Monday, June 12, 2017

Exposing The Global Warming Aka "Climate Change" Fraud: Great New Articles Expose Man Caused Global Warming As Pure BS!

I am a most perturbed real truth seeker these days.... I have been putting up article after article here at this blog for years now trying my best to get even those with severe cognitive dissonance and those with almost zero attention spans to realize that all of this hype about man caused "Global Warming" is one of the worse frauds imaginable.... It has been a severe uphill battle against those who have been constantly calling ME a liar and harping the worse lie out there that the "Science of Global Warming being real is no longer in question".... I have persevered though and will continue to do my damn best to expose this fraud every chance I get!

Luckily, those in the alternative media and even those I call the REAL truth seekers have now turned their attention to this massive fraud... Most are now understanding that the swindle of "Global Warming" is indeed one of the key pillars used by the criminal Jewish scumbags in their plans for world domination.... And I do want to thank them for finally coming around to this important subject... All I can say is.. "Its about time!"

Well, I want to attack the fraud of man caused Global Warming or as these liars are now calling "Climate Change" here with several important articles that I have come across over the last few days... First, I want to present a great article from Mike King, over at the Tomato Bubble website at, that shows the timeline of all of this Global Warming stupidity for everyone to see how people for decades have been duped about this fraud... Here is the link to Mike King's article here:

OK, I am indeed old enough to remember back in the 1970's the television series "In Search Of" that was narrated and hosted by Leonard Nimoy... There was indeed one episode in particular that talked about an approaching new "Ice Age" that according to the episode was ONLY decades in the future.. My how times have indeed changed that the propagandists behind the "Climate Change" fraud were able to switch their direction and go a full 180 degrees turn from an approaching "Ice Age" to the modern fraud of the world "Overheating"!   Sadly most people simply do not get it that they are being scammed....

Now, I want to present the following link to a new article from the American Thinker website, at that shows that modern science is indeed (finally) fighting back against the entire Global Warming fraud... .Here is the link to that article here:

I am absolutely delighted that some of the best alternative media sites have indeed now been taking on this fraud, and as that article shows, are now taking shots at the so called "science" behind the entire fraud....

And finally, I do want to present the following article that came courtesy of Cartier McCloud's website, at This one comes from the Expel The Parasite website, at, and not only calls into question this entire fraud, but shows evidence that this Global Warming scam is indeed part of the criminal Jewish conspiracy aimed at world domination.. First here is the link here to Cartier McCloud's article and analysis of this scam here:

And here is the link to that important "Expel The Parasite" article here:

When I first became aware of this Global Warming fraud over a decade ago, I thought it was concocted only by scam artists such as Al Gore and his cronies as a "Get Rich Quick" scheme... But over a decade of research has shown myself that there is more to this scam than what anyone thinks and that indeed the criminal Jewish elite are absolutely using it as one of their platforms for world control... One of the major scams that they want to use of course is their fraudulent "Carbon Tax" fiasco that according to some estimates will rake in ... 15 TRILLION DOLLARS over the next few years alone!  

Yes, even I here in Canada have a lot at stake with the fraud Global Warming madness.. For the crooked Canadian government under that criminal Justin Trudeau is pushing ahead and wanting to ram his "Carbon Tax" fraud down the throats of ALL Canadians.... This travesty will cost the average Canadian family several thousands of dollars extra every year in taxation... This is nothing more than a fleecing!

It is indeed time that everyone gets mad and goes after their politicians to stop this "Global Warming" scam... Criminals such as Al Gore should never be praised for trying to steal from citizens for perpetuating this fraud, but rightfully deserve time in jail for their lies....

And again, I will continue to bring forward these articles here at this blog when I do come across them... Pass them around and get everyone else up to speed about this hoax...

More to come


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Re: "It is indeed time that everyone gets mad and goes after their politicians...

You've got to be kidding, right?
"Politicians are put there to give the idea that you have a freedom of choice. You don't. You have owners."