Thursday, June 22, 2017

Exposing NASA's Space Exploit Lies: Updates On The Fraud Of Project Apollo

It definitely has been a while since I last posted up any material on the fraud of NASA's "Apollo Moon Landings"........But with my attention so focused on what ails our sick world, I figured that I would give some updates when I had the chance....

In my last weekend rant, I stated that I would touch on the lie of Project Apollo, and one significant find that did come my way....And it has to do with the fraudulent Apollo 13 mission and how for years now I have known that entire mission was absolutely just a simulated exercise in "space rescue" where the so called "explosion" of April 1970 never actually happened, but was part of the simulation itself!  The so called "Astro-NOTS" were never in any danger at all but were actually safe on good old Earth and not some "200000 miles" away as most believe on their way to the moon... It was a complete lie and sadly almost everyone fell for it at the time..

Now comes a most interesting revelation due to an article that I recently discovered through the Aulis website, at It concerns a most interesting discovery and a cover up by the US government in the days after the supposed "launch" of Apollo 13 from the then Cape Kennedy (now of course Cape Canaveral) on April 11th, 1970.... For just the day after that supposed "launch" there was a most interesting incident in the northern Atlantic Ocean off of the Bay of Biscayne where a Soviet submarine, the K-8, supposedly discovered an Apollo command module that was subsequently picked up by a "fishing vessel" and then hauled back to the Soviet base at Murmansk..... I want to present the link to that amazing article here for everyone to read for themselves about this most curious incident:

OK, I have read that article thoroughly, and it does lead to some most interesting questions and speculations... It also does back up Bill Kaysing's statements that almost ALL of the Apollo Saturn 5 rockets were sent into a suborbital flight and were made to splash down out of public viewing at the time in the Atlantic Ocean....These flights were of course not manned at all......  It is therefore most logical to make the assumption that the Apollo 13 simulation flight was of course blasted off from Cape Kennedy and that the payload CM module was indeed ejected into the Atlantic Ocean where the Russians did retrieve it and take it to Murmansk.....

It is also rational to state that the USS Coast Guard vessel, Southwind, was indeed involved in the retrieval of that Apollo 13 Command Module (CM) from Murmansk under the cover of a "good will" visit to that base.... I also agree with the statement made in this article that this CM was NOT one of the testing "boilerplates" that were supposedly routinely launched into suborbital flights.... What we have here is in fact the real Apollo 13 CM that was part of that mission's simulation flight...

Well, this brings us even more proof of the fakery of the entire Project Apollo scam..... It also once again shows proof that Apollo 13 was indeed just a simulation exercise to 'test for space rescues' that fooled the entire world into this story about "3 brave astronauts" trying to bring their crippled ship safely back to Earth...

OK, next I want to touch on a most interesting article that was sent my way a while back from Greencrow, who of course writes "Green Crow As The Crow Flies" at, that shows that there are definitely suckers born every minute... For according to her article in her Cawrant#47, apparently the clowns at NASA are trying to make a few extra bucks from their Apollo Moon lies by having a 'bag of moon dust' collected from the "historic" Apollo 11 mission that was supposedly "lost" suddenly reappear and is being auctioned off by Southby's Auction house for a reported $4 MILLION dollars!  Here is the link to the original report from the Mashable website, at, for everyone to see for themselves:

Yes, that is a travesty.. The poor sucker that will purchase that "moon dust" will be getting good old dirt from Earth that is worthless.... It also shows the stupidity of people still abounds that they still do not understand that Project Apollo was a massive lie.....

I will have more reports on the fraud of  Project Apollo to come here at this blog..... It has now been some 46 years now since the last "trip to the moon" of Apollo 17, and the lies about "man's greatest achievement" are still out there and still believed by BILLIONS of suckers.... The truth must instead be told that it was indeed nothing more than a massive lie...

More to come



greencrow said...


Ironically, one of the biggest mysteries about the "Lunar Landing Hoax" is why otherwise reputable "truthers" like Mike Rivero (who used to work in Hollywood on computer-generated those used in the NASA hoaxes) still cling to the tattered fables of the "Greatest Achievement of Mankind". What's in it for him? I ask. Rivero has banned my blog posts from his site...rather than accept that the Lunar Landing stories are a complete and humongous--lie from start to finish. As time goes by and the Russians keep leaking damning information--like the one you reported on in this post...Rivero and those like him are going to lose their entire reputation over this. Time to bail on the Lunar lies/hoax...or should I say, "eject" from it.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Here is the scoop on Michael Rivero... He was a former employee of NASA and is still yearning for periodic work from them today! Knowing that fact means that he is trapped in almost certainly knowing that NASA is a sham, but he cannot expose that fact or lose his chances of further employment from them....

greencrow said...


Yes, I do recall that Rivero has a blatant "conflict of interest" in that regard and should recuse himself from any comments re the Lunar Landings.

Here's a very interesting video I just finished watching:

There is some material re the Lunar Landing Hoax as well as the JFK assassination...and some really weird stuff at the end too.

Anonymous said...

For years, I had to defer on this one. I always said that we had the technology to fly and land and fly again, and I said that the jews would want to know what was on the Moon, too, so I accepted the Moon trips, despite nagging problems.

But recently I have delved into the decade-plus of archived broadcasts by the great independent scientist James McCanney (website,, and when I add what he says from his expertise to what you have always said, I finally concluded with finality that the going out of low Earth orbit (LEO), going to the Moon, and coming back -- without everybody dead -- is all a pack of jew LIES.

Thank you.

Part of what held me back for years was that I feared the photographic and audio evidence was doctored. I knew that the government doctored anything and everything they wanted to doctor. But I feared that those who claimed "hoax" might also have doctored "evidence."

But I listened to great German rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun -- brought to the USA after WW2 -- say on audio in 1959 that the problem of the "Van Allen Belt" must be solved before astronauts could go anywhere above LEO (low Earth orbit).

And McCanney says part of the radiation from the Van Allen Belts (now we know there is more than one "belt") would hit the metal of the spacecraft and turn into X-rays and fry the astronauts. And he says he worked with Russian scientists in Russia in the 1990s and they laughed at the Apollo claims because, they said, they had sent a ship with one or more cosmonauts around the Moon and back, and the man/men returned dead. And they never went out of LEO again.

Likewise, since Apollo, in all these decades, even the jewSA has not sent anybody else through the Van Allen Belts, let alone into the direct and devastating effects of the Sun's radiation, especially solar flares and such eruptions.

I talked with a woman in line at a WalMart store the other day. She reacted to what I said (part of what's above) by saying she worked for NASA in Florida and blah blah blah and we did land men on the Moon. I was kind to her. I mentioned the photos showing no burnt depression under the Lunar Lander -- no disturbance under there at all. She actually thought she knew something about physics by saying that in that weak gravity the propulsion of the rocket engine wouldn't disturb the dust/sand!

Anyway, we could go on and on with evidence. Oh, and McCanney says NASA claims to have "lost" all of the original video and audio and photos! And they refuse to aim our great telescopes there and allow 3rd-party verification of the telescope aim and photos of the supposed hardware left on the Moon by the astronauts.

Yes, we could go on and on.

No Doubt. Only machines (and maybe a dead Russian) have been to the Moon and back.

Thank you for your hard work against the barrage of jew lies and the stubbornness of we intellectuals :-) .

James Laffrey