Friday, May 5, 2017

The Truth About Vaccines: The Vulgar And Disgusting Truth About How Vaccines Are Made

I have been watching the evolution of some of the real truth seekers out there and how many have taken the time to learn the truth about the real criminals in our society, and especially the so called "tribe" that wants us all made to be their slaves in their sickening quest for world domination.....  One of these individuals writes a most amazing blog entitled: "Birth Of A New Earth" over at, who has now focused so much of their attention to the disgusting Jewish criminal tribe and their evil machinations...

Right now, I want to present the following most important article from Birth Of A New Earth, that focuses in on the fraud and lies concerning vaccines and the entire criminal Pharmaceutical Industry that produces these poisons.... This article is entitled: "The Vulgar And Disgusting Truth About How Vaccines Are Made" and is a must see by everyone....I have it right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:



"THIS is what you shot into your precious children. THIS is what you let monsters cultivate to shoot into your precious children. This is what you paid monsters to hide inside your precious children. This is what was created for you by your stolen tax dollars - to infect your children. This is the demon that you summoned and invited into your precious children. This is what you were tricked into believing would make your children healthy and protected."
-- Patrick Jordan

For those who are ready to understand the full nature of Yahoody sorcery and black magic involved in the production of vaccines. Please help make this video go viral.

Henrietta Lacks: At Your Cervix

NTS Notes:  I found the initial photo in this article to be shocking and had thought that it was a fake.. But supposedly that is a real person suffering from a horrific genetic disease afflicting her skin tissue.....

I honestly was never aware of this "Henrietta Lacks" and how this person may be fully responsible for the horrific cancer causing cells that have been purposely added to "vaccines" for decades purposely to give patients Cancer until I listened to this video... I was made aware that the polio vaccines were purposely tainted back in the 1950's to give patients Cancer, but now we have a name associated with that criminal act....

And yes, the video does indeed hit the nail on the head in terms of how vaccines are actually produced.. I have already presented so many articles and links at this site that discuss how these criminal bastards have tainted and purposely put so many poisons and other chemicals into these poisons that are purposely injected into our bodies...

I have also stated so many times that vaccines simply do NOT work, period, end of story... They actually weaken the body's own immune system and thus make us susceptible to the very diseases that these chemicals are supposed to be "fighting".....

And yes the fight against Vaccines continues... Even now there is a push in nations such as my own , Canada, and even the United States, to FORCE citizens to take these vaccines into their bodies or be refused both health care and even employment.... People need to be fully educated and have the weapons available to fight this outrage and thus force our governments to rescind this push for forced vaccination...

More to come



greencrow said...

Thanks for posting this, NTS. So many young women have been violated by the Gardisil vaccine. Most of all, it reveals the truth about Oprah. She is a shill for the Satanists. I've known that for years...ever since she supported and shilled for the attack on Afghanistan after 9/11.

No No said...

Henrietta Lacks was dead when her cells were taken. She was not a scientist, there was no consent and even her family had no idea until 1975. The HeLa line was cultured by George Otto Gey. It is unusual in that it not only will grow without glass, it can continue on a persons hands or even on dust.

That also means that George Otto Gey is responsible for creating, or releasing, the first theoretically airborne cancer cells as well.

wallflower said...

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