Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Illegal Invasion of Southern Syria Is Definitely Coming: More Reports Of US And British Forces Entering Southern Syria Alongside "Terrorists"

I have been warning now for several articles that all of this hoopla with the "rush to war" against North Korea was nothing more than pure propaganda fluff and a diversion... The Jew spew media was in on the bluff by putting up news articles over and over again about "Kim Jong-un being a threat", and of course "North Korea is about to attack America" bullshit, as part of the sick and twisted game to divert and mesmerize the stupified American public to prevent them from seeing what has been happening elsewhere, especially in Syria with the massive build up of men and equipment in northern Jordan for a planned invasion of Syria itself...

Now comes even more information, thanks to the Blacklisted News online website at www.blacklistednews.com, through an article from Brandon Turbeville, where more reports are now coming out fast and furiously showing that the US and the British have indeed been moving forces into southern Syria illegally to fight alongside the fraud "terrorists" against the Syrian government forces.. First here is the link to that article right here for everyone to view for themselves, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:


NTS Notes: OK, I will say it... The illegal invasion of southern Syria is on... All that is needed now is another one of those fraudulent "Bashar al-Assad attacking his own people" bullshit propaganda stunts to try to woo the entire world into supporting such an invasion...

And lo and behold but the latest "Bashar al-Assad" bashing came out the other day with this laughable report that Assad has been "murdering and then cremating executed prisoners" in one of his supposed large prison camps... I have the link to a pure piece of propaganda about this "horrendous act" by Assad right here for everyone to laugh at here:


OK, I read this report from the liars at NBC news, and all I see is more lies and vilification based on NOTHING... No hard facts, no verifiable evidence at all.... And these liars in the Jew spew media and hte liars in the US State Department are expecting the dumbed-down American citizens (and Canadians as well..) to swallow this latest round of  horse manure???

What we have here from the US State Department is a vain attempt to once again picture Assad as some type of mass murderer... But they could have come up with something better than this "crematorium" bullshit right???

OK, So what will happen next?  We must be fully aware now that the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal is hell bent on having Syria invaded from the south... That coupled with the illegal US forces already situated in the north means that these criminals are planning a type of two prong attack in the hope of breaking the back of the Syrian government forces and therefore force Assad out of office... However, these criminals so quickly forget that the Russians are now working and fighting alongside the Syrian forces, which means that any of these illegal attacks could have US forces fighting Russian forces directly!

I honestly do not like where this is going, and I had hoped that the criminal US President, Donald Drumpf, would have at least kept the one "campaign promise" of de-escalation of the situation in Syria and to work alongside Assad and the Russians.. But once again this man is now a proven liar and he is now intent in pushing this Syrian fiasco even further and could indeed soon have the US in a full blown war against Russia....

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greencrow said...


It is hard to believe that the "usual suspects" will risk an OPEN military confrontation with Iran/Russia/Syria. I have to confess that one part of me wants it to happen...call it my "dark side"...because I'd love to see USrael and UK get their @$$es whipped.


Here is an interesting theory I have come across. NK was indeed a faint to distract attention away from Syria until the planned offensive there was ready to be executed. The purpose will be to separate Russia from Iran. Everything is now about destroying Iran as a functioning state. Primarily for the benefit of Israel but also so the major oil companies can get their hands on Iranian oil. Russia will be left with a choice. Abandon Iran and the US will stop trying to remove Assad. Or stand by Iran and the US will do a regime change themselves in Syria. Thus the actual target of the buildup is Iran not Syria, which has already been destroyed as a functioning state.