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Another Step Toward Devastating War - Newest Article From Paul Craig Roberts

Even as I type this article, the situation in Syria appears to be getting even hotter... As of today, the Russians and the Syrians have basically declared a "no fly zone" over much of Syria... The US does not like it one bit, but the Syrians have EVERY LEGAL RIGHT to impose such a zone considering it is over THEIR territory!  And we must also realize that the US has never been invited into Syria, period, and therefore their mere presence in that sovereign nation is by every rule of law an invasion of a sovereign nation.... It does seem that in the fucked up world of the US Pentagram and their "deep state" they will escalate the conflict and thus risk a major global war against Russia itself....

I have been reading so much material these last few days from not only alternative media sites, but from the Jew spew media to see how they are of course reacting to the situation in Syria... But again the liars in the Jew spew media are purposely filling American heads with pure and utter bullshit to keep them in the dark about the real situation in the Middle East... It seems that the liars in the media and our own governments want to make sure that the sheep are absolutely kept in the dark and being brainwashed with their lies.....

I want to once again bring forward another brand new article from none other than Paul Craig Roberts, from his website at, that gives us a pretty good scenario of where this escalation by the US into Syria is leading.... His article is entitled: "Another Step Toward Devastating War" and is a must read by everyone... I have it right here in its entirety and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Another Step Toward Devastating War

Another Step Toward Devastating War
Paul Craig Roberts
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An idiot American pilot shot down a Syrian fighter that was attacking ISIS, thus confirming that Washington is not fighting ISIS, as Washington claims, but is protecting ISIS, its agent sent to Syria by Obama and Hillary to overthrow the Syrian government. General Michael Flynn revealed on a TV interview that Obama and Hillary had, over his objection as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, made the “willful decision” to send ISIS to Syria.
Washington’s pretense that Washington is fighting ISIS, rather than supporting it, is the excuse for Washington’s illegal presence in the Syrian conflict. Russia and Iran are in Syria legally, invited there by an elected government. The Americans are there uninvited as war criminals. Under international law established by the Americans themselves, it is a war crime to initiate aggression against a country that has not raised a fist against you.
So, to be in Syria, Washington has to pretend to be “fighting terrorism” rather than supporting it. The lie has been given to this claim many times, but now that an American pilot has proven that the US is in Syria to support its agent, ISIS, not even a Megyn Kelly presstitute can honestly claim to believe that Washington is fighting ISIS.
The Russians, Syrians, and Iranians have known this from the beginning. However, these official sources are all suspect in the presstitute Western media. So with the presstitutes’ complicity, Washington’s lie has stood until the idiot American pilot blew the lie out of the sky along with the Syrian fighter and its pilot.
Washington, of course, will lie through its teeth. It is the only thing Washington knows how to do. Washington will claim that it was a “coalition fighter,” that is, some one else was flying the US F-18. It wasn’t us. Or they will claim that the Syrian fighter was attacking women and children, or a transgendered compound or a maternity ward for women raped by Assad’s “brutal troops.” Washington will spin it in some way to make an aggressive war crime into an heroic defense of a victim group.
One question is: Did the idiot US pilot do this on his own, a hot shot playing Top Gun, or was this a planned provocation of the military/security complex outside of channels to begin a conflict between the US and Russia that would prevent any possibility of President Trump reviving his goal of defusing the high level of tensions with Russia? A $1 trillion, 100 billion annual military/secuity budget paid by American taxpayers is at stake.
We don’t know if the pilot acted on his own or on orders.
What we do know is that it did not go down well with the Russians. The Russian Defense Ministry said today that it regards the decision by “the US command as an intentional violation of US obligations in the framework of the memo on avoiding incidents and the safety of aviation flights during operations in Syria signed on October 20, 2015.”
Surprise! Surprise! The Americans broke yet another agreement Washington signed with Russia.
How many agreements with Russia does Washington have to break before the Russians finally understand that a signed agreement with Washington is meaningless? Will the Russians ever learn? The American Indians never did. There is a famous American T-shirt: “Sure you can trust the government: Just ask an Indian.”
Perhaps the Russians finally have learned that any agreement with Washington is worthless at best and a death warrant at worst. The Russian Defense Ministry announced today that Russia is halting all interactions with the US within the framework on the memorandum of incident prevention in Syrian skies. Additionally, the Russian Defense Ministry stated that Russian missile defense will intercept any aircraft in the area of operations of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria and: “In areas where Russian aviation is conducting combat missions in the Syrian skies, any flying ojects, including jets and unmanned aerial vehicles of the international coalition discovered west of the Euphrates River will be followed by Russian air and ground defenses as air targets.”
In other words, in Russia’s understated way, Russia has declared a no-fly zone over all areas of Syria in which Syrian and Russian forces are operating. Any intruder into that area will be blown out of the sky. American, Israeli, whoever, they are dead meat.
As it is Russia, not Washington, who has air superiority in Syria, all that is required is one more dumbshit American pilot, who will get his stupid ass blown out of the sky, and the utter morons in Washington will have to back off or make a mistake. As stupid as Washington is and as full of hubris, the morons will make a mistake.
There is no intelligence in Washington. Only arrogance and hubris. The quarter century I spent there was with the most utterly stupid people on the face of the earth.
I expect Russia to win this, because Russia has intelligent leadership, and Washington does not.
Nevertheless, perhaps mistakenly, as no one can know everything, I blame Russia for letting the Syrian crisis develop. Russia and Syria would have won the war long ago, except Russia kept declaring premature victory, pulling out, having to go back, always hoping to reach an agreement with Washington. Indeed, reaching an agreement with Washington was more important to the Russian government than winning the war or anything else.
Regardless of the evidence, the Russian government’s hope simply could not die that Russia and Washington could reach an agreement to fight terrorism together. What utter nonsense. The terrorism in the Russian province of Chechnya was instigated by Washington. The Russian government does not seem to understand that there are no independent terrorists. Terrorism is a Washington weapon. So how can the Russian government make a pact against terrorism with the country that is using terrorism as a weapon against Russia?
What does Russia think the neoconservatives’ plan to conquer Syria and Iran is about if not to bring more terrorism to Russia.
Vladimir Putin is a knowledgeable, strong, and able leader of a country. Perhaps he is the only one outside of China. Clearly there are none in the West, a wasteland of leadership.
Little doubt that Putin is a moral leader who is opposed to war and wants the best for all countries. However, by sacrificing the advantage every time he gains it to the nonsensical idea of making an agreement with Washington simply conveys to Washington weakness. Washington thinks Putin is just another person who Washington can walk over. This is a miscalculation, and it will result in war. It would be much better if Putin layed down the gauntlet and made it completely clear that “if you want war, it will be there in 30 minutes.” Suddenly, Russia would be taken seriously.
I admire Putin. But he is playing the wrong game. Instead of parrying Washington’s aggression, he should be aggressive and force Europe and Washington to come to him for a solution.
Putin, the leader of the free world, should not be on the defensive from a bankrupt, two-bit punk, washed up government in Washington that wallows in evil.

NTS Notes: One thing that I have noticed in Paul's articles recently is how he sees the truth that "ISIS" is and always has been the US itself, and that the US government has indeed been using the fraud pretense that they are "fighting" in Syria against "terrorism".... The reality is of course that there is NO "terrorism" as claimed and that the entire "war on terror" is in itself a massive fraud...

I do agree with much of what Paul states, but I am most weary of  Putin being the "leader of the free world".. There is very strong evidence that Putin is in fact a JEW due to the fact that his own mother was indeed Jewish... And with that, we could all be seeing a twisted game here and being played as suckers.....

I will give credit to Paul for seeing the immorality of the same Washington DC today that he was part of only a decade ago.... And yes he is correct in stating that the scum running the US government today are akin to a "two bit punk" that "wallows in evil".... It is still sad that most Americans still cannot see that bitter truth for themselves...

As more of Paul's fine works become available, I will bring them here for everyone to see for themselves.. So stay tuned..

More to come



galaxy582 said...

Mi5 Agent Admits To Killing Princess Diana

The above article is at Jim Stone's site, Northern. What is your opinion of it?

greencrow said...


You've said that Putin's mother was Jewish before and I never asked you to provide a link or proof of such. I have Putin's authorized biography on my desk what he co-wrote (gave interviews for) in the 1990's when he first became a Russian leader. In that biography he says that when he first travelled to Israel on government business, his mother was so afraid for his welfare that she gave him a cross and asked him to wear it on the trip. He has worn it ever since. According to some sources, Putin grew up in a Jewish section of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) but this does not make him Jewish. When I google the only indication I get of his supposed "Jewish" ancestry is that he was raised in a Jewish neighbourhood. Can you provide any other proof?

greencrow said...


Further to Putin's mother being Jewish. Here is a link to the "cross story" I mentioned previously, with a small change. In this version, Putin's mother asks that he have the cross "blessed" at a Holy Site in Israel.

More significantly, here is a video interview of Putin done in 2012 where he goes into detail about his mother taking him to a church for his baptism when he was little over a month old. This was the church his mother's funeral was held in years later. Looking forward to your links showing his Jewish heritage.


greencrow said...

Here is the video. I may have forgotten to put in my last comment

John Doe said...

Re: "The reality is of course that there is NO "terrorism" as claimed and that the entire "war on terror" is in itself a massive fraud..."

Everyone should read "War is a racket" - book by Major General Smedley Butler or listen to the audiobook version.

Northerntruthseeker said...

John Doe.. You already have two strikes against you for your continuing want to annoy myself and others with your flat earth nonsense... As I stated before, I am not posting any of your comments if they even closely relate to the flat earth ridiculousness..

Northerntruthseeker said...

Greencrow.. The evidence that Putin is Jewish stems from the lack of real facts about his mother, who's maiden name was "Shelamova"... Many in the alternative media have stated that the "Shelamova" name is actually "Shelamovitch" which is a Jewish name...

Mike King over at Tomato Bubble had an article a while back also calling into question Putin's origins... Stormfront has been all over this as well and has stated that Putin is Jewish due to the maternal line that claims Jewish origins...

I am in fact still awaiting the final verdict... I have checked the "Jew or not Jew" site and they claim he is not Jewish by giving him a "2" rating on the Jew line....

I should actually have said "some evidence" rather than "strong" evidence, a twist of the wording.... If the evidence does show that he is definitely NOT Jewish, I will state that in an upcoming rant...

greencrow said...

Thanks, NTS, this proves you are a real truthseeker. I don't mind criticism of Putin (I am not a "Putin lover" as I have been called on my blog). I recently criticized Putin's careless sexist remarks about women. He seems to have a blindspot with regards to 50% of the human race. However, I personally do not believe he is Jewish. Any name can be "Jewish".

galaxy582 said...

I just noticed you have an article about the British agent that claims he took part in Princess Diana's murder. I have something I have to do so I'll come back later and read the article Northern.