" of "saviors of the planet" we have been fooled and made to look the fool..

I for one will continue to be weary of Vladimir Putin.... I will not trust this man until he can flat out have nothing to do with the Jewish criminals that are still very much in control of Russia and work to get rid of them... I doubt if we will see that happen any time soon...

More to come



torus said...

I've never trusted Putin. I unsubscribed from Mike King's "Tomato Bubble" due to what appears to be bordering on Putin-o-philia.
Putin's stance on the "holocaust" is a guarantee that he'll never be dropping a true "thought bomb" such as "the official 9/11 story is a crock of shit." The longer that lie continues to fester the greater the madness will grow. Nyet nyet, Soviet.

torus said...

"The more monumental science becomes, the more it constitutes a massive prejudice, or more correctly a blanket endorsement of the unthinking inertia of credulity."

That unthinking inertia is now thicker than oil, blood, and tar.
We can't discuss "ISIS", foreign policy, the Middle East, Afghanistan, Bush, Obama, Clinton, Trump, or Putin without reconciling how TWO planes literally PULVERIZED THREE skyscrapers.

BuelahMan said...

First, thanks for sharing, kind Sir.

2nd, its just a theory a few of us hold (I've heard Nick Spero discuss it). But, as you know, I am skeptical of every MSM narrative. And why shouldn't we be? They lie constantly.

3rd, there will never be another 'Hitler' (meaning a true Nationalist common man cum world leader hero) to the rescue. Its too far gone for that (especially in the US). Most especially in Russia, which is still a jew controlled state (no matter how much the alt media would have you believe), with many compatriots living/working in Israel. Most of the leaders are Soviet (Marxist) descendants.

Its laughable that anyone would call Trump 'Hitler', by any stretch of the imagination of evil or world importance. He couldn't shine Hitler's shoes. But he would kiss Nuttyahoo's ass. No telling what he'd do to Putin (or let Putin do to him).

Unknown said...

One thing that seems to have gotten by just about everybody involves the American shootdown of the Syrian aircraft. Putin said that all American or Coalition aircraft and drones flying west of the Euphrates would be tracked as targets if, and this is what everybody missed, they were in areas where RUSSIAN forces were operating. Not one word was said about Syrian forces. People should focus on what Putin says, not what they wished he would say. Looked at logically instead of emotionally Putin has showed his hand here. Two days of Israeli airstrikes against Syria and Putin does nothing. He is indicating that as long as they don't attack Russians the United States and Israel can do with Syria as they please. True, Russia will defend their vital interests in Syria, but those are their interests not Syria's, unless they coincide. "By their fruits you shall know them."

John Doe said...

Re: "I for one will continue to be weary of Vladimir Putin.... I will not trust this man until he can flat out have nothing to do with the Jewish criminals that are still very much in control of Russia and work to get rid of them... I doubt if we will see that happen any time soon..."

I found a long article from November 5, 2014 ("Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’) in which the author argues the opposite. Here are several paragraphs:

"However, just like JFK back in the early ’60s, once Putin saw exactly how the AAA game was being played on the people — EVERYWHERE — he flipped on them and has never looked back. Because his predecessor Boris Yeltsin, who passively assisted the Russian oligarchs in the plundering, pillaging and raping of the Russian Motherland, gave his firm and sincere blessing to Putin as political heir, no one ever thought Putin would perform such a radical 180° turnaround. In both the formulation of state policy and administration of the federal government he set about the process of taking back Russia from those who misappropriated her wealth. So dramatic was his conversion against the rapacious oligarchy that he is now spoken of as a veritable reincarnation of Peter the Great, who also saved Russia from enemies both within and without."
"Only by divine ordination does a KGB lieutenant colonel wind up fulfilling the last wishes of his predecessor by serving alternately as both President and Prime Minister of Russia. Because Vladimir Putin took that presidential directive so seriously, however, he now sits in the crosshairs of the most formidable military machine and economic juggernaut on Earth. However, in stark contrast to JFK’s short tenure, which took place in the very belly of the beast, Putin has an unparalleled firewall of protection erected around him. He knew that if Boris Yeltsin’s final wish ("Take care of Russia - protect Russia") was to be carried out, he and his collaborators would have to be protected from all sorts of harm and mischief. The AAA team, after all, never plays nice and always breaks the rules (Rules, what are rules to the AAA?!)."
"The whole world has Vladimir Putin to thank for his sane and sober response to so many conflicts and skirmishes, false flag attacks and proxy invasions being staged around the globe on a weekly basis by the Anglo-American Axis."
"There is a massive amount of false information being spread across cyber-space regarding Vladimir Putin. One of the primary disinfo campaigns is to link him to the very oligarchs who still remain in positions of power in Russia. Putin inherited an unprecedented economic mess and financial disaster after decades of communist mismanagement. He was also forced to deal with pervasive political problems and endemic government corruption from the same era. All the while he had to steer the country through major social, philosophical and religious transformation. In view of this context, is it not clear that he had to — initially — make as many friends as possible before all the purges began?

continued below...

John Doe said...

"Given these realities, Putin did what any righteous and pragmatic leader would do — usher the process along in as smooth and painless a way as possible. The vast majority of Russians had already suffered terribly … for many decades. Therefore, he has always tried to work with those who have been cooperative. Some of the oligarchs saw the writing on the wall and made the overtures necessary to convince Putin of their loyalty to rebuilding Russia first. Those that left the Motherland would not renounce their thieving ways. Those who have stayed are much more aligned with Putin’s program than their previous affiliations and behavior might indicate. When faced with either being exiled or joining the cause, it became a fairly easy decision for those oligarchs who valued their Russian roots and heritage.

Then there is the matter which concerns those who assert that Putin must be in bed with the Rothschilds, the Western elite, the NWO, the Illuminati, the World Shadow Government, the FED (banksters), the Anglo-American Axis, etc. As the president and prime minister of a once superpower nation, how could he possibly terminate all the normal international relationships in the midst of rebuilding the nation? It was only through the vital trade and commerce with Europe, as well as satisfying the energy demands of those and other countries, that Russia had the cash flow to survive the whole ordeal. So much of the Russian economy was (and is) driven by oil and gas revenue; a reality that Russia would have to face sooner or later. For the sake of survival, deals were made whenever, wherever and with whomever necessary.

Lastly, there are those who declare that Putin is unwittingly being used as controlled opposition. Do they really think that Putin is not aware of the many games being played by the AAA’s vast network of intelligence services? He was KGB, doing a heckuva lot more than the MSM would ever acknowledge. His involvement at the highest levels of playing the now ubiquitous Great Game gave him an education that only the Committee for State Security could provide. In fact, only the invaluable experience accrued within Russia’s primary security agencies (he was also appointed head of the FSB) could adequately prepare him for his future challenges. Therefore, when many ask how an ex-KGB officer can possibly do good, we wonder how else Putin could have performed the herculean task of a successful national rehabilitation since 1999 … without being purged or assassinated!

Moral of the story: Only an extremely well-connected ex-KGB operative and well-informed ex-FSB Director could possibly have received the necessary support and vigilant protection to have kept him out of harm’s way for the past 15 years as Russia’s premier leader and statesman."