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While World Attention Has Been (Purposely) Focused In On The Manchester Fraud Bombing: The US And Israel Have Injected Their Fraud ISIS Operation Into The Philippines!

It has still been round the clock 24/7 bullshit Jew spew media reporting on that fraud Manchester arena bombing that more and more is being logically deduced by everyone to be not only a false flag operation, but to give the green light to the criminal British government to crack down on its own citizens as well as to impose a police state on that entire nation.... It is disgusting to see the sheeple out there fall for this fear propaganda once again...

BUT of course while so much attention has been focused in on this Manchester arena "bombing", there is indeed so much happening elsewhere across the planet... And apparently the US-Israel criminal cabal now has its latest bullseye focused in on the nation of the Philippines and possibly a "regime change" there!  And lo and behold the US-Israel criminal cabal has now sent their fraud ISIS operatives and mercenaries to the southern Philippine island of Mindanao to try to begin their planned overthrow of the Duterte government in Manila....

First I want to present the link to the following article from The Guardian out of the UK at where this fraud of ISIS has moved to take over the Mindanao island city of Malawi and has done its usual dirty work in killing innocent people while it ransacks that city and does its usual "beheadings" along the way... Here is the link to that report:

OK, I have been wondering how the Duterte government would react to having this US-Israel led invasion of his sovereign nation take place.. And it did not take long, for according to the following report from the New York Times online at, apparently he has mobilized the Philippine army and is now engaged in a pitched battle in Malawi with these US bought and paid for operatives and mercenaries... Here is the link to that report here:

Now for a reality check... The reason WHY this fraud of ISIS is even in the Philippines to start with is first because Duterte has now moved away from the US empire and domination and has turned the Philippines more and more towards the Chinese and Russians.... I have already reported on this move at this blog in previous reports and on my weekend rants...

And yes, pissing off the Americans and deciding to no longer be part of the American empire was bad enough, but the second reason why the Philippines is a target now is because little attention was paid to how last month Duterte kicked out the Rothschild criminal banking scoundrels from his country!   Here is the link to THAT report from the Your Newswire.Com website, at right here for everyone to see for themselves:

Duterte is indeed a target now for his moves to free the Philippines from not only the clutches of the evil Americans, but also from the enslavement to Jewish controlled central banking... And of course the Rothschilds will never let their slaves escape their domination, so they more than anyone else has now ordered their slaves to "destroy the Philippines" and voila, the US has obeyed their masters and has committed "ISIS" to that destruction...

AND I want to present an interesting article that comes from Jim Stone's own website at that shows definitely how this "ISIS" was purposely injected into the Philippine city of Malawi for the conquest of the Philippines... And Jim shows how nobody is no longer fooled by this fraud of ISIS at all anymore...Here is Jim's article here:

HA HA HA, take a look at this!
They are not fooling ANYONE with ISIS anymore

A couple days ago I reported about how ISIS (tm) had invaded the Philippines. Well, RT just covered the story. Here's some text, AND LOOK AT THE COMMENTS!

Here is some article text:

"The Maute group confronting the Philippine army in Marawi City is no longer considered a local terrorist organization as it has been reinforced by jihadists of Malaysian, Indonesian and "other nationalities, " the country's authorities have announced.

"Before it was just a local terrorist group. But now they have subscribed to the ideology of ISIS. They want to make Mindanao as part of the caliphate, " Solicitor General Jose Calida told a news conference, according to Reuters.

"What's happening in Mindanao is no longer a rebellion of Filipino citizens" but "has transmogrified into an invasion by foreign terrorists who heeded the clarion call of the ISIS to go to the Philippines if they find difficulty in going to Iraq or Syria, " Calida added, as cited by InterAksyon news.

Now look at the comments!

"As Philippines aligned towards China and Russia, US has activated its powerful operatives

"ISIS", to create disturbance in Philippines."

"He learned from his CIA class every terrorist need a adversary and every adversary needs a terrorist"

"USA is a terrorist Country. NATO is a terrorist organization"

" no comment you, re right mate absolutely 100%"

"Duterte starts to have better relations with China and Russia - ISIS suddenly appears...."

"Yeah. I'm surprised the regime change plan hasn't been enacted by now. It will start with protests in Manila followed by a violent, US-backed coup complete with US-paid mercenaries."

"Trained in Syria by the CIA and MOSSAD"

"Trained in Saudi Arabia and Jordan, not Syria."

"Trained in Turkey as well"

"Any of them wearing George Soros T-shirts?"

"Oi Vey; I wonder who could possibly be behind this...."

" The shekel masters?"

"Like clockwork - Phillipines move away from USA influence and then they get terrorists, who have been supported by USA in the middle east"

"We Jews are the destroyers. We will always be the destroyers. Nothing you do will ever meet our needs and demands." - Maurice Samuel

"and they question China building defenses right in the middle of the zone. China patrols the sea to try and prevent pirate terrorists doing business. The US patrols shouting its big mouth."

" China should patrol the South China Sea , quietly escorting any American Navy vessels.
China should also be very careful with Pakistan , its military officers are Wahhabi . They used to do intel for Saudi Arabia. However the biggest threat to China is its recent "interest" in GMO foods. Only Japan has done studies for longer than 3 months . Banned across Europe and Russia , etc."

See the rest of the reports and how the comments evolved HERE

NTS Note: And Jim does a great job with this report here about how the fraud of ISIS got planted into the Philippines in the first place:

The CIA/Israel managed to get ISIS planted in the Philippines

Never mind the fact that it would be a logistical nightmare for any legitimate ISIS to be there. To get embedded in the Philippines would require the full support of a nation state, and not a pathetic one. This takes Israel/Saudi/America type support. ISIS reportedly has overtaken Marawi city, a city of 200,000 that is 30 kilometers away from the nearest ocean access. Duterte has sent tanks and attack helicopters to fight them. 30 KILOMETERS INLAND! The distance of this city from the ocean means there is no conceivable way ISIS could have embedded in this city, weapons and all without nation/state support. It's not like they pulled up in a rickety boat and just dropped in, to get to that city they'd have needed to arrive with a boat, vehicles, the whole 9 yards. I can tell you how this was done, by the CIA:

First, vehicles were purchased from regular dealers in the Phillipines. Then the ISIS agents were flown in after training in the U.S. or Israel, and I'll hedge my bets on "somewhere in Texas, probably El Paso, where ISIS incorporated - a U.S. based mercenary company, has a base that has made headlines over the last couple years.

After the ISIS agents were flown in with U.S. passports, they met an American nuclear submarine that was sent to the coast, in an area with a steep drop off so it could get right up to shore. From there, an inflatable zodiac boat was launched, which carried weapons to the people onshore. They loaded it all into their trucks, and BAM-O, suddenly there's an "ISIS" base in the Philippines. That's how it would be done, and I'd bet $50 that is exactly how it happened, right down to the last detail.

FOLKS, HERE IS YOUR "ISIS" in the Philippines:

Clearly Duterte is being punished for his recent politics and statements. The entire ISIS ruse is so bare butt naked it is bound to eventually get spanked by a nuke.

BEWARE: If you go against the United States, Israel, and the New World Order, you will promptly be delivered the gift of ISIS.

NTS Notes: The bottom line is this... Duterte has rightfully made his choices to free the Philippines from enslavement, and the criminal Jewish elite are now moving to brutally crackdown on Duterte and the Filipino people by throwing "ISIS" onto their islands.....

I will be watching over the next while as the Jew spew media as well wrongfully vilifies Duterte to try to sway the public into the falsehood that he is an 'evil dictator' or a "butcher" much like they have tried against Assad in Syria.

And yes, while attention is constantly diverted elsewhere (purposely) there is indeed so much happening that the sheep are kept in the dark about... And obviously the US-Israel cabal has opened up a brand new front in the Philippines for their evil concept of "regime change"....

I will be bringing future reports here on this "ISIS in the Philippines" situation for all to see.. .This could get very ugly very quickly, and I do wonder if the next step for these scoundrels is to have Duterte assassinated as part of their plans to force their  "regime change" in the Philippines.... That may be next , so stay tuned..

More to come


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Unknown said...

I have been on the lookout for reports of a people called the Moro's. They are a tribal people who inhabit some of the islands. Most have centauries ago converted to Islam but some still practice their original Animism. They have been a constant thorn in the side of first Spanish and then American control of the islands. They have always been a fiercely independent warrior people from ancient times. The US has traditionally labeled them as Islamic extremists and terrorists, but they are in actual fact a popular revolt against foreign occupation of their islands. Witness that not all of them are in actual fact Moslem. The US promised them their independence if they would help them to drive out the Spaniards, but once that was accomplished they occupied the islands themselves and thus ended up inheriting the already existing revolt against Spain.

These people will have nothing to do with the fraud ISSIS. They are a legitimate movement. But my wager is that they, the Americans, will use their global war against ISSIS to also attack these people. Whatever else the so-called war on terror actually is, the US has also used it for a cover for their war with the Moro's.

I agree with the thesis of your article by the way. I just felt that this other affair is also going to be going on at the same time.

The genuine story of Philippine resistance to American colonialism in their country I doubt is known by more than a handful of Americans. Indeed very few know that there was ever such a thing. Let alone what actually happened. But the infamous Philippine Insurrection was absolutely critical in the development of the governing apparatus of the global American, now ZioAamerican Empire. That is why the history has been so suppressed and distorted; it reveals to much.