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More Truth About The Migrant Crisis In Europe: Germany Takes First Step Towards Legalizing Rape Committed By Muslim Men!

Readers at this blog have realized by this time that I am absolutely sickened by this so called "migrant crisis" that has been purposely foisted on the nations of Europe as a method of destroying the Caucasian race.. This illegal flooding of migrants into European nations has gone on for too long and right now NOBODY living in every European nation that has allowed this travesty to happen is no longer safe in their own lands....

But what was sent my way today is absolutely one of the most horrendous things that I have seen so far in regards to these illegals flooding into Europe.... For according to the following report, from the Return Of Kings website, at www.returnofkings.com, apparently the nation of Germany has taken the first steps towards legalizing RAPE committed by these illegal migrants!  I have that report right here for all to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Germany Takes First Step Towards Legalizing Rape Committed By Muslim Men

Recently, a German judge has acquitted a Turkish drug dealer, fully understanding that he forcibly and undeniably violated a woman for four hours to the point of incapacitation. The reason for lack of conviction was that the perpetrator was presumed to not culturally understand what rape was. As described, due to the “mentality of the Turkish cultural circle” (note Turkey is more than 95% Muslim), the Turk was simply participating, in his opinion, “wild sex”. In the justice’s words, “A conviction is not possible, because no intention is demonstrable.”
The defendant maintained that he would never do such a thing because he himself had female relatives. The victim herself, who personally described her direct refusal and the subsequent brutality, when asked “Could it be that the defendant thought you were in agreement?”, agreed. Acknowledged as a “heavy blow” for the injured party, the violent sex was not considered rape and the charge dropped..
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Europe’s Rape Crisis

This is not a unique event. Rape waves have been reported everywhere Muslim refugees have been allowed, and mainstream media always remains silent, if not attempting todefend or falsify the offenses when forced to. However, the particular incident is notable as an official declaration of the German, and likely all Western European, government.
Let them come, and let them rape without consequence.
The leftist narrative has indoctrinated German natives so strongly that their inclusive multicultural respect and bureaucratic conformism is even able to warp what is beyond doubt rape into an offensive cultural question, a question both a legal authority and the sexually assaulted woman answered yes to.
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Nothing was hidden, nothing concealed; all evidence was confirmed and understood, only to be disregarded as an ethnic misunderstanding.
After importing real rape culture into their societies, the people of Germany are rarely successful at reporting cases against Muslim miscreants, and even more rarely at winning them.
Police would rather cover up these crimes, including rapes of their own women, than risk their careers and income, for fear of being branded an Islamophobe in a multicultural society.. One national study showed that less than ten percent of men that are accused of rape are convicted (expectedly, religious and ethnic background were not distinguished)

Where is the national outcry?

Despite the liberal media’s best efforts to eliminate accusations and convictions of migrant crime, the engines of truth render such information indestructible and available to all those who search for it. Those who do know, though they may personally defend their friends and family, lack the political influence and population to change their crumbling society. Some leave, knowing they are unable to eliminate the newfound threats of their ancestral home, becoming refugees themselves of their invaded nation.
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Enraged German men protest against police for their incompetency against combatting Muslim rape
As the Islamic state is given free reign to accomplish cultural dominance, the useful majority continue with their lives, unconcerned about the very existence of their people. The harsh fact remains that the patients offered the red pill have always been in the minority. There is no outcry because the people who are capable of action, the men, have been raised from birth along with their women in pacifist, draining environments, and indoctrinated in multicultural acceptance and enthusiasm.

How does the liberal institution portray these events?

The issue with promoting a narrative of lies is that you must handle the flagrant inconsistencies your followers see.
Silence is a simple tactic to to allow your pawns to never even notice events they would otherwise be outraged at. It is for those who lived pampered lives and would never deign to search for anything beyond their popular “news”, who would readily deny and attack the existence of anything beyond the institution’s instruction.
However, hiding the violent realities of multiculturalism is impossible. There is one far more powerful strategy, one heavily evident in this case: distortion. Warp the mind of the culture, and you are able to do anything, even the most heinous acts out in the open and in front of the faces of those you control.
Leftist schooling appears to explain away all events as ludicrous, an exceptionally rare accident, a racist misunderstanding, or a complete fabrication entirely. Few escape the system, and most who do are directly scarred from personal attacks.
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The culture war is a fight for truth, and the innately arduous conversion process takes decades to enlighten a significant portion of men. But as the years pass in decline, does the process hasten in immediate realization or stagnate as the nation falls deeper into institutionalized ignorance? The choice is yours, Germany.

NTS Notes:  Well, Germany, how do you like your "migrant" crisis destroying your nation now?

Yes, this is an absolute travesty... NO ONE has the rights ever to come into a foreign nation and force that nation to abandon its own laws to somehow "satisfy" these illegals!   The law about rape should be the same for everyone and should not suddenly be changed just to give these Muslim men special privileges to get away with this horrendous crime!

I am indeed wondering where the fuck is the outcry from the German people about this travesty?  Well supposedly the criminal Merkel government in Berlin has passed new "laws" to force the citizens of Germany to accept these illegals in and to bow to their demands....

And yes, no woman living in Germany is safe any more... It is bad enough that we have read reports about these bastards gang raping German women just for fun... Now we see that they can do so with impunity and the result is that they will go on doing these horrible rapes knowing that the German government will do nothing to stop them!

Yes, we can thank the Jewish power elite and especially that ultra criminal George Soros for funding and demanding that European nations allow such filth to destroy their societies... This legalizing of rape of women in Germany should be an absolute wake up call for everyone that this flood of migrants must stop immediately and the vast majority of them should be packed up and sent back to what ever hell hole they originated from..

More to come


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