Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: While World Attention Was Purposely Diverted Elsewhere, US, British, And Jordanian Forces Readying For Invasion Of Syria!

I really do hate to be proven right about this one... I said in several previous articles and especially in last weekend's rant, that the rush to war against North Korea was not only a sham but was being used to divert world wide attention from the REAL game that the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal has been playing all along, which is the massive build up of forces in Syria's neighboring nation, Jordan, for a planned invasion of Syria itself.....

Well, just today comes a most interesting article that comes courtesy of the FARS news online source out of Iran, at www.farsnews.com, that states that US, British, and Jordanian forces were readying for "joint operation" in Syria itself.... I first want to draw everyone's attention to that article, that I have right here in its entirety for all to see for themselves, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

US, British, Jordanian Forces Readying for Joint Operation in Syria
US, British, Jordanian Forces Readying for Joint Operation in Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- Intelligent agents reported that the US, British and Jordanian forces are preparing for a possible invasion of Syria under the pretext of war on ISIL terrorists.
According to reports, Damascus has gone on the alert after intelligence reports gathered from surveillance drones suggested that the US, Britain and Jordanian militaries may be prepping a massive invasion of Syria.

Nearly 400 American and Jordanian military vehicles have been located at a Jordanian military base near the Syrian desert border, the reports said, adding there is no ISIL terrorists in the region in which the US, British and Jordanian forces are operating.

The reports further added that activities of these three countries at border are aimed at gathering Arab and Western forces in al-Zarqa camp in which there are now almost 4,500 gunmen.

The report went on to say that the gunmen in al-Zarqa camp have gone under training to battle the Syrian army to stretch a belt around Syria, a plan that is nothing more than an occupation.

The intelligence reports also said that the military convoys of the US, Jordan and Britain may launch an assault to help the West-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) around the Al-Tanf border crossing.

Reports also said that the Syrian Army troops, in response to the possible attacks by the US, British and Jordanian forces on their soil, have launched a large-scale operation along the Damascus-Baghdad highway to drive FSA out of the border crossing of al-Tanf.

Earlier this month, the Syrian army advanced towards Badiyeh al-Sham region in Dara'a to defuse the joint plan of the US, Britain, Jordan and terrorist groups to create a buffer zone in Southern Syria.

A military source underlined the importance of the army forces' advance from Tishrin thermal power plant in Eastern Damascus towards Badiyeh al-Sham region in Dara'a, and said the Syrian soldiers established security in the region between Eastern Damascus and Badiyeh.

He said that during the operations, the Syrian fighter jets and helicopters played an important role as they pounded the regions near Tal Dakouh and other regions linking to Dara'a from the South, adding that the operation forced the ISIL to withdraw.

Earlier reports said that the US sought to establish a buffer zone in a large part of Dara'a province and Quneitra so that they would gradually come out of the Syrian government control.

Other reports also said that the Jordanian and British military personnel were preparing for entering the Syrian soil. Also, the Syrian borders with Jordan and Israel witnessed unexpected military moves and measures.  

NTS Notes: Honestly I am not surprised by this... This is definitely NOT for some "joint operation" in Syria as the news source claims to combat the fraud US run "terrorists" in southern Syria, but is absolutely for the long planned INVASION of Syria for the planned overthrow of Bashar al-Assad!

Yes, while everyone was purposely sent by the liars in the Jew spew media to look elsewhere for trouble, and especially in Korea, very quietly and secretively the US along with the UK and Jordan have all been gathering a very large invasion force in northern Jordan and readying it for the planned attack on Syria...

And when will this invasion force be unleashed?  It will be done the moment a new "false flag" attack is launched in Syria itself to be blamed on Bashar al-Assad of course!   And of course we have all of this news coming over the alternative media these days about those fraud "White Helmets" "practicing" another of their patented false flag "gas attacks"..... Therefore the latest and greatest "false flag" is coming and soon....

Now everyone can see the reality here about what is happening in Syria... Bashar al-Assad has been winning his war to free his nation and of course the criminals in the US/Israel/NATO cabal can no longer stand by and continue to let that happen... Therefore the invasion of Syria directly by these criminals is on!

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Unknown said...

It was announced just his morning that Drumpf has signed an executive order directing that the Kurdish forces be supplied by the United States with whatever they need to fight the Assad Government. This has gotten the Turks more than a little upset. This is another indication that an invasion is immanent. They are planning to catch Assad's forces between them. He can fight one or the other but not both at the same time.

Drumpf has now made Turkey into a wild card. In that they can't stand for this, but at the same time they do want to get rid of Assad themselves. For their part it will be choosing between what they consider to be the lesser of a number of evils. They can't just stand aside. I can see the possibility of something like a three-sided war developing. The tribulations of the Syrian civilians are fixing to get a lot worse in the middle of the resulting chaos.

Russia can do nothing effective about it unless they are willing to commit their own forces on a large scale. For whatever reason I don't think that Putin & Company are going to have the stomach for it. That is standing up to Israel. Lavrov is meeting with Drumpf today. Probably in my opinion to get his marching orders from Netanyahu by way of Donald.

That leaves Iran. If they throw their lot in with Syria. That means that we will have the war between the US and Iran that the Jews have been dreaming about. The Iranians will find themselves on the horns of a moral dilemma. They can avoid the trap by abandoning Syria to their fate. Or they can intervene and trust everything to the fickle fortunes of war. Iran cannot afford to come across as weak willed and lacking in the courage to stand up for their friends. No potential ally will ever trust them again if they play the cowards. Consider Putin. He has repeatedly caved in to Israel, the United States, et al, and what has it ever gotten him but even more aggressive behavior directed against his nation. When you are attacked by dogs the worst thing that you can do is run from them.

Unknown said...

In pictures:
Syrian drones spot hundreds of US, Jordanian armored vehicles at the border