Tuesday, June 13, 2017

American Run ISIS In The Philippines: Has The US Now Invaded The Philippines? US Special Forces On Mindanao "Fighting" ISIS NOT Invited By Manila Government!

Well, we all should know by now that the still ongoing "James Comey Hearings" taking place in Washington DC are nothing more than pure DISTRACTION away from what ails this planet and especially the illegal wars that the US is conducting all across the planet.... It is especially sad that the gullible American public is falling for that crap and not concentrating on the US moving into southern Syria and unbeknownst to them their latest moves in the Philippines...

Yes, the US has now illegally moved forces into the southern Philippines without the approval of the Philippine President, Duterte, in Manila!   I want to bring forward the following report from the CNBC website, at www.cnbc.com, that states that US Special Forces are indeed on Mindanao island and are "assisting" the Filipino Army in the "war" against their own mercenaries and operatives known as "ISIS" in the city of Marawi.   Here is the link to that report here:


OK, I find this report strange, for as I stated in last weekend's rant, why in the hell would Duterte even ask the criminal US government for "assistance" in fighting the fraud of "ISIS"?  To do so could lead to political suicide considering that the US itself purposely injected their operatives aka "ISIS" into the Philippines to work towards the overthrow of his own government!

Well, apparently, Duterte NEVER asked the US for their "assistance" in taking on "ISIS" in Marawi at all.. For according to the following article from the Independent out of the UK at www.independent.co.uk, apparently Duterte himself is not even "aware" of US special forces in Mindanao!  Here is the link to that article here:


Yes, the situation in the Philippines is getting stranger and stranger by the day... IF the reports are true and the US does indeed have their "special forces" on Mindanao, then once again the US has ILLEGALLY invaded yet another sovereign nation!

To be fair here, there is much more to this strange turn of events in the Philippines than meets the eye, for according to the following report from the SOFREP news site, at www.sofrep.com, the US military is claiming that the placement of US Special Forces in the city of Marawi is "nothing to be alarmed about" and that the press is "blowing it out of proportions".. They claim that the US contingent there is part of the US's "commitment" (?) to the Philippines... Here is the link to that report here:


OK, I smell a piece of pure propaganda here.. The facts are that Duterte has already turned his back on the US and basically has rid the Philippines of all American forces.. Therefore for these US Special Forces to suddenly appear in Marawi without his approval is not only an illegal invasion, but a violation of every international treaty.... This is NOT a "no big deal" thing that this US hit piece suggests.....

And I have the following report from the World Socialist Web Site, at www.wsws.com, that claims that this battle in Marawi involving US Special Forces is part of the Philippine government's own "declaration of martial law" (?) and part of a "joint" effort by the Filipino army and US Special Forces in "fighting" the fraud of "ISIS" on Mindanao... Here is the link to that report here:


OK, here is a reality check... We all know by now that ISIS is a fraud and always has been.. It is operated and financed by the US itself and contains US operatives and mercenaries... The facts are simple that with Duterte rightfully turning away from American control AND taking control of the Philippine's banking system away from the Jewish Rothschild criminal empire, the criminals want to get rid of him and they have concocted this idea of "injecting" ISIS into the Philippines directly to stir up trouble and as a springboard towards the removal of Duterte himself..

And now cue the US to send in their "Special Forces" under the hoax of "eliminating" ISIS... The reality is that the US will now begin to move more of their forces and their operatives into the Philippines under the LIE of "fighting ISIS" and use those forces to covertly overthrow Duterte himself... Yes, this is diabolical and exactly the scenario that the US has employed in so  many other nations....

Lets not be fooled here... The US has no business at all in the Philippines, period.. .They are using this smokescreen of "ISIS" as their method for regime change in Manila... I sure hope Duterte sees what is happening in his own country and demands the US leave immediately!

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RickB said...

The Philippines has been a US possession since the Spanish-American war of 1898.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Rick... The Philippines were supposed to be "independent" as of 1947, but that "independence" has always been a fraud as the American empire continued to maintain their bases and make sure an American suck up was in power....

Duterte is the wild card now, and wants nothing to do with the US... This is why the American empire is now trying for regime change and the reimposition of a puppet regime in Manila!