Saturday, June 17, 2017

Due To Fathers Day Tomorrow, Sunday Rant Will Be Delayed (Again!)

My family has decided to celebrate Fathers Day, and they want my undivided attention for most of tomorrow... I will be out and about starting early in the morning with them until very late in the day.

Therefore tomorrow's rant will be delayed once again.... I may be able to piece together some material and fire it off tomorrow night, but probably will have to send it off on Monday instead...

Thanks for your patience, and once again in the meantime take a look at the outstanding material put out by those who I truly believe are the REAL truth movement and are whom I call the "finest bloggers that I know"..... They are of course listed in the right hand column of this blog...

And of course, happy Fathers Day to all of the hard working (and yes, very much overworked) dads out there... I know that I will probably have a great time with my own family tomorrow!

Thanks and as usual...

More to come


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