Friday, May 19, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Updates On Situation In Syria - The Real Reasons For That Illegal And Criminal US Attack On The Syrian Convoy!

Well, apparently the US government is now hell bent on getting their nice little full scale war against Syria off and running..

Just yesterday I of course reported about the US military launching an assault on a Syrian government forces convoy that was moving eastward from Palmyra, and having the AUDACITY to claim that this attack was "justified" by using the twisted logic that the convoy was approaching a "deconfliction" area!  I for the life of me cannot understand this twisted logic, simply because even the term "deconfliction" does not even exist until now....It was a blatant and illegal attack that has cost the lives of some Syrian forces and supposedly some civilians as well...

Lets not fool ourselves here.. The US does not even belong in Syria... They were never invited into Syria at all at the bequest of the Syrian government and therefore are nothing more than illegal invaders of that sovereign nation.. Therefore their mere presence in Syria is by every international and legal status is nothing less than an invasion!

I have been surfing over the last while looking at other reports from the alternative media about this illegal US attack on that convoy, and I do want to present some of their own findings here.. First, here is a link to a report from The Duran online news source, at, that not only gives a great summary of that atrocity, but also calls it both a crime and a blunder.. Here is the link to that report here for everyone to see for themselves:

OK, I for one do call this attack on that convoy a crime against humanity and a war crime as well.. I do not call it a blunder though in my own estimations simply because the US military knew exactly what it was doing when it struck that convoy!  The US government is actually going to further escalate the situation from now on in the hope that the Syrian government retaliates directly against their forces.. Under the sick and twisted mentality of the US government, if the Syrians do retaliate, then they will have their 'excuses' to launch their full scale war against Syria itself!

One thing that I do disagree with in this Duran article is where it says this convoy attack may have been ordered to divert attention away from the fraud Russia-gate fiasco... The reality is of course the reverse in that this fraud "Russia gate " IS the deception and is being used to divert attention from the US illegal buildup and planned assault into southern Syria!

BUT in spite of this illegal US bombing attack on that Syrian convoy, the good guys are still moving eastward, and according to the following link from the Southfront website, at, their forces are now less than 20km from the important town of Al-Tanf that is ILLEGALLY being controlled by US forces.. Here is the link to that report:

I do wonder what the US will do now? The fight now is basically a race between the Syrian government forces attempting to strike eastward to relieve and secure the Deir Ezzor area, and the US trying desperately to not only keep their fraud "ISIS" alive but to prevent the link up of Deir Ezzor to the government forces...

OK... WHY is Deir Ezzor suddenly this important in the Syrian conflict?  Well, here is a real reality check and a shocker for most people; Few paid any attention to something very important that did happen suddenly and very quietly last month (avoided by the Jew spew media of course..), as the fraud "ISIS" forces were allowed by their US controllers to evacuate Al Raqqa in northern Syria.  AND, to top that off, these fraud "terrorists" have had the NERVE to state that their "new capitol" in their fraud "levant" in eastern Syria is now... Deir Ezzor!  I kid you not, and here is a link to a report from last month showing that action by these fraud "terrorists" that few people noticed:

So.... All of this "planning" and "coordination" with the Kurdish forces in northern Syria for a "planned attack" on Al Raqqa over the last while is just another propaganda bullshit diversion for the dumbed down people to swallow.. It is just another piece of fluff to fill everyones' heads with unmitigated bullshit just like the "attack on Mosul" in Iraq was as well!

The reality is that the fraud "ISIS" forces were moved out with the aid of the US last month, (Just like they were moved out of Mosul Iraq well before the 'attack' there) and right now the majority of their "forces"are indeed situated outside of Deir Ezzor... It is therefore no wonder that the Syrian government forces are now on the move to secure Deir Ezzor.  And equally the US is desperate to stop them to try to save their mercenaries and operatives that make up the fraud "ISIS" from destruction!  Bashar al-Assad is no fool and he sees that Deir Ezzor is and always has been the key all along to destroying ISIS....

If the Syrian government forces are able to break through to Deir Ezzor, then the war in Syria will be over simply because the fraud ISIS capitol city of the "levant" of the fraud ISIS forces in eastern Syria will be captured, and the last vestiges of the entire ISIS fraud operation in Syria will probably be destroyed as well.... These are the exact reasons why the US conducted that illegal attack on the Syrian convoy.

There is of course so much more to come in this continuing war for Syria's freedom.. I will continue to bring forward the real truths about this situation when they do arise here for everyone to see... Stay tuned...

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